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Get Well Tommy!

JUNE 2013

Tommy Get better very soon! See you in Holland i hope!
I'm glad i didn't read that the band is going to stop soon.
Greetings Danny Visser from Ulft

I crocked me knee and was in South Shields General a bit back... So mucho sympathy. Don't get mistaken for Val Doonigan when yer sittin on yer stool on stage.
Mark DW

Read the announcement about your knee surgery. I had a couple of arthroscopys on one of mine a couple of years ago (torn ligament with buggered cartilage) and know how fekin painful and restricting it can be, certainly for the 1st few days after. The one good thing for me was that I can't take anti-inflammatory painkillers so they had to give me opiate based ones.
The Toy Dolls were one of the bands that kept me sane while I was bedridden both times - please may I take this opportunity to thank you.
Wishing you a successful recovery and I hope theres a song about this on the next Toy Dolls Album.
Dan Westley

Hello Tommy.
I wish you all the best with your surgery and i hope that your knee will heal quickly.
We all would like to see you perform your jumps like you alway did. Maybe you will be jumping higher as you did before.
Cheers Froggy

All the best with your recovery Tommy, saw a band at Rebellion last year with the guitarist sitting down due to knee injury & it went fine.
Keep rocking
Cheers, Dave.

Hi Tommy! You are a hero for not letting the fans and bandmates down. Congrats!
Regards, Rob

Hello Tommy!
I'm very sad to hear about your unfortunate accident with your knee, and hope your surgery has gone well. To know that you are still going to attend and play at the next two shows in June - that is the mark of a truly dedicated musician. A lot of bands would cancel their shows upon a situation like this, but The Toy Dolls are pressing on, and I have the utmost respect for you and the band. I think the people attending the June shows should consider themselves very lucky to still see you guys play! You might be sitting down, but I know you'll still have a blast, with the support of Olga, Duncan, the rest of the crew, and the fans.
Here's to a safe, speedy recovery! Take care of yourself, and keep on rockin'!
Much love,
- Mazie. xx
San Diego, California

Get well soon Tommy! Take it easy! :) x

Hey Tommy, wishing you a speedy recovery! Hope you get to come to the USA some day soon, with a brand new, well working knee!
Lisa, Joel, and Josh Rosenthal from Cincinnati OH

Maybe Olga is't as light as he looks? Broke your knee by carrying him around on your sholders, -shame on him!
Guess thats why he is doing all that running, to get rid of some fa... I mean to loose some weight so that you can manage to still have him up there.
Anyway.... Get well soon, -thumbs up.
Oyvind, Norway

Hope te see you soon, Rocking... Jumping!! Get well soon!!
love from Holland!

Tommy this is your chance to play the wounded soldier routine and milk it for all its worth!!
You can ask for those posh expensive biscuits in a tin and you will be given them.
Plus you get crutches! There great for poking and prodding people who get on your nerves. (i hope you pimp them out with glitter and flames, everyone knows the ladies love a man with flames on his crutches).
But seriously get well soon and see you in Bristol November 4th.
(I hope you'll sign my goober patrol LPs)
Take care

Hi Tommy!
Sorry to hear about your emergency surgery. I really hope you get well really soon. Very strong of you to go on with the gigs despite everything.
Jonas "Maharadjan" Wettmark

We will look forward in France.
You'll be able to drink French wine is good medicine for the knees!
See you soon…

Get well soon Tommy, quite enjoy the Toy Dolls, especially your bass playing!
Mike Thompson

Dear Tommy,
Get well soon and please come back to Bochum some day!

All I can say is.....I am kindda happy!!!
Aha, no kiding. It´s nothing compared to all the things that crossed my mind.
Tommy will be back and runnnig (literally) in one blink.
Very nice attitude you guys. Exactly the kind I would expect from The Toy Dolls.
I know Tommy will find a way of having fun with the situation on stage.
So, do everything the doctor tells you, please. Do your resting and we´ll be waiting for you in July.
*talking about waiting....when is the next Brasilian tour? Please don´t forget us!
Dr. Gustavo Mantovani

Have a good Operation and do your practicing well then we will see you jump higher than Olga again :) best wishes..... hopefully to see you next year in Germany again...

I Wish you a quick recovery Tommy !

Howdy Tommy,
Been thinkin' bout you tday. Hope all went well.
Seems there has never been a better time for knee surgery. The technology has come a long way that is.
I came up with a little ditty for you, in the spirit of a Toy Dolls Chorus:
Get well Tom
In time, you, will get on
So Have a rest
cuz you're the best
and you, ..deserve it
our hopes and prayers
and all our cares
sent special, just for YOU
So don't be down you'll come around ....
..Tommy Goob!!
All the Best,
Your fan in the U.S.
Manuel Ugalde

Hope ya get better real soon.Andrew,Australia…

Hey Tommy,
Andre Dellamanha here. i used to Sepultura's production and tour manager, as well as Paulo's bass take for a while. I'm from Brazil, but I live in France and I'll be at the Hellfest visiting friends.
If you need ANY help at all, just let me know. That would be onstage, in France, at Hellfest... I've had many problems during all those years on tour and I know how handy can it be some extra help. That would be done with all my pleasure. Seriously, just let me know. By the way, last year I also ended up in a hospital in Germany for a couple of day (also during a tour) and I know what it is like.
Hope you get better soon,
Best from Bordeaux,

Hi Tommy!
I was shocked when I read about the bad news. Well, at least Germany is a good place for knee surgery. And the Reeperbahn is not too far away. I hope,we can see you jump (and play) again on your tour in England. Take care!
Tally Ho!

Get well soon Mr G.
I’ve had 4 operations on my right knee – it’s not fun, but you’ll be up and about in no time i’m sure.
Looking forward to seeing you and the band in London in November.

Hey man,
I kinda know what you're going through right now... see, last year I had some problems with my knee, just like you. I was attending a CJ Ramone concert (at hangar 110 in São Paulo, I think you guys played there once), and while pogoing in the mosh pit, I felt some sort of impact on my left knee. At that time, I didn't know what happened, I thought someone had kicked me or something, so I just sat by the corner for some minutes, trying to recover. After a while I thought "ok, I guess I'm not gonna jump anymora, maybe its better if I just stand over this cement bench and watch what's left of the show in peace". I put my foot on the bench and tried to propel myself on it, but my leg failed me and I dropped on the floor. And, OH THE PAIN, was so intense. it was just like Ronaldo when he broke his tendon, years ago. Well, I actually managed to come back home driving. I don't know how, but I did.
The other day I went to the doctor, and after some test he figured out what had happened. It sucked man, I spent some day in the hospital, until my health care plan gave the green light for the surgery. After the surgery, wow, the pain, was even more intense. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean... but after some weeks, with phisioterapy and exercises I was a lot better. Right know my knee is not 100%, but that's my fault, I stopped going to the phisioterapy, and also I haven't been stretching.
But I do feel a lot better. I used to have chronic pains on that knee, and now I don't feel anything. Well, some stiffness, but that's my fault.
Anyway man, get well soon ok?
I know it hurts, but trust me, you'll get better.