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Hi Olga! How Are you?
I have a really important question to ask you, what's your opinion on music piracy? As you may know there are lot of your songs on youtube and you can dowload all of your records for free on the internet. How does it makes you feel? It's okay for you or it bother you when someone uploads your music and every one can get it for free? I really want to know you opinion on that. 
I think it isn't so bad because more people get to know your music. I actually discovered the Toy Dolls on youtube. So I think it's a good way to spread your music all over the world. Also, I'm starting to make my own music and I put every song I record on the internet 'cause that's a good way to get known now a days. I'd recomend you to upload your new songs on your youtube account 'cause if you don't maybe someone else will do it like it happened with all those songs before, and you can actually make money with youtube, so it's not so bad.
Also I wanted to tell you that you're a huge inspiration to me, your music changed my life and you're my favorite guitarist in the world!
Hope to see you in Argentina soon!

Hi Gonzalo,
I am not so bad thank you.
I guess I feel the same as you about it all to be honest, the good points outweigh the bad points!
Its nice to actually own/hold and actual CD or vinyl however!
I really hope we can back to Argentina before long too, and other countries in South America also.
Thank you!!

Sorry for my terrible english, but I would know if the possibility exists you come to Brazil? If not in a solo show, could be Lollapaloozza in 2015 hehe.
From his Brazilian fan.
Iago Condé
Estudante de Engenharia Mecatrônica

Hello to Brazil,
I really hope we can get back ASAP, as I mentioned on the above message!
Take care

Hi Olga !
Nice to meet you here J
I contact you because I have 2 questions:
When did you come in Switzerland ???
The second question is:  is it possible to order a "DIG THAT GROOVE BABY” shirts  ? but the black one ??? 
The Toy Dolls rythm my life since over 25 Years !!
Best regards from Switzerland !

Hi Seb!
Greetings to Switzerland!
I really hope we can get back soon, there are talks, but nothing confirmed yet!
Unfortunately that shirt has now completely sold out! I am sorry!
25 years, wow, Thank you!

We’re a band from Madrid, Spain, called 13 Bats.
We greatly admire the irony and loon contingent of the Toy Dolls. Nobody like dem!
We’d love to open for them here in Spain.
And we know that you’re the connection! Please let us know if they’d like to have a cup-a-tea. We’re here salivating, downing pints, awaiting nothing in particular……..but more than available!
Kind regards,
13 Bats

13 Bats hi there!
Thank you!
We have took note! If any support slots happen to come up in Spain we will let you know!

Hello Olga,
Glad to hear you are on the mend, I went through hell the last two years with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, but have steadily pulled out of it recently and am feeling the best I have felt in many, many years. Sounds like you are on the right track with the yoga, exercise, etc. It will get better with time!
Long live the Telecaster,

Hello Gyver
Thank you
Sorry you had to suffer a similar period, but great to know you pulled through positively!
Yeah, long live the Tele!
Take care, and thank you.

Hi Olga.
May you come to Colombia?
How can I contact you to arrange a local show, maybe connected to some other TD shows in Latinoamerica?
I could be the tour manager, as I have done this before with some other bands.
PD. I met you in a show in Sao Paulo, in 2004 ( Our Last tour.!?).
Kind regards..!!!

Hi Edgar
Columbia would be great!
You need to contact our management for shows.
The Link is on the front Page of this site, a big ‘P’ with Primary written next to it!


hi olga! how r u?
i really love the toy dolls! much respect!
wonder if you guys ever have a chance to have a gig in south korea? i cant make it to europe. T.T
please come to Busan, SKorea!
;> thanx!

Mino.Hyun Hi
Well thank you very much! We like to be loved! Thank you!
I really hope that we can get to South Korea and Busan! Nothing planned yet, but fingers crossed!
Thank you again

Hi Olga,
My name is Herman. I'm fan of the band since 1991 so it was a big surprise when I saw you in my town in Spain, next to my home. You were very nice, thanks for the photo!! 
Some questions for you: what's your favourite Toy Dolls record? And your favourite band?
Thanks for your time,

Hi Herman
Good to hear from you! Thank you
Favourite Toy Dolls record has to be Absur Ditties and favourite band, oh, that's more difficult, too many great bands, SLF has to be in there though!
You are welcome

When did you start playing? What is your favorite band?
Hope to see you in Norway soon :-)

Hi Ellen in Norway
I started playing when I was 14, about 10 years ago! So many favourite bands, Ruts, SLF, Buzzcocks etc….

Hi Olga !! Like hello, I've known you for 86 when I saw a VHS Iddle Gossip and hence I am a faithful follower of yours ... for you I learned to play guitar .. you are a master !!! My only question is easy ... very easy !!! You're thinking about bringing Toy Dolls to Guadalajara Mexico? you have thousands of followers here in Guadalajara Mexico and more in full house ... if you come ... just tell me the truth, have never spoken to them or you do not want to come to Mexico? Similarly much ... I am happy to say hello and I will continue to love your music !!!
Wario !!!

Hi Wario
Wow, 1986! Thank you, not sure about being a master!
It would be nice to get to Mexico, no immediate plans, lets see if it happens!
Take care

When can we expect some live dates in the UK?!

Morning Kev
We just done a UK tour, had a great time too, so not sure when the next one would be yet! Keep checking the tour dates, and cheers for asking!

Hi, Olga
when will be your next gig in germany ?

Hi Markus,
We played Germany a few weeks back, hope you got there!?
Nothing more planned at the moment, but I am sure we will be back.

Hi Olga!
My namne is Peter and I'm a huge Toydolls fan!! I was on the concert you had in örebro,Sweden i think it. was 2006 or 2007.
Wien are you coming to Sweden again????
I'm not the only one in Sweden who would DIE to see you on stage again!!
Best regards

Peter Hi
We would love to get back to Sweden, we always have a wicked time there, there are talks more nothing confirmed yet! Soon I hope!

Hello Olga!
My husband and our kids (4 girls) are all totally Toy Dolls mad! I do enjoy listening to your music too but I have to say I'm not quite as mad as them!!!! (Sorry! but you have to understand,for example that whenever I put music on in the car they all shout out "thats not Toy Dolls we want to listen to Olga! And theres 5 of them against me so it can be quite frustrating sometimes however great your sound may be!!!)
Anyway, I'm supposed to be asking you a question, cos afterall this is called "Ask Olga?"
So, here goes. After reading my daughter Lola (6years old) a bedtime story last night she asked me how much it would cost her to get Olga (you!!!) to come and sing Happy Birthday to her sister Luna on her 10th birthday in October!!! As she knows all about "Ask Olga?" from her Dad she just kept going on and on about it, regardless of my attempts to try and explain that that sort of thing doesn't really happen,and for starters we live in Germany and Olga in England!!! However she just kept on saying things like "but you never know untill you ask!" (Smart arse!!!)
Anyway, I really wanted her to get off to sleep, so I promised her I'd ask, and you've got to keep your promises........So I've done it!
Sorry for the hassle of asking such a crazy question, but with 4 daughters (4 6 9 and 11) there are some days when you just want them all in bed!!!

Hi Emily
Thank you so much.
Nice story!
Sorry it wont be possible for me to get to Germany in October, thanks for asking though! Worth a try indeed!
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Luna from me! Greetings to the rest o’ them!
Take care

Dear Olga
I am the guitarist in The Deckchairs, a very not well known punk band from Reading in the 80s that is now back together and playing iffy songs just like years ago. I still my lovely Squier telecaster from back then. Anyway my question is could you give me a clue how to play the solo you do in “We’re Mad” which is frankly the best piece of guitar work I have ever heard. It still makes me legs kick out with joy after all this time and if you were to record a lesson to show how you do it I would be very happy indeed. And maybe I can even learn it myself, it’s not easy learning new stuff in your 50s! 
Maybe you already did it but I can’t find it anywhere.
Keep up the good work!

Hi Baz
Great name The Deckchairs, I like it!
I will do the Were Mad solo on the lessons at some point, have to learn it again though first!
Not sure about it being the best piece of guitar work, but thank you!

how do u survive all the years? all the drugs, alcohol and bi***es?? respect? Sport?? Pilates Yoga? Or just fresh fruits?
We from slovenia do this with Slivovic!

Samuel Hi
Thank you!
I do have the occasional beer, the rest of the time its cycling, yoga, fresh fruit, water, yoghurts etc, boring stuff!
Greetings to Slovenia!

I’ve been a Toy Dolls fan for 20 years! I almost got to see you play in Denver around 2000 or 2001, but there was a blizzard….grrrr
This summer you played in California, which was out of reach for me. When will you come back to the USA?

Shon Hi
Sorry you couldn't make it to California this year.
Not sure about any return visits at the moment, we always have a great time there though!
Yeah, sorry about the snow storm also, we were stuck in Salt Lake City for 3 days!
Hopefully we will get back.

Hi Olga !
First of all, thank you for the AMAZING show in Tarbes, I won’t forget it !
I was in front of the venue at 10 a.m, because I wanted to be sure to see you before the gig, hear the sound checks and stand on the front row.
I remember seeing you taking a nap on a bench, you looked so tired ! Anyway I was too shy to come and talk with you, but thanks to my father who was not as shy as me : I have a cool pic of me with you !
Now, time for some questions :
1) What’s the hardest Toy Dolls song (excluding your covers) to play on guitar ?
2) Do you consider yourself more of a singer, or a guitar player ?
3) After so many year of touring, do you still feel nervous before a gig ?
4) I’ve managed to grab your setlist on the stage ground, and it was written on it that you were supposed to begin with Fiery Jack. So why did you begin with Cloughy ?
5) A lot of people (not always sober !) in the public go on stage while you play. What’s your opinion about it ? Does it disturb you sometimes ?
6) My favorite TD songs are Sharon From Whitley Bay, David XR2, Spiders in the Dressing Room, North Sea Ferry and the Wakey Wakey intro/outro riff. What’s your opinion about these songs ?
That’s all for now, thank you in advance for your answers !

Thank you! We had a greaaaaat time in Tarbes!
1. Credit Crunch Christmas
2. Ha ha, a singer of course! I was gonna audition for Queen ya know! Ha, I never wanted to be a singer, so I am a guitar player for sure!
3. Yes, always nervous, every gig
4. Cant answer that one! Maybe getting too old and couldnt read the set list properly!
5. I like it, providing they don't knock the drinks or microphone stands over, or bash the guitars outta tune!
6. I like Wakey wakey and North Sea Ferry, not so sure about the others!


How much(usd)? Just a pair of your glasses, worn on stage. I want to buy them. Gimme.
Scott Sezniak

Scott hi, I never usually pay more than £5 for glasses, pick them up throughout the world, desperately in need of a new pair now though!

Ahoy milord,
you are the Johnny Cash of punk-rock, I've been listening to your tunes since I was in high-school, I'm now 34 and a dad. And still at your first gig I wasn't even born.
How much do you make (monthly) with this shit ?
(come on, answering this one means a lot, fun or profit ?)
François-Henry Vasseur

Hi Francois!
Thank you!
Are you the tax man or what!?
Fortunately there is a profit from time to time! Though if it wasn't fun then we wouldn't do it.

hi Olga
im a smoggy currently living on the isle of islay off the west coast of scotland.
im a fairly new fan of the toy dolls and havent yet had the chance to see a live gig.
im hopeing to get to see you guys later this year all being well so i just wanted to ask
which tour date do you think will be best to attend?
it probably going to have to be one of the october events in poland
never been abroad so will need to sort out my passport first
all the best with your acoustic album and upcoming gigs
richard the smoggy

Hello Richard the Smoggy,
Thank you!
All tour dates are a blast for us!
Though if you wanna see a full show, club shows are the best, so I guess Poland would be the better choice.

Hi Olga, 
I would like to see the Dickies (you) in London, but the tickets are sooo expensive to fly there. Do you think I will ever have the chance to see you anywhere? Maybe in Germany 29th? Only for five minutes to say hello to you???? That would be so great , I love your music !

Dodo Hi
Thank you for that.
I am not actually playing with The Dickies anymore, just attending a few shows to watch.
Will pop out after after most shows to say hello, though festivals are a bit more difficult, will do my best to get out after the festival in Germany on 29th to meet people.
Many thanks

Hello Master!
It´s been a lot time since i wrote.
I hope your health has improved.
I made this record and i wish you check out.
I hope that helps you smile!
Thanks for the inspiration.
See you in São Paulo-Brazil!

Tico hello!
Unfortunately your link doesn't work on my computer!
My health is very slowly improving, thanks.
Hi to everyone in Sao Paulo

JULY 2014

Dear Olga,
Hello !
I saw you in live at " Lyon " and your are always amazing!
Thanks a lot.
All of yours give me a lot of pleasure and smiles.
I have two questions for you.
What kind of pills do you eat during your perform on stage ?
And what is the date of your Yellow Telecaster ?
Hope to see you soon in Live in France.
Love & Kisses
Take Care !
Frantz ( From France )

Frantz Hi!
Thank you for coming to the Lyon show, I am pleased you enjoyed it, we did also!
Always a lovely crowd in Lyon!
I take no pills! Its just chewing gum, for nerves really!
My Telecaster is 1980 I think!
Keep checking the tour dates for French shows!
France rocks!

Hello Olga
I've been a fan of yours for half my life and would like to know how much it would cost for all of you to play a one off gig at brierfield Lancashire I'm no millionaire but until I see the figures I can't get the idea out of my head. The date for it would be 6th September and its for my wedding party
Thanks for your time

Adam Hi
Thank you,
For gigs you need to contact our management
Cheers! And congratulations

Olga hello I'm the little Boy who has slammer big bang café concert at mai 22,2014. I asked if you could make new album pleas me so plésir back to one of your concert
Olga sorry for my writing I'm im 4th grade
The little Boy slammer

Hello Little Boy Slammer,
We may make a new album! I am thinking about it!

Hi Olga,
I am looking at teaching my dad how to play your songs and one of his favourites is Ashbrooke Launderette.
I have learnt the Verse and intro so far as per you video (Thanks by the way!) but the chorus is the best bit.
Could you please send me the chords and tab please as i want to suprise him as he is a major fan of yours.
Many Thanks,
Tom Ireland

Hi there Tom,
I don’t have the Tabs handy, maybe they are on the internet some where, there are only a few chords in Ashbrooke Launderette chorus, D, G, A (repeat twice) then C, G, C, G, A, E, A. D,A, D, I hope that helps a bit!
Thank You!

Olga, any possibility that we’ll be seeing the Toy Dolls around Newcastle or the North East after September?

Yo! Anything is possible, though we just completed a UK a few months back!
Had a great time too!

Hello OIga!
I've been listening The Toy Dolls since 1995 and love them.
I've also been wondering what gear do you use? Now I'm afraid you might have always been asked this question.
Anyway, I'm particularly interested in the pedals you use. Is it true you don't use any?
Thank you very much. Many hugs from me and my mates!
Albert Case

Hello Albert
Thank you for that!
I use no pedals for recording, but I do have a TS9 Ibanez tube Screamer on stage, just for the feedback on the song endings, and the odd solo.
Any help!?
Take care

MAY 2014

is there a chance we will see you guys here in Austria?
I asked last year, and you told me you will come this year - sadly there is nothing on your actual tour dates list.
I hope i will see you again it`s been a long time since 2003
cheerio & toodle pip

Yes Gregor ! There is always a chance for Austria, its been too long, hopefully we will be back soon!
Please keep checking those tour dates, we will be back!

Dearest Olga.
I've been a fan of you lot since cassette tapes. I just saw you are playing SFO! I  bought my tickets and booked a flight from PHX to SFO!
My question is. Have you ever been approached by the folks that make "Guitar Hero" to be in the game? And if not, would you if they did?

Hi B!
Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the show!
I have never been approached regarding Guitar Hero, but would consider it of course! Though it’s not likely to happen!

This is Jim Fuller lead guitar of the Surfaris Beatnik band...
Jim and all of us think your WIPE OUT is the moistest

Yo Jim.
Wow! Thank you!

Hey Olga,
I live in Taiwan and was wondering if you've ever played here or plan on playing here in the future.  Maybe Hong Kong or Japan if not Taiwan?
Dan the Pizzaman

Hey Dan!
We have never played in Taiwan or Hong Kong, would love to get there eventually!
We have been to Japan many times, hopefully again soon too!
Thank you

Hi Olga! 
Just wanted to ask: why are there no shows on the East Coast of the US before or after Coachella? Do you hate us? Well, we love you! You should come to NYC some time. I already know who I would go with and I would cancel everything to see you. 

We love the east coast Amanda!
Unfortunately, this time around, that was the contractual deal we had.
We will be back, we miss you loads.

Hello Olga !
Uhm i Discovered The Toy Dolls 6 years ago when I was 16 and i am making myself a relax room with a jukebox and i wanted to have all your albums on LP but they are kind of hard to get in the Netherlands and well i was hoping that you might know a way for get them it would mean so much to me 
your Pal Jelte 

Jelte Hi
Best idea is to contact Secret Records Limited and Captain Oi, they have quite a few. Good luck with the jukebox!!

Hi Olga
Coming to see you guys all the way from New Zealand, for the first time at the France Tour ( Got Tickets to the Bordeaux, Nimes, Lyon and Paris shows) Already know you guys are going to rock at each and every show. So looking forward to them all. You must have answered this question many times but cannot find the answer around. The song I CAN SEE YOU is an awesome song, so why has it not been recorded on any album?  And is there a plan to maybe in the future to put it on an greatest hits album or better still something all the Toy dolls fans in the world would like to see a new Album in the future.
You keep rocking on
Stewart Osborne

Stewart Hi
Thank you so much! I hope its worth it!
Maybe we will record I can see you at some point, though we didn't write it, it was written by The Toy Dolls first singer!
Yeah, I guess there will be another new album!
Safe travels

Oi you lot J
Finally I did it!!! Writing you my heroes hehe!! I guess U guys are in the states and filling the places hu? It’s so cool to follow U on FB or your homepage through the gigs!
Writing that, I’m studying your live-gig history there and a bit shocked noticing that you played here in my hometown, Karlskrona,  3 times back in the -80ies!? I only knew about one…
What are the chances for having you here once again? I’m not the guy pulling a gig off, but I have some friends in the business and I know that the Swedes are starving from The Toy Dolls gigs
So I just needed to send the mail and pop the question! J
How big are the gigs in Europe? I mean, sold tickets?? What do you guys prefer: smaller clubgigs or big stages? Indoor or festivals?? Have you considering playing in Sweden this year ( I see lots of
Comments on FB about it)… Are you fully booked this autumn??
I don’t know what this leads but it’s always nice to get in touch with you guys!! J
Oh.. Thanks for superb service and “shipping” when I ordered the fabulous “DIG THAT GROOVE BABY” shirt. I got it in four days…! Yeeeiii!! Hehe!
Love to hear from U! Dig That Grooove!!!
Magnus Malmstrom Sweden

Magnus hello
We are trying to get back to Sweden! Lets see if our management can find a good promoter soon!
The European gigs are all different sizes, 400-1500 usually, an average of 700.
Good you know you got the shirt quickly! Thanks for letting us know.
Hopefully we will be with you ASAP!

Just saw the Fonda show. Totally beyond awesome. I think your an alien in a world of older punks. Haha. Well you've been a strong staple for years and years. Thank you very much.
Brandon Morgan

Brandon Hi
Thank YOU very much, we enjoyed every minute of being California! The Fonda was very nice, great venue also.
Cheers for your support!

My mate, Alex introduced me to you guys in '07 or '08, can't remember quite when, but I know it's when me family dog, Charlie, died. A good friend as always, Alex showed me the song Charlie's Watching as a gesture of condolence, and my god, I nearly cried. Since then I've become obsessed with your band. It may have been from that one song meaning so much to me at that time, but I seriously haven't found a song of yours I didn't like. Regardless, the opportunity of a lifetime came about when you lot decided to make yer way to California. My mate, Alex lives in San Francisco where I'm originally from (I live in Portland, Oregon now). How magical that you happen to come to my hometown so that I might see you with the mate who introduced me to you. It was quite possibly the best show ever. He was the annoying lad screaming "that's me!" during "Alec's Gone." Not quite the same name, but close enough. So... I suppose a few things.
1. Thank you for all the music you've made that's inspired and comforted me
2. When you coming back to the states? (and are you gonna perhaps venture more my way? Portland or Seattle?)
3. I heard you're displeased with your cover of 500 Miles, but is there a chance you'll ever perform it again? It is perhaps my favorite cover of all time. In fact my last band covered the song exactly as you did just cause it was that awesome.
3. Thank you again!

Blazer hi
Thank you for your kind words, so good to know you enjoyed the San Francisco show.
1. You are more than welcome!
2. Not sure just yet, work permits are crazy crazy prices, will take a while to save up!
3. Yeah, its not the greatest version, was even worse live! Nice to know someone like its anyways!
Thank you very much again.

Dear Olga,
My husband, Jochen Kläger, is a very very hugh fan of you since a long long time.
He celebrate his birthday (40!) on 2. may and we will see your show in Freiburg on 1. may.
He is also in your concert in Stuttgart....
I ask you: please could you congratulate him in the concert in Freiburg from stage??
This would be amazing!!
I thank you very very much if this is possible!

Esther Hallo!
Oh dear, I guess this is a bit late! I hope you enjoyed the show/s
Happy 40th to Jochen!

Thanks for a fantastic show in LA, it was incredible and thanks for taking the time to sign my stack of CD booklets! I forgot to tell you thanks in person for the guitar lessons on line. They are helping me add more color to my usual metal playing!
When you are able to do more lessons, please consider James Bond Lives Down My Street and Modern School of Motoring. I for some reason am having trouble nailing them!
Thanks again
Eric in Sacramento

Cheers Eric in Sacranento!
Thank loads for coming! No problem in signing anything! We had a wicked time in L.A
Will consider James Bond and Modern School for the lessons, good ideas!
Thank you!

Hi Olga,
Any chance to see the TD  in Switzerland in 2014? The last concert in Winterthur was amazing.

Attila Hi
Thank you, we always enjoy playing Winterthur, we would love to do some shows in Switzerland asap, lets see what our management come up with.

Now then Olga,
Loved you lads for years, living in Adelaide now (originally from Aycliffe) and desperate to see you live.  Few old punk bands coming here (Vibrators here in June).  Is there any chance of bringing your lads over here for the Aussies to be educated please, cheers Talc

Hi Talc
We will get there eventually! Enjoy the Vibrators, some classic songs there for sure!

Hello Olga,
Last year i was fortunate enough to witness your show @ the Huntenpop festival in Ulft and it was EPIC.
I am a bit ashamed to say that before the festival i never heard of the toy dolls. But now i can't wait to see/hear you again...
So my question, when will you be coming back to Holland ?!

Epic eh! Thank you!
No worries, billions of people have never heard of the Toy Dolls, and never will, I am sure!
Keep checking the tour dates, we may be doing something in Holland soon!

Greetings Olga, Tommy and Duncan! Hope you guys are keepin well (great show in la fonda theater by the way, and thank you all for coming out to Cali!). I see your last tour dates for 2014 are in October...is that set? Or is there any chance to fix a  "Credit Crunch Christmas gig"  in December -to match the festivities -wink! and close the year with a cherry on top :)
I'll keep checkin...keep postin!!

Greeting to yous, though you didn't leave a name!
And thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed the Fonda Theatre show, we did also!
Not sure what is happening after October at the moment!
Keep checking the tour dates! We do need a bit of a break though to catch up on some sleep!

APRIL 2014

Hi Olga!
I was delighted to see that you are playing at the “Scumbash” in Rotterdamn. As it happens this is the day of my daughters 6th birthday-party! After I took her to your show in Bochum Germany last year (Since then she’s a big Toy Dolls Fan.), she happend to say: “Daddy, if the Toy Dolls play on my birthday, would you come to my party or watch Olga play?” Well, what can you say? Certainly I would go to her party. Her party on the 22.02.2014 goes on till two o’clock that day, so my question is: Do you know roughly at what time you will be playing in Rotterdam? I couldn’t see an opening time of the venue anywhere. If you could give me any information I could plan how to get there from Muenster Germany. Or if it is possible at all to make it in time. If not, I’ll give my daughter a cuddle that evening and we both listen to your CD’s all night long.
Thank you, Cheerio and Toodle pip
P.S. My daughter seemed to think, the best idea would be to have her birthday party at your show in Rotterdam. Tempting!!! But I was sensible enough to give that one a miss!

Hi Daniel,
Sorry this has reached you too late, sometimes the Ask Olga questions are answered in the following months answers. Like this one!
I hope you got to the gig? And more importantly, I hope you didn't miss your daughters birthday, she sounds very wise by the way!

Hello Olga,
I would like to know if you would like to see some of my song lyrics, then if you like them you would compose some music over them.
One day in the future I will be an editor of a magazine and an owner of a radio station. I will write about The Toy Dolls and I will play Toy Dolls songs.
Here's an example:
Donald's Donuts...

Hi Robson
We couldn't print all your Donut lyrics, not enough room on here! But thank you anyway.
Good stuff, will let ya know if we compose any music/melody along to them!
Thank you

Hello Olga, Michael here. Wondering if TD's would be interested in a one off gig in Seattle after Coachella or maybe doing a short tour of the west side of America?
Looking forward to your response.
Michael Hanson

We will get to Seattle one day Michael, thank you.
Unfortunately due to contractual reasons, we can only do the 4 shows total.

Hi Olga. Me and a friend are travelling to the Paris gig in May from Manchester having a mad weekend! Have seen the design for the t shirts but with us both being rather large can never get to shirts to fit at gigs. I take a 5xl and my mate isn't far behind. Is there anyway we can get the transfers and put them on a t shirt ourselves? Obviously would pay for these. Look forward to seeing you guys again. Regards Andy Holt

Hi Andy,
Cheers for coming from Manchester, thank you!
We will have XXL, but that's the largest.
Unfortunately all the artwork is restricted to the company in Germany, all I can suggest is enlarging the artwork from Facebook or buying an XXL and copying it from there may be a better idea.
Good luck
And thanks again

Any north east tour Olga in the near future my 25 year old son wants to come with me,
Cheers, Keith Dillon

Hi Keith, not sure which country you are referring to! But I guess UK?
Nothing planned for the near future, but we did have a wicked time last tour!

Hi Olga,  My husband is probably your biggest fan!  He's been wearing a tattoo of you on his arm for 25 years.  My oldest son was in kindergarten when he met life-long friends and my husband, Tom, had all his buddies singing Nellie the Elephant and Spiders in the Dressing Room.  Now, as they boys are in their 12th grade year, they could FINALLY see their idolized band live.  BUT we CAN'T.  Because the scalpers have al purchased tickets and we are not rich ... we can't see the show in LA on 4/17.  Is there any way you can help us?  There is me my husband, my 17 1/2 yr old boy, and my 8 1/2 yr old boy ... then there are at least 5 others...
I HOPE WE CAN COUNT ON YOU for 4 to 9 TIXs to the 4/17 show.
Angela (devoted mom and wife who loved your LA show in the 90s and want my boys to experience it)

Hi Angela
I am so sorry you missed out on tickets.
Unfortunately all I can suggest id going to the San Francisco show on 14th April.
I really hope you can get there!

Hi Olga, I am 50 years old skin and punk good boy survivor with family and kids and we are a happy family !
Thanks thanks thanks and thanks again to still be there.
Just would like to know the set list of the concert to review the songs and be ready to sing, sing, sing!

Lionel Hi
Thank you for this! Always good to You Lot are out there, and a happy family too!

Olga! I've been a HUGE supporter/advocate of your work ever since I was blown away with "I've Got Asthma" in the early '80s.  I heard it on a local radio station (KROQ, if memory serves me correctly), and I was hooked from there on forward.  I went to see you perform live in LA shortly thereafter (with The Addicts (I still have the framed poster on my wall)), and once again several years later in Las Vegas.
I'm 51 years old now, and consider myself to be one of the biggest/geekiest Toy Dolls biggest fans on the planet! (if you can get past the "geek" stigma)
I am unable to make it to the Coachella Festival, despite it's relatively close proximity to where I currently reside (Scottsdale, Arizona). I saw on the TD site that you are performing in both San Francisco and LA within that same time period, and am seriously tempted to make that journey to have my ears caressed once again by your mighty riffs.
BUT, wouldn't you "Dig That Groove" in Arizona as well?!  Seriously, us Arizona residents would be immensely flattered by your presence.  Arizona residents are suffering from serious "Toy Dolls Withdrawal Syndrome" (known as "TDWS" in certain medical circles), and we need your help!  Oh, and it gets even better: you don't send us money to help our cause, WE send YOU money to PLAY HERE!  (sorry for my excessive use of "CAPS", but I'm trying to emphasize a point here, so please bear with me).
Dude, you and the Toy Dolls have been like "audible medicine" to me for the better part of my adult life.  I can't get enough.
What convincing other than my humble "please" might steer you our way?  My buddy Fritz and I refer to ourselves as the founders of the ""Official" Toy Dolls Fan Club of the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix Area".  Has a nice ring to it, eh? :)
Cheers mate,
Kevin (not the test tube variety)

Thank you so much Kevin,
Greetings to Arizona also.
I really hope we can get there at some point.
I remember talking to a few of ya when I played with the Dickies there a few years back, lovely people in Arizona.
Unfortunately, because of contractual stuff, we can only do 4 shows this time.
Hoping you can make San Francisco.

Dear Olga,
when I bought "A Far Out Disc" back in 1985 I couldn't imagine I would see you on stage 30 years after in my city, Bologna. In 46 years I have seen many concerts, but your performance in Bologna has left an indelible memory, since I never saw or heard anything like that: pure adrenalin dynamite! Thanks for the show Gabriele from Bologna Italy

Hey Gabriele.
Thank you! We had a nice time in Bologna, bit hot stage though, phew!
It was a great night however.
Thank you for coming.

hola Olga! Did you enjoy your very first and second shows in America?!?! My mates and I were there - at your first and the next; will never forget those times; and the hand-drawn (with a Sharpie) TOY DOLLS logo-bearing denim vest my friend Lani and I used to share - I would wear it one day, she the next, and so on . . . this would have been 1983-1984, Southern California. Cheers for the memories! -Lancelot

Lancelot Hi
Yeah, of course, I have fond memories!
Cant wait to get back,
1983, my God, seems like yesterday!

Hi Olga, hope you are fine?  Is there a chance that you come to play in Switzerland in 2014? Maybe in Zurich ore Lucerne?

Hi Eve
All fine here thank you.
I really hope we can get back to Switzerland at some point, its been a while.
We are working on it.
Take Care

alright olga
are you doing eny gigs in england eny time
keep up the good work punks not dead
tony Wilson

Alright Tony!
Nothing planned for England just at the moment!
We had a wicked time though on the last set of UK dates, great to see ya’ all again.


Hi, Olga!!
Gilberto, from Rio!
Do you think about to make a show in Brazil one day?

Hi Gilberto, yes, we love Brazil! We will be back of course!
Thank you!

Hi olga. Whats your thoughts on playing portsmouth 2014. Would love to see you boys on the south coast. Ps , do you know any decent decorators.

A: Ha, yes I finally found some good decorators, thanks!
We just finished the UK tour, so Portsmouth is not likely to happen in 2014.
Maybe next time, I had a great time with The Dickies there!

Hello olga
Just wondering if you will be coming to Sunderland in 2014 or even 2015. Tickets were sold out this year so i couldn't come.

Unfortunately there is nothing planned for Sunderland or the UK at the moment.
Sorry ya missed out when we played there.
Take Care

Hi Olga
Firstly I was at The Cathouse in Glasgow with my wife and we had such a great time You guys were excellent THANK YOU for a fantastic gig!Also it was nice to meet you, here is a pic taken after the show!
My question is : Which guitar are you using for the accoustic album?
Cheerio And Toodle Pip

Hi Laurent
Thank you! I am pleased to hear both you and your wife enjoyed Glasgow!
We really enjoyed it too!
For the acoustic album I am using my old cheap Tanglewood, I will buy a nice Takamini later this year though! Saving up for it now!
Cheers for coming to The Cathouse!

Hey, I have written to you before about getting a telecaster. This was a while ago, 2010 I think it was. Any hoo just wanted to say I am really impressed that you've managed to gain the reputation. Now when I Google "Olga" I don't get a law firm advertisement or anything unrelated. I really respect you for replying to all of these peoples messages. My girlfriend and I love The Toy Dolls, we would absolutely love to see the band live. I really hope you're in the states at some point soon. As a fellow musician, I think you're really great, that punk-bluesy sound and style is fantastic! It blows my mind how you got that sound, technique and style from probably listening to the Delta Blues greats, among others. I hope to see you on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine very soon.
Best wishes to you and the band,

Hello Rob
Thank you!
Ha, Rolling Stone Cover! Would be nice!
We are in California in April, hope you can make it!
Thanks again!

Dear Olga, 
I'm not too sure if I was of age the last time The Toy Dolls played Chicago, IL - and I curse my late birth nearly every day because of it. Regardless, I'm in my mid-20's now and am definitely of age and patiently waiting. I'm a second generation Toy Dolls fan, as my mother raised me quite right and I would love to see you guys play the states at least once in my lifetime. Preferably, of course, in my home town of Chicago. So - stop on by, yea? 
Thanks for the generations of awesome music. 

Hi Jay
Thank you
Chicago was around 97/98! A while back
We will get back at some point, we had a wicked time there!
Cheers to your Mother too!
Ta, Olga

Hey Olga! how r u?
I am from Argentina and the time you were there I couldn t go to the show. Now I am living in Dublin please tell me that this 2014 you will come here!

Nach Hi
You missed both shows in Argentina? Bah, we had a great time!
We have never played in Dublin, believe it or not! We would love to get there!
Maybe it will happen!

Hi Olga,
are there any gigs planed for next year in Germany. If so, I´d be happy to see you in Bochum in 2014, where I saw you first time in 1986. Hey, the Toydolls are a part of my live. I remember on my mother. She was whisling your songs when I played it loud in my room in the age of 16. Lateron I established my own band. Well, our show was a little insired of you and the Sex Pistols ;-))
Hope to see U next year
I wish you all the best for the future, and please go on rockin
Oliver Kowalzik (Olli von Zet (Artists name), Germany)

Hello Oliver
We played Bochum last year, 2013! Fantastic night we had!
We toured Germany also, so its unlikely that we will be back in 2014!
Keep checking the tour dates though! Ya never know!
Thank you

Do you plan to play in Russia? And when?

We would love to get back to Russia when we find a good promoter there!
You Lot Rock!

Hi Olga! Happy new year! Do you have plans to come to Brazil to play (again) in Curitiba? Say yes, please.

Eugenio Hi
We will be back! Curitiba is always great! Hope to see you sooooon!

Hey Olga,
I just saw a flyer for Coachella, apparently it says the Toy Dolls are playing!! As a long time fan you can see why I would be very excited for this opportunity, so i was wondering if this is true, will you be playing in California in April? And what are the odds of doing a show in Las Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling?

Hi Albert
Yes its true, we are booked for Coachella.
Unfortunately we are touring France at Punk Rock Bowling period.
Any other shows will be on the tour dates, on the front page of this site!
Hope to see ya at a show!

Dear Olga,
I am a huge fan and have never had the opportunity to see the Toy Dolls in the states. I see that you are playing the Coachella festival this summer. Sadly, this is not something I can afford ($500.00 tickets + $100.00 parking) to see just you and motorhead play. So my question is, will you also be playing LA or anywhere else for that matter?
Looking forward to your favorable response because-let's face it-it makes no sense to come all the way to America and not play to your real fans.
Best, Momo

Hi Momo
We are restricted contractually to play only 2 more USA shows, please take a look at the tour dates!
See ya there! Hopefully!

Hey Olga, Glad to see The Toy Dolls will be on the bill at Coachella. Will you guys be doing any gigs in L.A. or San Diego at a smaller 'venue? Haven't had a chance to see you play live since the Paladium show with Fear back in the 90's. I also saw the show with Doggie Style and the Dickies also at the Paladium I think that was in 86...Damn I'm old. Anyway you guys are great!!!! Hope to see you in the US soon. Take care. Brian

Hey Brian,
Thank you!
Wow, 1986, you are old!
Other shows, please take a look at the tour dates!
See ya there!

Hi, Olga!
Greetings from Brazil!
I saw just the other day your "Check Out the Gear" video and you talking about your guitar pick.
It's just the tape around the pick or something else?
I'm wondering if you can make a tutorial or some video showing to us how to make a guitar pick like yours.
It's really hard sometimes to play your songs with a regular pick...

Yo, greetings to Brazil!
Yeah, basically is a normal pick with tape, I will do tutorial soon, that's a good idea!
Ps. I cant hold a regular pick, always dropping it!

Hey Olga, my name's Johnny. I live in Hawaii. I saw you guys perform many years ago at the glass house in California. Any chance of coming out to Hawaii? Most bands don't make it out here. There are many Toy dolls fans here though. We certainly would love to see you guys perform here.

Hey Johnny
It would be great to eventually get to Hawaii, I know there were talks of a visit a couple of years ago, but nothing got confirmed.
Hopefully our management will get us there one day!

Hi Olga and Gang,
Since you're coming all this way to the Colonies, we were wondering if you might also have time for a club gig somewhere in the Southwestern U.S. ... say Phoenix, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas?
What do you think?

Yo! We are restricted due to contractual agreements, but please take a look at the tour dates!

hey olga, 
i just saw a video on youtube where you are playing the entertainer on a telecaster with the toy dolls face on the fretboard. i just wanted to ask you if i can buy this kind of guitar anywhere? i couldnt find anything on the internet
Brad Devers

Hi Brad
This was a Telecaster built as a gift, from a lovely guy in Slovakia in 2004.

You guys have USA tour dates, I can't tell you how excited I am, I've been hoping for a USA tour!
I am also devastated that the Coachella Festival is sold out. Please, please tell me you guys will be playing other dates in the USA this year. How about Portland Oregon!?
All the Best,

Hi Meg
Please take a look at the tour dates!
Hope you can make it to a show!

Hey Olga
I'm Robin and I'm thirteen years old and I'm from belgium. I'd love to hear your music ever since I was five years old. I saw you for the first time on ratrock, I found it so good that I wish it lasted forever. But my question out loud when you come back.
I love you toy dolls.

Robin Hey!
Thank you! We enjoyed Ratrock a lot! Apart from the weather!
No shows in Belgium planned yet, but please keep checking the tour dates! We will be back!

Hi Olga,
Not on Facebook so hopefully you'll get this. Wondering if there will be any other California dates in April? You know, to keep the band busy during that week break between Coachella dates? How an LA gig or two or how about a jaunt up to San Francisco or even better Roseville, CA...wasn't that the first U.S. date that the Dolls played back in '84 or was it '85? Anyway, I would love to finally get a chance to see the band after so many years of being a fan. I can't make it to Coachella, but I will drive anywhere in the state to see a headlining show! Anyway, please let me know if you can if there is a possibility for this so I can start saving dough and vacation time!
(Sacramento, CA)

Cheers Eric!
Please check out the tour dates!
Hope you can make it!

My  very old toy dolls Japanese Fan (^^)/
I ask of olga!!
Entitle “ToyDolls Live serise!
iTunes or CD    I Want you to release !!!  Prease !!  Prease!!
Fat Bob's  tour !!
Absurt ditties tour !!
Orcastrated tour !!
…and    It does what . don't you perform this music easily?
……Alfie From The Bronx !!
…….Cheerio & Toodle' Pip !!
…….. H.O !!
…….come Back Jackie !!    …..etc  Many Fans wish
Thank You ! It has been aiding also from and others

Hello Japan!
Yeah, those songs are not easy to play live!
We will be back in Japan!
Please keep checking the tour dates.
Arigatou ne
Oruga yori!

you guys are one of the best bands in the whole world and one of my all time favorites.  your band is the only band i have left to see before i die.  would it at all be possible for you to play in san diego california while you're here for coachella?  there is actually a pretty big toy dolls following here and i know you'd get a great turn out.
if it's not possible for you to play in san diego or southern california (or even anywhere in the U.S.) can you please post a few more european dates?  i have to see you guys before i die.  i've already submitted my toy dolls tattoo to your website and hope i can soon see you perform.
Michael Quintana
San Diego, Ca

Wow, thank you Michael
Unfortunately we are restricted contractually regarding more shows, but please check the tour dates to see if you can make one of the new dates!
I hope you can!
Cheers again