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Hi Olga,
which kind of Guitar Strings do you use for your telecaster?
Thank's  a lot!
Best Regards
(Hückelhoven, Germany)

Hi David
Well I did use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, starting with a 10 on the top string, but then I had a bad batch so I moved to D’addario, then I moved to a heavier gauge starting with 11 (med top, heavy bottom) now I have moved back to Ernie Ball, but Power Slinkys, starting with an 11.

Hello Olga!!!!
My dad saw you guys in 1984 at the Olympic in L.A. when he was 17..and now he's taking me to your show feb 9 in Tilburg Holland!!!! (I'm 14) I want to know if you have any wives, kids or cats????
See you at the show! We're the 2 incredibly handsome ones, can't miss us....
Greetings and stuff, 

Hello Sam
I hope you enjoyed the Tilburg show!? And I remember the L.A show well.
I don't have cats or kids, I have you lot, that's enough for me!

Hi Olga!
I saw you in Lille Aeronef, it was great as usual!
Do you consider one day releasing the collection of yout LPS in vinyles
Would be great 
When are you back in France ?
See ya soon 
Envoyé de mon iPad

Hi Seb
Thank you, we really enjoyed Lille.
I believe that all the albums are available on vinyl already!
Back in France at Hellfest in June!
Hopefully more shows too!

Dear Olga,
After many years of listening to your music, I have been honoured to see you life in Poland. Amazing life show!!! Great feeling to hear and see you life on stage. Still the most energising music ever. 
The only regret that I was to far from the stage to get yellow glasses :-)))
For you to know my kids (7 and 10 years) are big fans of yours. Especially Nelie the elephant. Wish you at least another 40 years of activity. 
Marek Golda

Hi Marek
Thank you so much, the shows in Poland were totally crazy! We had a blast.
Greetings to your kids, sorry you weren’t lucky enough to get the yellow glasses!
Greetings to the kids! Not sure about another 40 years! Weeks possibly!

Hi dolls!
I haven't been to one of your shows for 25 years.
And after I missed you 2019 in my hometown I had to travel from Bavaria to Poland but it was worth it!
We're definitely not getting to old for this, are we?
See you next year in Ulm!

Markus Hi
Cheers, glad you enjoyed Poland!
Ha, too old? You know it!
Cheers to you too

Hi Olga, my name is Walter and I am from Argentina. I study English on the Premier Skills English website and my task this week is to interview a famous person, I chose you.
I would love you to answer me, I have been listening to your songs for more than twenty six years, here they go:
- You're from South Shields, do you support Sunderland AFC or Newcastle?.
- What is your favorite Toy Dolls' song?.
- Are there musicians in your family?.
I should ask you only three questions but I want to know more :)
- What age did you start making music?.
Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon in my country. Take care.

Walter Hi
Greetings to Argentina.
26 years, wow! Not sure about a famous person!
1. Neither!
2. MMM, maybe Barry the Roofer
3. My older brother played guitar.
4. I was almost 14 when I started to learn guitar

hi olga
where did you get the two tone glasses from..on nelly vid
cheers rik

Hi Rik
I got those glasses from my old mate Neil, up in Sunderland, north east UK, about 38 years ago.
Not sure where they went to, and never seen a similar pair since. I am on the look out though, let me know if you find any!


Hello Olga,
Whatever happened to the red telecaster?

Patch from the USA hey!
That guitar didn't sound so good to be honest, not sure why! It had the pickup changed to a Seymour Duncan, but it still didn't sound quite right, got rid!

Hi it's Maurice from Manchester can't wait to see you on 17 April next year I have been a fan of you since I seen you on top of the Pop's with Nelly The Elephant. Your a brilliant guitarist my question how long was it you knew you were a very quick guitarist and did it come naturally or did you work on being a quick guitarist. Thanks once again your amazing to watch playing

Hi Maurice
Thank you!
Ha, cheers, I am still learning actually, still along way to go!
See ya in Manchester!

Dear Olga!
Thank you for an amazing show in Malmo last Saturday! I’m have been a great fan all of my life and I saw my first Toy Dolls show in Malmo 89 when I was eleven years old and it meant the world to me! There is where I got the play list which you signed for me.
This is perhaps the wrong kind of Olga question but I lost my “Building Block Badge” which I got for my thirteen years old. I hoped I could order from the website but it is on sale on tour. Will it be on sale afterwards or are my chances best to try for the competition?
Sorry to bother you..
Felt great to right a fan mail though!
Kind regards and best of luck on the rest of your tour!

Olof Hi
I am pleased you enjoyed Malmo! We did also!
Sorry you lost your badge, pins etc may be added to the webshop at a later date, keep checking!
Many thanks

Hello Olga!
I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you how much your music means to me. 
I am a piano teacher, and I started listening to Toy Dolls when I was 14. I remember doing my music theory homework in music high school, while listening to Toy Dolls. It always helped! :)
I grew up in Serbia (you have a lot of fans over there, especially in the Northern part), but I live in Canada now. So I was wondering do you have any plans for coming to Canada soon? 
Thank you for being such a unique band, and for your hard work during all these years. 
Happy 40th anniversary! And many more to come! Cheers!
Greetings from Toronto, Canada!

Thank you so much
Good that we helped with yer music theory!
Canada was amazing when we were there in 2018, I really hope we can get back, lovely friendly people.

Hi Olga...... was wondering with the South Shields Gig selling out in 15min,  if you were considering another show while in the area, because it would surely sell out... Cheers 

Hi Graham
We wanted to keep the shows intimate, makes for a better gig, but we added a big one in London for anyone who couldn't get tickets for the other shows
We have added Edinburgh now too, I know quite a few people are going from the north east.
Hope to see ya there!

Hi Olga, big fan of you since 1989. 
Have you got a dog? If so what breed? No dog? WHAAAAT!!!
lol, XXX Lisa

Lisa Hi,
No Dogs, Cats or Kids! Just you lot!
I do love dogs though!

Hello Olga! 
Ben from Paris here.
Hope you're doing fine!
I didn't read all the questions from "ask Olga" since the beginning so, sorry if my questions have already been asked.
- I wonder what you think of the punk rock scene in US, bands like Bad Religion, Nofx, Rancid... Are you listening to some of them, or get inspired, or if you are in touch with them...
- I don't know if you feel it, but there's always something special when you play "Alec's Gone" or "Toccata" in concert... Do you think you will play some more songs from the absurd-ditties/orcastrated era?
I guess these songs are more difficult to play live, and somehow needs several guitars, but how amazing would it be to listen to "my wifes a psycho" or "drooling banjos live!!!!!
PS: i think orcastrated is as good as absurd-ditties (harry's hands: best solo ever)
Went to see you live in Paris 3 times in the past few years and i hope there will be more.
Episode XIII is very good, the more i listen to it, the more i enjoyed it! Congratulations.
Anyway, thank you for everything, you make life easier for us, keep smiling, keep rocking. Love you guys.
See ya!!!

Hi Ben
I am fine thank you!
I do listen to those bands occasionally, I like Social Distortion, but I think I am more inspired by the early UK bands, like The Jam.
Yes we know the guys from Bad Relgion & NoFX, Rancid etc, all nice lads.
We used to play Drooling Banjos for a while, My wife’s a psychopath didn't work live unfortunately, nice on the record though!
Orcastrated production lets it down.
Yep, I am also very happy with Episode XIII, cheers!
Thanks loads for that.


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