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Hey Olga, more fan mail - This is William from the OC in California. Just bought my Dolls dark blue Shirt... :-0
Huge fan (30 years strong) I saw the Toy Dolls at the Hollywood Palladium and it was AWESOME!!! - hope to see the TD in LA or OC soon. Let us know if you plan to extend a tour out to the states.
Turning my daughter and her friends in Toy Doll fans.
Best Regards

Hi William,
Well thank you! I remember the Palladium show!
Cheers for converting yer daughter & mates!
Hopefully we will return at some point!
Many thanks

Hey Olga,
I think I read somewhere that you are/were a fan of Stiff Little Fingers. If this is true then……..
1 - Have you heard their great 2014 album No Going Back? Or their 2016 Best served Loud?
2 - Have you ever seen them live? If not why not?
3 - Have you ever met Jake?
kind regards,
Nick & Kath
p.s. Thanks for a great show at Rock City back in 2013, come back sooner rather than later please.

Hi Nick and Kath,
1 - Yes I am an SLF fan! No I still haven’t heard the 2014 or 2016 album yet to be honest!
2 - No, why not indeed, shame on me!!
3 - Not Yet! Got a message from him on our 30th anniversary, would love to meet up.
PS - Thank you! We had a great time there, bit hot though!

Alright Olga? Just another bloody Yank here, noticed you were on tour, hope your crushing it and having a great time. Looks like you are all over the globe, will you be flying across the pond to the US at any time? I live in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, and would love to see the Toy Dolls wreak havoc on the strip. Celine Dion has headlined here so it only seems fitting your next. Why folks here in the desert would show you big love, c'mon you lot, why not pop round? Enjoy the tour, hope to see you someday,
All the best, Darrell Sanders

Hi Darrell
We would love to get back to Las Vegas at some point. Once we have saved up enough for work permits!

Please Olga, come back play in Curitiba, Brazil again!!!

We will be back Melissa, we miss South America! Cheers, Olga

Hi Olga!
I'm a big fan from southern Germany and when I see your posts on Facebook about the demos you make in your home studio, I wonder if you show the new songs to Duncan and Tommy as soon as you wrote them, or do you wait until the whole album is finished?
I'm looking forward sooo much to the new Album!
Greetings from Erding!
Your fan Adri

Greetings to you Adri
No, not as soon as I write them! I wait until the whole album is finished and I have listened to them 1000 times myself!

Years ago a chap who was a local at our pub claimed to be part of the toy dolls, at Nellie elephant fame/release. He lived in Falmouth c late 80's early 90's. Wasn't a local chap, he had moved into the area. Can't remember his name now sooo many years ago, suffering an 'Ozzy' memory! Did a past band member move to Cornwall? My work mates don't believe me!
Kind Regards

Hi Deborah
I did hear that a past member called Freddie had moved down there, not sure if this is who you are referring to! I haven’t seen him for decades, how is he?

First of all, excuse me for my horrible English! I love The Toy Dolls since I'm 13 (I'm 40 now) and skateboarding around the city with my walkman. Today I am veterinary doctor, do not walk over skate, but still love you guys!!! Any chance to come to Brasil in 2017?
See ya.
Vinícius Labres

Don’t worry about your horrible English Vinicius! Seriously, your English is fine.
I really hope we can get back to S.A in 2017, its been a long time, we miss you lot across there!
Take care

Hi All!
The Dickies and the Adolescents are playing the Observatory in Santa Ana, California, Sat, Dec 10. Sooo much love for you in the OC!!! Take a quick flight from Tel Aviv into LAX and we'll pick you up!!
You're the first band I saw at about 15 years old. Around 1986 in Reseda, Ca. I think the Country Club. And that started this little Christian girls love affair with punk rock.
Now my kids sing your songs and jump around to Nellie the Elephant and your blue suede shoes.
We'd love love love that line up!
Take care. Thanks for the fantastic noise!
Donna Lynn

Hey Donna
Thank you!
The Dickies and The Adolescents, wow, that will be some show!
We wish we could be there!
I hope we can get back at some point.


Hey Olga,
Just another fanmail. Your in my system since 80ies. I’m from Amsterdam, so play Paradiso if you please. I’m there. Till that happy occasion, stay healthy and very loud.
Best regards,

Hey Guido.
No one is JUST another fan! If it wasn’t for you and the other 45 people we wouldn’t be here!
Paradiso rocks, we played there a few times.
Hopefully we will get back!

Hi Olga
Our 20 month old son loves the toy dolls especially Nellie the elephant, yesterday I videoed him bouncing round to it and went to post it on Facebook for our family to see, however the Facebook nazi decided this was copyright breach and wouldn't allow it (please see attached photo) unless i state that I own your music .
I'm writing to please ask your permission for me to share the video on face book
As finnlays grandma would love to see it.
Thanks scot bodkin.

Hi Scot
Ha, good to know yer son is a fan!
Will check the video!

Mr. Olga.
How are you?
My name is Takako. from Tokyo, in Japan.
Today is Rio Olympic last day
Do you come for the Tokyo Olympic?
But. I can't wait 4 years .
what I need Toy Dolls Live. at Tokyo.
When does the next come to Japan?
well come !
I wish.

Takako konnichiwa!
Watashi was genki desu, arigatou ne!
I would really like to come to the Tokyo Olympics, I hope it will happen!
I am not sure when The Toy Dolls will get back to Japan yet, I hope soon, its been too long since we were there!

Hello Olga! How are you? I wanted to know if they had thought back for Argentina at some point . I hope it will be soon! I would also like to know if you will come out a new album soon. Thanks and regards! The Toy Dolls is the greatest band of all time !! Yeah !!!
Diego Hyntu

Diego Hi
I am fine thank you for asking.
We also hope we will be back in Argentina soon!
Thank you, I am working on writing the next album, hopefully recorded in 2017.
There will be news on the website!
Thank you again!

I’m 42 years old and I listen Toy Dolls since I was a teenage and it’s how I feel myself still today when I keep listen.
I know something is hard to happen but BACK TO BRAZIL SOONER !!!
Gil Serra Negra – from São Paulo / Brazil

Hi Gil
We wanna get back to Brazil as soon as possible, we miss you lot there. Fingers crossed we will be in Sao Paulo before too long!

When will the Toy Dolls do a US Tour?
Can I just hire you to come play for a private audience at my house?
Hugs and Kisses.
Zac Clawson
Virginia, USA

Hi Zac
The ever increasing visa and admin costs prevent us to play the USA more often, hopefully we will return at some point, maybe at your house!

Hi Olga,.
I have no question, but just so. Now I'm sitting on the balcony 40 and am drunk and I hear toy dolls. Even 25 years or so. Everything changed in my life and I'm glad that her (you) are doing is still music. A constant in the live, live in a punk rock, is important. I would like to say simply times thank you for all the songs. The to the laugh and dance but the most for me despite all joke to the thinking and, Yes, also the cry bring. Thank you!
I wish you three all the best. Until next time in stuttgart.

Hi Thilo
Thank you for that!
Enjoy the drink/s!
See you next time in Stuttgart!

Hello Olga.
Greetings from Croatia. Hope to see you guys here again at some point. Don't really have question, just wanna say hello. Bok!

Hello to you Bok in Croatia, it’s a beautiful country, to which we cant wait to get back!

Hello, Olga.
Could you please tell your setlist fro your show in Moscow?
Thank you.

Ah, just working on that at setlist the moment! I guess you will have to wait till showday!


Hello there!
For first, I must thank You Olga for your autograph, You signed my Olgaster at Malakoff July 2015!!! It rings more doll-like ;)
I've been bombing Finnish festival people to ask you to come to civilize us. No responce. Sad people, they are ;) Seemly I have to hop on my Varadero and drive where ever is the closest place to see You...
Question, yes. Are You planning to make a new live-DVD? Go for it!!!
Seppo, Finland

Hello Seppo
You are welcome! And thank you for coming to Malakoff!
DVD possibliy at some point!
I hope we can get to Finland!

Dear Mr Algar,
When pray tell are you coming back to Sunderland to play ? you left us sitting here and were not getting any younger sir, I have turned form a pogo going punk girl to a recycled head bobbing one lol
Regards and love
Jill xx

Hi Jill
No plans at the moment, don’t think have the nerves just yet! Had a wicked time there on the last tour though!
Recycled head bobbing girl is fine!

Hi Olga,
Last time I saw you was many many moons ago at the Thornaby cons club near Boro!...I’ve been playing in bands with Mr Scott & Little Paul Smith!...Great great drummers..human metronomes!...Paul says hello!
Mac (ex The Videos)

Mac Hi
Ha, I remember Thornaby!
Say Hi to Paul if you see him!

Hi,i am Joy-Anne Fitzgerald a 13 year old girl from Philippines and England, i was wondering if you had any way of having a concert in Philippines my dad is a really big fan it would mean the world to him to come to one of your shows. He is around the bands age and he has been a really big fan ever since the band was a “band” he has loved you guys since he was a child and he still does! I really hope you can help me and make his wish come true!

We would love to get there Joy!
Lets see what happens in the future, we have passed through there on the way to Japan, but no shows yet!
Maybe it will happen!
Take care

Hey Olga!
I am a fan from Munich in southern Germany and I have got two questions for you:
-Are you going to play here some time? I saw you will be in Nürnberg soon, but unfortunately that's too far away for me.
-Are you married, do you have a girlfriend or are you single?
Greetings from Munich!
Your fan Adrian

Adrian Hi
We recently played Munich, that’s why we are playing different towns this time around.
So sorry you cant make it.
Ah… personal questions….. no comment!

JUNE 2016

Gilberto from Agua Prieta,
Much respect and admiration from the Sonoran Desert in Northern Mexico. I heard the Toy Dolls many years ago after I read an interview with a great band from Madrid named Mama Ladilla (check them out) who listed you guys as one of their biggest influence.  I'm not gonna ask you the usual "when you playing my city" question because I know a great team of people are doing their best to bring you guys there...wherever that might be... so instead I'll ask you a handful of random questions...
1.- You and all the Toy Dolls present, past and future are definitely accomplished musicians. Did bands back in the day or even today ever gave you any kind of hassle for not having the "true sloppy punk sound" the "correct fashion" or the " right angry attitude and lyrics" ?
2.- Is there gonna be a new all original new Toy Dolls album? Maybe a last after the two last ones?
3.- Is Marty's Mam based on a real story? Loved that song since all of us knows a "Marty's Mam" somewhere that we all miss very much.
4.- Oh what the heck... When are you guys playing Mexico?

Hi Gilberto
Thank you!
1. Yes indeed they did! But not all of em’! we have a lot o good Punk band mates!
2. YES, on to song 6 now!
3. Yes, Marty's mam is based on Marty's Mam strangely enough! Who sadly passed away a few years back.
4. Find us a good promoter and we will be there!

Hey Olga,
I was wondering if there's such a thing as Toy Dolls stickers? I have a motorbike and want to adorn it with some Toy Dolls !!!
Hope all's well with you and the rest of the lads
Alan Mills ( Al )

Alan Hi
Not at the moment, but we will get some done asap!

Hi Olga!
You´re awesome... I´m waiting for some show, here in Brazil, again! I´m sure that  will be a big party !!
What do you think? Please come to BR!!!

Rafa Hi
There will be a big party indeed!
Keep listening out for South American news! We will be back!

Hey Olga,
I, like many other fans online, have been really curious about the song “I can see you” which you performed in Japan 1992. Nobody can seem to find a studio version of this, does one exist? If not, why was it never taken to the studio? It’s a great track. It does sound a little different to the “Toy Dolls” sound if you will, but that’s part of the charm for me. I’m sorry if you’ve had this question before and thanks in advance for your time. I guess a gig in Cardiff, South Wales is out of the question(!) so I’ll try to get a ticket for one of your shows in England next year, best wishes Olga, Richie.

Hi Richie,
That song was written by ex Toy Dolls member Pete decades ago!
We may do it again at some point! We would love to finally get to Wales someday too!

hi Olga.
great show in Holland again. we saw you at Pedro Pico Pop.i go to your shows whenever i can but took my daughter of 8 to the show so she could see you live for her first time. we had a great time! we could see everything very good because we could stand in front...when Tommy saw us an suggested to my daughter to go and sit on the podium where she could sit much safer,our day could have not be better. she was much better there and could see everything very good and i had no worries about the people who could have fallen on her. so thanks to all you three guys we had a great time. but i want to thank Tommy in special for this night...he performs and also looks after his audience..keep it up guys!
greets preben

Cheers Preben!
Thank you. Yep, that was rather nice of Tommy!
No worries!
See ya next time!

MAY 2016

Why so few tour dates in the UK in recent years? What are your plans for UK gigs, especially the SW of England, in the future?
Cheerio and toodle pip
Matt from Cornwall, UK

Hi Matt
We just completed a UK tour a coupla years back, had great time, and we will be doing 2 UK shows in 2017
Hopefully more later!

Any plans to come to durham again?
Owen Mullen

Hi Owen, no Durham plans at the moment, but there will be a show in England in 2017, details soon!

Hi Olga. I must confess I've only just really discovered the greatness of the Toy Dolls. I'm the same age as you and have loved punk since I was a kid. I came across your last tour gig on YouTube last weekend and it was so positive, catchy and fun and cheered me right up! I play in a band out of Edinburgh called Heavy Drapes. We are going well and getting noticed. We are in vive le rock magazine next Tuesday on the cover CD. We are also doing Rebellion, skegness and thunder in the Glen with big country plus quite a few other gigs. Unfortunately our sudden good fortune had attracted a lot of negative rubbish from jealous trolls trying to actually destroy us - long story. Anyway that's why the Toy Dolls  cheered me up! I'm sorry I've left it so bloody late to listen! Keep on doing what you do. Check us out on sound cloud or summat if you're inclined. Oh yeah how does your tele sound so meaty?

Hi Jerry
I will check out Heavy Drapes ASAP!
My Tele has a Seymour Duncan Alnico bridge pick up, that helps a bit with the sustain/power.
Cheers and good luck

Hi Olga,
is there a chance to see (and of course hear) the Toy Dolls somewhere in or around Munich?
Best wishes
Josef Baumgartner

Josef Hi
There will be something at some point! We miss Germany, hopefully news soon!

Hello, I mail you from Japan.
I always enjoy The Toy Dolls Website.
It is amazing that OLGA manages Japanese extremely well (^_^)
I am shocked and know how fantastic his Japanese is!
Love the lyrics.
It gives me very happy feeling.
Thank you OLGA ARIGATO!!! (^o^)
Always enjoyable to hear The Toy Dolls MUSIC.
Kumiko from Osaka JAPAN

Kumiko Hi
Thank you! Though I had to practice Nihongo everyday for months to sing that song!
I really hope we can get back to Japan at some point, it’s been a long time!
Take care

Good Afternoon Olga,
I know The Toy Dolls only about two months now. And I wanted to say that there was never a guitar which blew me away like yours. Your Band is like a really awesome hommage to Punk, to guitar, to music and life.
I know I'm a fucking smart aleck. but I noticed that March the 23rd was a Wednesday. At least in Germany ;)
You've made my British ABC to an ABCD. Before I "met" The Toy dolls my favourite bands from UK were The Adicts, The Beatles and The "early" Clash. I liked to know, what do you think about these bands? (I don't reveal you, that number five is Robbie Williams. It is a bit embarrassing.)
I hope you'll rocking Germany soon, that I can see you live.
Greetz'n'Oi! from Germany
You'll never walk alone

Good Afternoon Fabian, thank you
We will be back in Germany at some point! We toured there about 2.5 years ago and it was amazing, cant wait to get back!

Hey Olga CANYA give us a heads up on tour dates venues countries etc for 2017? So cant wait to see you live.
Ta Tracy

Hey Tracy,
Our management are still concentrating on 2016 at the moment!
But there are 2 UK shows confirmed for 2017, Scotland Calling in April, and another show to be announced soon!

Greetings Olga from Green Bay, Wisconsin!
Have been a Toy Dolls fan since I was born practically, saw you guys in Chicago in the late 90's for my first live show ever, brilliant!
Am wondering if you guys are ever coming back to the midwest, we desperately need you here!!!

Greetings to Green Bay
I remember Chicago, had a great time there, we may be back if we can get enough money for USA work visas!

Hello Olga
This is David, Sunderland exile living in Wolverhampton, I was just wondering if you are planning on playing the West Midlands, ideally Wolverhampton, in the near future?

Hi David
There is ONE exclusive show in England in 2017, announcement soon!
Enjoy Wolverhampton!

Hi Olga,
I became a fan of the Toy Dolls last year after hearing your amazing solo on Ginger Wildheart's "Can't Drink You Pretty", and I love your playing! I've spent quite a while trying to work out how you do what you do, and after a very long time I managed to work out that guest solo - I videoed it and I may as well give you the link...
Anyway, my question is - who were your guitar influences? Your playing style doesn't really remind me of anyone else I've heard, it seems very unique and I wonder how you developed it and who you were listening to?
Thank you!

Thank you
Great stuff, oh and well done!
My main guitar influences are Mick Green & Chuck Berry, not so much in to long solo twiddely kinda stuff.
Hey, Ginger himself is vastly underrated guitar player!

I would like to know when will Toy Dolls perform in Portugal, preferably in Porto city? Maybe you could come for a summer festival or so.
In here we have good food, good weather, good beer...
Please keep Portuguese fans informed.

Hi to Portugal
I really hope we can get back to Portugal soon, Porto is a beautiful city and we had a rockin’ time there last time, too long ago!

Hi Olga,
A big THANK YOU for the wonderful evening yesterday in Praha. I saw the toy dolls last time when I was a student. This was back in 1993 in Innsbruck. Absurd world tour :-) I even found the 23 year old T-shirt with your autograph which I wore yesterday. Unfortunately I did not catch you after the show to get a 2nd autograph on this shirt...
You did not lose your energy over the years. How you can perform on stage like a twen is a myracle to me. Chapeau!!
The concert felt like a time-travel. Just great! Thank you so much!!
Cheers from Vienna

Hi Hannes
Thank you , Praha rocked!
In fact all 3 shows were amazing, great crowds!
It doesn’t get any easier though! Just takes more training, cycling, staying in shape etc!

Hi Olga,
Have loved the Toy Dolls since I was a tin lid At 15 we would love if you could come down here and tour many folks would come it would be worth your while. And never will we mess with Doughy bell but we love the Lambrusco please come and visit the convict colony
With faith and thanks
Dicko from the hybernators

Hi Dicko
Not sure where down here is, but we hope to get there! Australia I guess?
I really do hope it will happen before too long!

MARCH 2016

Hi olga this is Alf from mexico
Toy Dolls rocks!
2 questions:
-How did you learn your awesome guitar skills?
-Will sometime the toy dolls play in mexico? we are eager to see you live

Hi Alf,
Greetings to Mexico!
Thank you!
I really hope we can get there at some point! We wanna see You Lot!

Hi Olga,
Are you looking forward to Prague on 30th April?
I can’t wait till this glorious eveningJ
Cheers Johnny from Prague

Hey Johnny
Of course, we love Prague, especially that venue, its one of the best!
See ya there!

My name is Richard
I think me and my friends are some of your biggest fans in Sweden.
Me and my sister and my friends has grown up with your/Toy Dolls wonderful voice since I was around 13 years old, I'm now 46.
I has been watching Toy Dolls just twice, first time was about 28 years ago in Stockholm and last time in Stockholm and both of the concerts was my best ever.
The only concert that was nearby was Ramones in Stockholm for a long time ago.
Toy Dolls are so great so my wife use to wake me up those times I has drinking a little bit to much in combination with an good mood on (this sound very strange) singing in my dreams, "Oh Olga I can not!!!"
Candra is me and my sisters  favourite song.
After a long introduction, now over to my question.
Me and my friends has booked in an trip to catch Toy Dolld in Prag, to see the probably best concert ever.
The problem is that my sisters man don't want/allow us to bring her to Prag.
Therefore I want some wise worlds from Olga that could help me in this important and specially case. 
Should I ask my sister to divorce from her man, they has been together in almost 20 years or do you have some good solution for me to bring her with me to Prag.
I don't want her to say; I can not, when I know she can.
I wish you a great weekend Olga!
Best Regards

Hi Richard
Thank you! We always enjoy Sweden!
I hope Candra can make it to Prague!
Cheers for being so loyal!
See ya in The Czech Republic!

Hello Olga!
I was in Winterthur Club Gaswerk (Switzerland) at my 13. The Toy Dolls concert on 8.April 2015. It was great, as always. For my girlfriend, it was the first time. Her liked it. It's nice to see again live The Toy Dolls. Thank you for allowing me to make another photo with you. It means a lot to me. It now hangs in my collection.
Greeting Roger Honegger :-)

Hi Roger
Thank you, Winterhur was great, a bit hot mind ya!
No problems on the photo! You Lot are the reason we are still performing!

Hi, Olga, my name is Samuel, from Switzerland and I am 13 years old. I have some questions:
1. Will you play in Switzerland sometime?
2. How did you get your music more known, how did you get contacts like people who are in the music business or so?
3. What age did you start to learn the guitar?
4. Do you like the Oi-Scene?
5. Do you like the german punk rock scene?
6. So, I have a solo project since I dont know everyone in my enviroment who likes punk music, could you please listen to my songs (links are on the bottom) and maybe give me a feedback? That would be great!
Also just wanted to mention for whatever reason that I will play at my fathers 60th birthday. My father said that a friend of he's was in a band and opened The Rolling Stones concert in Japan.
Thanks for answering the questions, cheers from Switzerland!

Hi Samuel
We love Switzerland, though we just toured there last year, so it may be while before we get back! Hopefully it will be soon, maybe a festival will happen!
Your Dad’s friend was very fortunate to open for the Rolling Stones in Japan, amazing!
In the beginning we played as many places as possible, begging venues to let us play! Really! trying to get supports slots to bigger bands, The Angelic Upstarts were a big help, for the first time we could tour nationally, thanks to supporting them!
Releasing our first album on Volume Records was a huge step too.
I started playing guitar when I was 14, and still learning now!
I will take a listen to your stuff! Looking forward!
Keep enjoying it all! That's whats its all about!

Could you tell me what is your favourite food . Thanks olga.
Sam smith

Sam Hi
Still is Cauliflower Cheese!


Hi Olga
Are you ever gonna play in Denmark?
Johnny Toft

Hi Johnny
Its been a while since we played Denmark, it would be a pleasure to get back if poss! Will keep ya posted!

Hello hello how are you? I wonder when he returned to Brazil, precisely where you have more fans this is in Curitiba ??? We love you Olga, Bless you my son ...

Jackson Hi
I am well thank you!
Curitiba rocks,we will get back, I hope soon! We should have news over the next few months about South America.
Many thanks!

Hi Olga,
My name is Koen and i'm from Belgium
I have a Question about the Beer,
Do you guys will bring some of the beer to sell at the show in Antwerp (april 2016) ?
Or do i best buy it from the brewery?
It's an 1 year anniversary gift for my girl ;)
We come to the show, maybe she/we can meet you guys that would be awesome!!
Friendly greetings, Koen.

Hi Koen from Belgium!
Unfortunately, because of licensing laws, we cant sell the beer at shows, so yes, best to order direct from The Toy Dolls shop, http://www.thetoydolls.com/shop/shop.html
See ya near the merch stall after the show!

Areet Olga
Any gigs in Bristol or Bath (Moles maybe's) or indeed anywhere in the south west planned?
Ta muchly

Martin Hi
No UK shows planned for this year yet, Ah Love Bristol AND Bath Me!
Be good to get back !

Servus Olga,
Iam a big fan since a heard you the first time, in 1988.
I visit 2 concerts in Munich old airport Riem, I think at 1990 and in Nürnberg 6 years ago.
Are you plan to play a gig in Germany?

Hi Markus
I remember all the gigs in Munich, rockin’! There maybe something in Germany this year, management in talks now! Will keep you posted!

Hello Olga
Is there any truth in the rumour that you guys will not play English festivals
As i am sure you would be very much appreciated at he Great british alternative fest at skeggy

No truth at all! However, we do get offered far more in central Europe.
Lets see what the future brings!

Hi Olga!
Are you planing any trip to Norway i 2016?
Would love to see you! 
Been a fan for about 16 years but never seen u live! Hope to do so some time!
Cheers Jørn

Jørn Hi
We would love to get back to Norway, our management are working on 2016 shows now, I hope Norway is included!

Hi Olga
me and my brother are huuuuuge fans of your crazy, lunatic, guitar-rotating, dig-that-groove-baby'ing, magnificent-seven'ing... ehhh... ah i've got it... BLOODY MARVELLOUS gigs!!! I've already seen you but I'd like to show my brother how coooool you guys are :)
So are you planning to come to Germany this year?? Would be so nice :)

Prost Michi!
Thank you, there are talks of 2016 Germany, but nothing confirmed yet! News soon!

Hi Olga,
Massive fan of Toy Dolls!
Just have 2 short questions for you:
1.I recently created a band with a couple friends of mine from secondary (yr 8) and I just want to ask whether you have any tips on writing songs and such?
2.Any ideas of when the next Toy Dolls concert might be in London?
I'm crossing my fingers that my first concert will be A toy dolls one and so that's why I ask.
Currently showing my mates their first TDs song,

Muri Hi
1. Think “Melody” it is paramount! And ENJOY! Don't get discouraged, if songwriting was easy loads more people would do it!
2. London, oh! Not sure just yet! Keep checking the tour dates!


Hi Olga, how are you doing?
I'm a huge fan of Toy Dolls, and I'd like to say you are a big inspiration for me and my band. I even used part of the name as a tribute. xD
I've just recorded a few songs, I wish you could listen to them and tell me what you think about =)
They are really short, so if you have just a couple of minutes I'd be really happy
Huge thanks,

Hi Fausto,
I am fine thank you, I hope you are too.
Thank you for the links, I will get around to checking them over the next week or so!
Looking forward

Hi Olga
when can we see you in Portugal?
Ruben Elsa

Hi Ruben Elsa, I hope that Portugal will happen in 2016 at some point, we always have a wicked time there!
Nothing planned just yet, but its early days.
Take care

Hi Olga.
I've always believed the founding members were from Peterlee. Is this true?

Andrew hi, we are from Sunderland originally, I am from South Shields actually. We did play Peterlee a few times though!

Hey Olga,
I’m a girl from the Netherlands, my name is Lucija and I’m 16 years old.
My father was the lead singer from ‘’Boegies’’ a punk band from Groningen.
His name is Eddy, and he told me once that he went on a tour with you in the Netherlands.
My question is, did you liked it?
I’m a big fan of the Toy Dolls by the way.

Hi Lucija
Thank you!
Yeah, The Boegies were great, I remember the tour well, early 80’s!
Greetings to Eddy!
Hope to see you in Holland at some point!

Hi Olga,
Its Deccas sister (Shazza), I think this song is amazing. People thought it was in bad taste, however me and his other bandmates think it is geet funny, certainly anything but! None of us are offended by small minded people, who have slagged it off. This is Deccas true character, he is a lovable rogue and a very talented drummer who can still play drunk or sober. Thank you so much for doing this for him from Shazza and all Deccas family. Let us know when you are gigging locally and hopefully we can come and support you. I have also been watching Olga a cannot, which I immensely enjoyed. You are the best punk band I have seen, your singing and guitar talent is second to none. 
All the best
Shazza Wade Brooks

Shazza hi!
Thank you for your kind words!
We love Decca! Send him our regards when you see him!
Take care

Hi Olga, I have a few questions for you. Some are about music, some not. Here we go.
1. What was your favourite TV show as a kid?
2. Have you noticed a change in the Toy Dolls sound over your career?
3. What were the circumstances surrounding you becoming a punk and starting the Toy Dolls?
Scott Burton

Hi Scott
Good questions!
1. As a kid, mmm, Dr Who I reckon.
2. Not really! I still cant sing
3. Oh, being bullied at school as a big contribution! Then hearing Slade, The Sweet, Suzi Quatro, the early Dr Feelgood, Pirates, Pistols, Sham 69, The Jam etc… the list is endless
Punk broke down loadsa musical snobbery, meant that even I could be a singer!

Hey Olga man!
I saw you guys come through San Francisco last year and you put on an amaazzziingggg show!!! I absolutely LOVE your band and would really like to see you guys play again! PLEASE tell me you will do a tour through the US before the inevitable!
Always a loyal fan,
Evan May

Thank you, we did have a wicked time in San Francisco in 2014.
Not sure about return visits just yet, but who knows!
Thank you again

When you coming to the uk

Kathryn hi
Not sure just yet, we just recently toured the UK in 2013, twas very enjoyable too!
Hope to see ya next time around!

Hello my friend how hawe party when he be 40 years old how mutch take you private gig in Sweden. You are his housegoud….
fron Linda

Hi Linda
You would need to speak with our management, their contact is at the top of the tour dates on www.thetoydolls.com
Good luck

Hi. My boyfriend is a SUPERFAN, since a long time ago. He has a original cd that you gived him (He answered some questions in your site and won), never downloaded any music from internet and show the band for a lot peaple in Florianópolis.
I would like that you come back to Brasil for he take me on the show, because, now, i like you too. Please, come back !!! :)

Hi Sindipan
Thank you
We will be back, our management are working on it now, hopefully we will have news soon, we miss you lot in South America!
Take care

Hi Olga! 
I'm almost 35 and I grew up with you guys thanks to my older brothers.
In my vinyl collection I even have an authentic single of Nellie the elephant, from 1984.
Now my question: I have seen on facebook that you are coming to Antwerp on the second of april, but I don't see any information about your concert on the site of TRIX or on the site where you should be able to get tickets: heartbreaktunes.com
Are you coming to Antwerp or is that not true and should I be very sad now?
Thanks any way (it should be great if you would answer this)
If you want, you can always make me happy by sending me a birthday card haha
That is on January 14th.
Have a great weekend!

Hi 35 year old Els!
Happy birthday for 14th January!
Yes, we are booked for Antwerp Trix for 2nd April!
I guess the Trix & Heartbreaktunes have been closed over the holidays, by the time you read this tickets should be available!

Hi Olga,
Is it true you guys are coming to Antwerp, Trix, April 2nd 2016 ?
I have seen this on facebook, but I can’t find it anywhere else.
Not on your website or on the Trix website.
When you guys are coming to Belgium are you planning on playing other gigs also ?
Can you help me out here ?

Hi Geoffrey,
We are booked for Antwerp Trix for April 2nd, let me know if you have any problem getting tickets by the time you read this!
This is the only show in Belgium planned.

Hey Olga man!
You my hero I love playing music and you and your band are huge inspiration to me.
Wondering what kinf of pick you use? Don't see guitar players use it a whole lot...
Hope that's where its at. ;)

Jakub hi
Thank you! It's a home made pick I use! Made from a normal pic with gaffa tape, so it clips on my finger, not so comfortable I can tell ya!
For solos in the studio I use a 5p (English coin)

Hi Olga, that’s one impressive list of live shows - looks like you’ve been almost everywhere…. except Canada. Come play in Toronto, I’ll take you boys down to have a peek at Niagara Falls.
If not I’ll have to come see you see you on one of your tours this year.

Hi Tim
I really hope we can get the Canada at some point!
And we wanna see Niagra Fall and all!