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Hey You Lot!

Welcome to the Wintertime updates!

First up yer “ASK OLGA” answers, send ya questions to .

And another Tommy Goober Bass lesson is here.

As you may have noticed, this page is now available to read in Spanish and now Japanese also, these are not just Google translations, they are actual translations by Spanish and Japanese speakers! You will however, need a Japanese browser decoder/encoder to read the translation.

Also, at the top of the gigs list, for promoters, you now have a contact to the bands management for booking the band for live shows.

So, by the time you read this, the lads would have completed their final show of 2015, in Sneek, Holland, and I am sure it was a wild one! And we are now into the bands 36th year can you believe!

Lots of live shows to come for 2016! The very first one confirmed is France Hellfest on 18th June.

Meantime Olga is hard at work writing the next album, its early days, but looks like it should be recorded at the end of 2016, we will keep you posted on this, and all the 2016 shows as soon as they start getting confirmed.

Cheers to Alex Belza for this wicked photo take in Vitoria, Spain a coupla months back.

Watch this space for loadsa 2016 gigs!

Until next time...


Hey You Lot,

Lets get straight down to business!

Here is yer latest guitar lesson from Olga, and your "Ask Olga" answers. Please keep sending your questions to .

So, only one more show left eh? November 28th in Holland, Sneek, Bolwerk. Don't worry, its not the end, but it's the final show of 2015 that's all! It has sold out however!

The Toy Dolls management are now working 2016 gigs & festivals, stay tuned for announcements over the coming months!

Thank you to “Duck” for this drawing! Nice work, even though Olga does look older than in reality!

Heres a rare pic for ya, the band and crew with Spanish promoter, David, at dinner last month, (Tommy isn't there, as he is taking the pic!).

Competition winner!

Out of the mountain of entries to the last updates competition, there was only ONE entry with all correct answers!

First off, the question PLUS the answers:

1. What size bass drum does The Amazing Mr. Duncan play? Answer: 20 inch
2. Who is the youngest, Tommy, Duncan or Olga? Answer: Tommy
3. What key is Glenda & the Test Tube baby in, when the guitar solo starts? Answer: G sharp (or A flat).

And the winner is... Michael Schwarz from Hanover, Germany. Your goody bag is on its way! Send us a pic of yourself with the prizes!

We will do another competition for ya soon. In the meantime, cheers to Stefen Muller for this nice collection of pics from Berlin earlier this year.

Until next time...


Hey You Lot!

So, only one more festival left this year sadly... but it's gonna be a great one, and whats more, its FREE ENTRY!

The lads will be on stage at midnight on 25th September, in Girona Spain. Heres the flyer:

Heres a real nice pic of Olga at Gasteiz Calling festival on 5th September by our Spanish photographer Dani Claudin.

Your ASK OLGA answers are here... please keep sending your questions to ... and from Tommy, the latest bass guitar lesson is here... Enjoy!

The lad's management are now working on shows and festivals for 2016, so watch this space!


Consisting of a signed photo, buttons, balloons and a copy of the OLGACOUSTIC CD!

Send your answers and remember to include your name and address

The questions are:

1. What size bass drum (in inches) does The Amazing Mr. Duncan play?

2. Who is the youngest? Tommy, Duncan or Olga?

3. What key is Glenda & the Test Tube baby in when the guitar solo starts?

You have until 30th September to get yer answers in, so be quick!

Until next time...


Hey You Lot!

Lets get straight down to business, your ASK OLGA answers are here... please keep sending your questions to ... and from Olga, the latest guitar lesson is here... Enjoy!

Well sadly, we are coming to the end of the summer festivals but the lads are still having a wicked time!

Here are some nice pics from last month in Germany, pics by Thorsten Seiffert.

Check out Paskal Millet’s 'ROCKING ZOMBIES ILLUSTRATIONS' book, in particular this zombie’s t shirt!

So, enjoy the remaining festivals of the year, we will be in talks with management regarding 2016 shows soon and will get you all the news ASAP!

Olga has actually started writing another album too, which is music to my ears! Ha!

There’s gonna be another competition next time around, so keep checking in!

Until next time...



Until next time...


Hello You Lot!

First up, a personal message from Olga, Tommy & Duncan, to say a huge thank you to everyone attending the summer festivals and giving the lads such a warm welcome, CHEERS!

Ok, here are your latest ASK OLGA answers, keep sending your questions to .
And the latest Tommy Goober bass lesson is here.


Wow, there was an overwhelming amount of entries for this one! Cheers!

Just to remind you of the prize: The new OLGACOUSTIC album.

The questions and answers:

1. What make of guitar strings does Olga now use? Answer: ROTOSOUND.

2. Olga has only ever done ONE acoustic live show, in which country? Answer: JAPAN.

3. What is the name of the record company that has released OLGACOUSTIC on vinyl? Answer: RANDALE.

4. What make of acoustic guitar did Olga use on OLGACOUSTIC? Answer: TANGLEWOOD.

There were only a few of you with all 4 correct answers. We chose a name at random from the correct entries... AND THE WINNER IS:

Tom Verduyckt from Belgium. Congratulations. You will receive your prize soon!

So, back to the summer festivals, they are now in full swing! The pictures so far:

Valle from MAD SIN, joins the lads on stage at Pineda de Mar, Psychobilly festival, Spain, for Glenda & The Test Tube Baby!

Back stage set planning in Murcia, Spain.

Musilac festival, a small intimate show!

To celebrate the success of the summer festivals, theres gonna be a release of a wicked new LAMBRUSCO KID t–shirt! These will be available at the webshop soon, and live shows from August!

Get an eyeful o’ these beauties! They will also be available in Girlies in Heather grey!

Ok, enjoy the festivals You Lot! I know the band certainly are!

Keep checking the webshop for the Lambrusco Kid shirts addition, I am sure they wont be around for long, I know I want one of em’!

Until next time...


Yay! Summertime has arrived, and what’s better than that is that the summer festivals are about to start!

The lads will be kicking off with a club show in Spain, at Murcia GarajeBeat Club on June 26th, followed by a summer full o’ festivals! Check the tour dates! More shows are being added all the time too!

Cheers to Anders A Hagman for this pic of Olga taken in Sweden last month. Where did he get those glasses?!

Before we continue the latest guitar lesson is here, and the latest round of Ask Olga can be found here. Keep sending your questions to .

To celebrate the release of the OLGACOUSTIC album, you can now buy the OLGACOUSTIC beer here. It's a stronger, more intense blonde beer than the one in The Toy Dolls 3 pack, well tasty I can tell ya!


The prize, a copy of the new OLGACOUSTIC CD!

Your 4 questions are:

1. What make of guitar strings does Olga now use?

2. Olga has only ever done one acoustic live show, in which country was this? (Clue, it was together with The Amazing Mr Duncan).

3. The Olgacoustic album is also available on vinyl, but what is the name of the record company who have released this?

4. What make of acoustic guitar did Olga use on the OLGACOUSTIC album?

Send your answers . Please include your name and address and the winner will be announced in a few weeks on the next updates.

Wherever you are in the world, we will send the prize!


We have a wicked new t-shirt design coming next time which will be available at the webshop, stay tuned...!

Until next time...


Now then, the 35th Anniversary shows are finally underway, the lads are back into the swing of things and very happy to be back on stage where they belong!

Before we proceed, here's Olga’s latest Ask Olga answers, and send your future questions to .

The very latest bass lesson from Tommy Goober is here.

Here's a coupla nice backstage pics from the Punk n’ Disorderly festival in Berlin. Tommy Goober and Rob from The Exploited, and Olga with Peter Test Tube.

Olga’s acoustic album OLGACOUSTIC is still scheduled for release on May 25th on Secret Records, and you'll be able to get it on vinyl on Randale Records.

You can also get 'em both from The Toy Dolls Webshop.

To coincide with the new OLGACOUSTIC release there's gonna be a limited edition 3.8% Toy Dolls blonde beer, available soon here. More details soon.

More news soon too of shows n’ other stuff!

Until next time...


The new album, Olgacoustic, is out on the 25th May!

It will be available on CD from Secret Records...
on vinyl from Randale Records...
and also from the Toy Dolls webshop.

In the meantime check out these brand new promo videos we filmed recently!

Until next time...


Lets get straight down to business, here are your Ask Olga answers, and send your future questions to ...

Olga’s latest guitar lesson is here...

So, the 2015 shows are just about to start! First up is Switzerland! Any remaining tickets can be found by using the links on the tour dates to the right.

As you've probably noticed, the live gigs for the 2015 35th Anniversary are coming in thick & fast... and there's still plenty more to come too!

Here’s Koen, our t-shirt guy, showing off one of the new 35th anniversary t-shirts! These will only be available at the live shows, starting in Switzerland.

Olga has been with me recently filming two new promo videos for the upcoming OLGACOUSTIC album. These will be ready to view soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Workaholic Toy Dolls drummer, The Amazing Mr. Duncan, has managed to squeeze in three April shows with Snuff before The Toy Dolls Switzerland shows! Make sure you check em’ out!

OK, enjoy the Switzerland tour, I wish I could be there so don’t miss out like last time in 2009! There are limited tickets left!

Until then...


It's almost Spring! And things are warming up just nicely in The Toy Dolls camp!

First up, here’s another bass lesson from Tommy Goober...

Talking of Tommy, get a load of this video for the latest Goober Patrol offering, and see if you can spot the other 2 Toy Dolls in there!

And here are all yer latest Ask Olga answers. Please keep sending yer future questions to .

So, we finally have an actual release date for Olga’s acoustic album... May 25th! Here’s a wicked ad for it's release.

And a pic of the limited edition 35th Anniversary T-shirts! These will ONLY be available at the live shows, starting in Switzerland in April.

In the meantime, there’s gonna be an additional Toy Dolls T-shirt for later in the year, designed by YOU! The Prize will be one of the black 35th Anniversary shirts.

Send your designs and please state your name and address and, in case you win, your preferred T-shirt size!

The lads are now in rehearsals for the forthcoming club shows and festivals, and they can’t wait to get back on the road I can tell ya!

Apart from the gigs already listed, there are many more to come, please keep checking the tour dates! Lets make this year a 35th anniversary to remember!

Until then...


Finally! Olga's acoustic album has a tentative release date! It's scheduled for release at the end of May 2015 but we'll naturally keep you posted with the precise date.

It will be available on CD and vinyl, but if you have any problem finding it in your local store it will be available directly from The Toy Dolls webshop.

Olga will be mixing and mastering the album in the studio in early February, although it was actually all recorded in Olga's bedroom! One guitar, one voice, no overdubs or harmonies whatsoever! You'll find some rather different versions of the songs too!

Here's the track listing:

Theme Tune
Dig That Groove Baby
She’ll Be Back With Keith Someday
Idle Gossip
Barry the Roofer
PC Stoker
Dirty Doreen
Deidre’s A Slag
Olga I Cannot
You Wont Be Merry On A North Sea Ferry
Poor Davey
My Wife’s A Psychopath
Alfie From The Bronx
Bitten By A Bed Bug
Theme Tune

Thank you so much to 'Alko' for her brilliant painting being used for the cover!

Some new club shows have been added to the lads schedule at last! Check out the tour dates for the three shows in Switzerland in April!

There are plenty more gigs to come in other countries too!

More news soon!

Until then...


I am sure you read Olga’s new year’s day message over on our Facebook page?

Well, we will say again THANK YOU to everyone for 2014, You Lot are the best.

Here’s a pic of some of You Lot last year! Cheers to ya all.

So, now its the lads' 35th Year! Unreal!

For 2015 there are 5 live shows so far that are announced, but there are actually 8 confirmed. We are just waiting for details before we can make announcements.

They are in Spain and Germany although there are plans for many, many more to come throughout 2015. Keep checking the tour dates as management are hard at work sorting gigs!

Cheers to all of ya for purchasing The Toy Dolls Beer! Packs have been sent worldwide!

Olga’s acoustic album ‘OLGACOUSTIC’ will be mixed and mastered over the next few weeks, finally! We will have a rough release date for ya soon!

Here’s yer latest Ask Olga answers. Please carry on sending your questions to ...

And the very latest guitar lesson from Olga is here...

Tommy Goober's bass lessons will continue next time.

To celebrate The Toy Dolls 35th Anniversary, there’s gonna be a "Design A 35th Anniversary T Shirt Competition". Full details next time around!

Until then...