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Dear Olga,
Sorry I missed the Toy Dolls at the Ritz in 86 - I had an awful toothache (probably from seeing Motorhead and the Cro-Mags the week before).
But now I'm getting old and the Firey Jack isn't really helping.
So please come back and play the East Coast soon (preferably the 9:30 in Washington DC) or I fear I'll be digging my own groove....
And if I don't ever make it to a Toy Dolls show, I've raised a new generation of  fans who will carry on in my place...But in any case I want to thank you for some of my all time favorite music.

Hi Jonathan
Ooo, hope yer tooth’s better now!
Sorry you missed the Ritz show, The Dickies blew us off stage anyways!
We will be back at some point!
Cheers for still being out there!

Hi Olga i know i keep bugging you about this but i've never seen the band but love you lots can you play here next time please Marj xx

Mari Hi
Not sure where ‘Here’ is, but would love to get there!

I’ve got a friend who has deemed you “The Yngwie Malmsteen of Punk Rock.” I’m not sure how that sits with me.  Thoughts?

Ha, he is a flash one, not really my cuppa tea! But nice to be compared to!

Cracows gig - thanks a lot
One of the best gigs I've ever been. Additionally I stood just in front of you, so it couldn't be better. Thanks and I'm really waiting for the next one.
One bad thing - the gig could be a bit longer... and longer... and loneger... and...

Hi Michal. We had a great tome in Poland, many thanks for coming.
I hope we can get back soon!

Hey Olga,
Just wondering if I could convince you to play "back in '79" at your Cathouse gig, Glasgow, next month? Absolutely stoked to see you guys play live.
Best Wishes,
P.S. I can drum if needs be :P

I hope you enjoyed the Cathouse , we certainly did, sorry we didn't play Back in 79, way may start playing it again at some point!

Hi Olga,
While in Poland, you have asked the question during the concert: "Do you think, I am too old for this?" The answer you got was pretty simple. NO, NOT AT ALL :-)
I a bit younger than you are ... and I would like to be in so good shape as you are ;-) Please - never grow up ;-)
Thanks for the concert. It was amazing, marvelous, astonishing ... or using the sentence from one of the albums: "I'm lost for words" ;-)
Thanks for coming to Poland. Hope to see you on the stage in Poland soon :-)
As the mail address is "askolga" - here is my question: "When do you come to Poland again" :-)

Thank you so much Robert,
Poland rocks!
I don't actually feel in good shape, following a UK tour! But thank you anyway!
We will be back in Poland I am sure!

Hi Olga
Me and my wife had yesterday a great time on Toy Dolls show in London , we've been waiting for this years.
I listen Toys from 25 years and never enough . From the first time when I got a chance to listen i stood with it .
I remember back to late 80's  Toy Dolls were almost impossible to get in Poland , you know you had to spend a lots of time looking everywhere ,
now everything is too ease and people do not respect it.
But anyway , we want to thank you and guys for what you did yesterday , that was amazing absolutely first class ,
you just showed a big respect to your fans and thanks you for that .
My wife said yesterday with tears in her eyes: Those guys respecting us and making a f...ing great show , just bringing all memories back from good 80's and 90's
Our daughter is fan of your, she is just 11 but we try to show her what we love and explain why .
Sorry for asking , but is there a chance to get Toy dolls tshirt with yours autographs ?
That will be absolutely great .
Once again thanks for yesterday show .
Best Regards
Agnieszka & Sebastian

Hi Agnieszka & Sebastian,
Thank you very much, I am very pleased you enjoyed the London show!
The tshirts are actually stored in Belgium, so a bit difficult to get one signed, but we should be back in Poland next year, fingers crossed, will happily sign it there!!
Thank you again!

On the 24th august i was whit my son at your show in Ulft; Holland.
He is 7, and is becomming a big fan of you guys! Listening every day and singing along(no clue what he is singing...)
Now he made something for you, he wants to send it by post.
What is the address to send it to?
See you in Holland I hope!

Sounds interested Joost.
If you write to my PM section on Facebook, we can possibly sort something!

Hi Olga,
I was at your concert in Camden last night, having a proper good time jumping around with the other nutcases near the front. Unfortunately, my specs got knocked off during 'Barry the roofer', and by the time i found them again they were in smithereens. 
Although this meant I couldn't see anything beyond about half an inch in front of my face, I carried on, but by the end of 'Nellie the elephant' I was having a full-on asthma attack for the first time in about twenty years (the irony of having an asthma attack at a Toy Dolls concert isn't lost on me by the way) so unable to see or breathe I had to chuck in the towel and try and smell my way home.
The reason I am writing is firstly to say sorry I never stayed to the end to show my appreciation of your brilliant show, but also I had been intending to buy one of your natty blue teeshirts of this tour. As I couldn't see where the merch was being sold, or talk louder than a wheezy whisper to ask I didn't manage to get one, so would it be possible to get one by mail order at all please? If not I guess I'll have to wait till the tour after the tour after the last one!
Cheers, Harry.the Don

Hi Harry the Don!
Thank you,
Oh no, hope you have managed to get some new specs!?
There was a big merchandise stall at the back of the hall, but unfortunately the tour shirts had sold out
There will be new ones soon on The Toy Dolls shop
Take care with the Asthma!

Hi Olga,
What a great concert last night at the Electric Ballroom Camden. My hubby has followed you for years and he took me last night and I was blown away by you all. I can now say I am a Toy Dolls fan. The only problem we had was we couldn't buy one of your uk t shirts. They had other ones but we have got those we just wanted a uk one which we were told were only available at the concert. Is there anyway we can get some from somewhere else. We don't care what colour they are we just want 2 medium ones. Anyway take care and have a good gig tonight.
Your number 1 new Toy Doll Fan
Annie Daw....xxxxxxxx

Hi Annie
Thank you very much! Cheers for coming to the show!
Yeah, unfortunately the tour shirts had sold out within a few days on tour!
We are considering getting a re-run however.
I will let everyone know on https://www.facebook.com/TheToyDollsOfficial
Soon, if its gonna happen.
Finger crossed!
Cheers again

Hi Olga,
Wondered if you've ever fancied trying to play the theme tune to "University Challenge"?
Might just work....

Hi Mongo
Now that is an idea! Especially with me being a University Challenge fan!


I have a dream..
a collaboration between Olga and Rock'n'Rolf..
yes, i know, it's absolutely impossible..
but i continue to dream about it..

Anything is possible! Maybe someday, I am not getting’ any younger, and things like this should be done!

OI, OLGA!! Fredrik from Sweden here. I wonder when the Toy Dolls are coming back to Sweden i REALLY WANT TO SEE YOU GUYS LIVE, i am playing guitar as well which i enjoy very much, but when i’am playing i’am ONLY playing toy dolls songs
take care

Oi Fredrik!
We would love to get back to Sweden, we always have a lovely time there, hopefully soon!
Good luck with the guitar playing.
We will be back.

Hello and first of all tanks you for all the music, im a huge fan of the toy dolls and i dont want to ask anything, but i want to show you guys the influence of your work on my band, we are from Argentina and the band its called "Perro Mamerto". Its something like "Silly Dog" or something like that it doesnt have a correct transtation. however i hope you hear it and like it.
here i left you a link for downloading and listen on line
PD: i know you would be kind of busy and tank you a lot again for all the entertainment.
PD 2: sorry for my poor english. Im latinamerican so i dont speak it usually.
Atte: Nahuel Suligoy.

A: Hi Nahuel,
Thank you!
I will check out the links asap!
Best of luck with Perro Mamerto!
Take care

Hi Olga, my name's Rachel and I just want you guys to come to California!
Please just one day at least! Been wanting to see you guys forever and
havent been able to.
Much thanks!

We will be back Rachel! Hopefully sooner than later.

Hello there, Olga!
I was transferring my Toy Dolls CDs to my computer when this question popped into my head.
If you had heard a couple of the last Toy Dolls LPs, when you where about to release your debut album in the 80's, would you have liked them?
If I could get an answer to this question I would appreciate it; assuming that one can answer this question. :D
Valtteri Heinonen, Helsinki Finland

Hi Valtteri
No, I think they are all rubbish!
Ha, seriously… I think would like them, its Bare faced Cheek I wouldn't have liked so much!
I hope that helps!

Hi Olga, I'm Alan from argentina, I love the last record, here my question: I like a lot british sitcoms, like monty python, the young ones, fawlty towers, black adder and many many more, and I want to know, what are your favourites tv shows?? I hope see you in 2014 playing in South America, cheers!!

Hi there Alan from Argentina! THANK YOU!
I really like Fawlty Towers! Favourite shows now….mmm, Coronation street (UK soap) Desperate Houswives, & Doc Martin (UK)
Yeah, it would be nice to get back maybe 2014/15. Soon I hope!

Hi Olga,
The last time I saw you boys, I was a student at Sunderland Poly, and I saw you in the legendary 'Old 29' pub in 1980!!!
It was absolutely brilliant!!
But, jeez I feel old when I think that it is 33 years on since I last saw you! God knows why!
I can't wait to see this year's tour, where I'm bringing a mate to see a proper concert!
Which will be better? The 'Old 29' or this year's tour?
Howard - from Huddersfield

Howard Hi
Wow, 1980!
You cant really compare the atmosphere of the Old 29 and the late 70s early 80s, it was special.
However, 2013 is also very special I its own way, I just cant believe the loyalty of everyone, will be a blast to see everyone again.
As for when was better, that's for you to decide!
See ya soon


Hi Olga,
First saw the Toy Dolls perform in 1985 or 1986 in Sneek  (Holland), last time  was in Amsterdam (Paradiso) in 1993. Just decided to visit Huntenpop on august 24th to possibly re-live the experience. I'll bring my daughter this time, she absolutely loves Elly the Elephant (I've still got the 7")! Any change of you playing that song? That would be great! See you there!

Hi Dreeze
Wow, I remember Sneek, great venue the Bolwerk.
You have probably been to Huntenpop when are reading this!
Hope you and your daughter enjoyed it!
Let me know!

Hey Olga, your good fan matt from the US here. So why the name olga, just curious? thanks
Let Tommy know that the boys in Detroit are hoping he gets well soon.
Once again, your follower from US, Matt. Keep it up and hope to see you around here one day

Hey Matt,
Thank you, will pass on your wishes to Tommy.
My surname is ALGAR, which everyone at school pronounced as OLGA!
So there you go!

Hi Olga,
Just curious if ya'll will be coming to the USA anytime. Austin, Texas specifically (for absolutely completely selfish reasons since that is where I live).
I hope Tommy is doing better with his leg and all.  Wishing him the best.
Have fun in the Czech Republic.
Bryan Simmons

Hi Bryan,
Texas would be nice, hopefully at some point.
Cheers for your Tommy message.
Czech Republic was awesome! Friendly people.

Greeting from USA
Olga, the last time I saw you and the Toy Dolls was in Las Vegas at the Huntridge Theatre back in May of 1997 ( yup it’s been that loooong). I introduced my girlfriend then ( and now my wife w/ 2 lovely daughters who really, really wants to see the toy dolls play..hint hint ) to your music and she felt in love with it. She has heard of the song “James Bond Lives Down Our Street” while she was growing up but she didn’t know who sang it. But now she knows.
However, I did manage to you see in a cameo appearance with the Dickies in hollywood as the bass player. That was a bad ass show especially when Leonard let you play “Nellie the Elephant”. And that's the last time i seen you played.
Well, i just have a simple question for you Sir Olga and you probably know what the question is... When are the Toy Dolls coming to Los Angeles California?
Your Loyal Fan
Mando C.

Cheers Mando
We will be back in LA at some point!!
Ha, Leonard didn't let me sing it, he made me sing it!
I had a great time with the Dickies though, unforgettable.
Hope to see you soon!

Hello olga! im so proud of what u achieve in this world and thank you so much for the music. its the perfect music for my new born baby girl.
my question for you today is : what influence did the NY band the ramones have in your life? 
much love

Ramones had a big influence, and earlier than them, The New York Dolls too, though the biggest influence came from the UK, The Jam especially.

Hi Olga...im from norway and have listend and loved your music for the last 20 years.i Wonder if You can tell what kind of pick You use and were to bye it!
Best regards henning

Hi Henning,
Thank you
Norway rocks!
I use a homemade pick, out of gafffa tape and a heavy nylon pick which sticks to my finger, it stops the flow of blood, but I cant do without it!
Hope to see you soon

Olga! I heard did you suffer from my same disease (an asthmatic musicians)..
But I see you jumping around at all of your shows! How can you do it??
Did you suffer it from your childhood or is adult-onset?
Just curious!
PS: Any tips to not chocking on stage will be appreciate! :-D
Cheers from Scotland,

Yo Mark from Scotland
I started suffering around 14 years old, about 10 years ago! ha.
The inhaler is always handy on stage, but it not usually the heat with me which brings on an Asthma attack, its usually the cold! Or budgies, cats, and various things!
Tips, just keep the inhaler handy, use it once before the performance.
Good luck!

My kids love it every time I Play your music and often get requests from them. What is the chance you would consider an album directed for kids. I know several songs you have already done can be on it.  Also a plug in for a Seattle, WA USA Concert. 
Thank you from Washington
Brian Carlson

Hey Brian,
Ha, yeah, that's a thought, maybe some day!
Seattle sounds good too.
Cheers for the idea!

JULY 2013

Hi guys,
Me and some friends are coming to see you in nov at the electric ballroom in Camden London and just wondered if u will be sticking around after as my friend would love to meet you
Many thanks

Hi there Toni
Good to know you are coming to the London Electric Ballroom show! We will be out after the gig , though it is an early show remember! And there’s a disco on later, bah!
Hope we can see ya!

Hi Olga,,
What is the chance of you guys doing a tour to Oz in the near future?
I know that u have not been to Oz as yet.
The Toy Dolls have a strong following down here due to being a rad bunch of guys with great assortment of songs and from what I hear a very enjoyable live show.
I feel that this is a solid investment but I am not in this to make money out of this at all. I've considered this for the shear enjoyment of your music and experiencing The Toy Dolls here in Oz. Not to mention you would love our beautiful country. Plenty to see!
I know you said you were working on a tour but never let on on a time frame or if anyone has approached The Toy Dolls from here.
Please give this a serious thought and it would be much appreciated if you got back to me with your thoughts/opinion on this matter.
Obviously this year is out of the question but 2014 is only around the corner, so forward planning is a must for a tour to be a success.
Looking forward to your reply
Matt Menhinnitt

Hi Matt
Nice to know there is interest from You Lot down under!
For gigs/festivals you need to contact our management:
Hope we can make it at some point!
Thank you!

I'm a huge fan and have been for many many years but have never had the chance to see you live. I live in New York and know you have quite the following here (as I induct EVERYONE into the family I meet) is there any chance you would do a date over here? Much love! Robyn

Hi Robyn
New York rocks! We have a great time every time we do shows there!
We will get back at some point!!

Hey Olga,
I was wondering if you could autograph my album after the show, when you come to Brazil (Curitiba City) ... It would mean a lot to me. Thank you!!! :

No worries, will sign your album if we get back to Curitiba for sure!
I hope it will happen!

Hi Olga
do you like The Monkees?
I love you <3
I love your music
Hope Tommy gets better soon!

Yes, I really like the Monkees!
Thank you
Tommy is slowly getting better, cheers!

Dear Olga,
I am a 16 year old kid from a barren area in the US. I listen to anything you guys put out and for a while, since I was a little kid, I've been wondering if you guys will come and visit us Yankees?

Hi Aaron
Thank you!
Yes we will get back eventually!
We miss You Lot!

Hallo. I was wondering if there ever will be some Toy Dolls documentary in the works...or something like that? Also, what do you think of such bands like PIL, Primus and Zappa?

Hi Vladimir
No plans for a documentary just yet, but watch this space!
Yeah, I like PIL, Primus and Zappa, totally original the 3 o’ them!

Hi Olga,
Do you think Barry should have been on the roof with such a dangerous condition?
If his name was Barry the groundsman perhaps he would still be alive today!!!
hmmmmm just a thought.
Still lovin the sounds 30 yrs on!!!

Thank you Fish
To tell you the truth, Barry the roofer is still alive, he fell off a few roofs but never actually died yet!
In fact he doesn't even know about the song!

Hello Olga,
Thanks to my younger brothers music-thingie I discovered your music. Only 30 years too late.
Making up for this lost time I started walking outdoors with my headset on.
With a big smile on my face I am listening to your lyrics, almost pissing my pants and scaring the people around me with that strange grin om my face.
As I am almost 50 and recently decided it was time too pick up bass playing I would like to ask you which of your songs you would recommend to start with. I think as you had had a lot of bass players tagging along, and allthough I think that your bassplayers were all mastering their skills and picked up their jobs easily, you must certainly know which of your songs are best picked up and played nearly flawless by a beginner.
Cheers from the Netherlands,

Hi René from the Netherlands!
Welcome to Toy Doll world!
The easiest bass lines are all on the first album, Dig that Groove baby!
Let me know how you get on learning them!

MAY 2013

Hello Olga! David here from Slovenia. First off let me just say i am a big fan of your music and know about half the songs by heart and hope to see you asap. I have two things i am interested to know.
1. What was the reason for Dave the Nut leaving the band? I love The Amazing Mr. Duncan, but i kinda liked him too...so i wanna know why he left if it isn't too personal.
2. Were The Ramones in any way an influence to you...I looked at some of your interviews and you seemed to mention a lot of cool old school punk bands but i think you never mentioned the Ramones. And if they weren't an influence do you like their music in general? I am just asking this because The Toy Dolls and The Ramones are two of my favorite bands :)
Have a nice day and don't think about disbanding the band for at least another 20 years :)

Hi David
Thank you! And greetings to beautiful Slovenia!
1. Dave the Nut, though he done his best, wasn't the greatest drummer in the world, and we decided to part company after the European tour of 2004/5. We wish him the very best of luck with future projects, and with his drum making company, (Dave’s drums are outstanding by the way!)
2. I love The Ramones, more so now than in the early days! Thiugh most of the UK punk bands were a much bigger influence on me to be honest, especially early Jam.
Have a nice day yourself too!

Dear Mr Olga OK, so I know you dont generally deal with this sort of issue...but..I have a seven year old daughter named Rudy. Yes Rudy, don't call her Ruby. She likes your band and we have been making her homemade Toy Dolls shirts for a while now (the old logos and such that we can find). But all the homemade shirts turn to mush in the washer/dryer. I would like to buy her an official one (the sand people one), but it appears the sizes start at "Small". She is smaller than this size. Do you have any secret hidden xtra-small shirts somewhere that you keep as a treasure for the right people? She just lost her tooth, and I promised her I would email you about this as a gift... kinda like you are a tooth fairy. Thank you Mr. Olga.
Scott Bailey
PS: I like your band too. Thanks for playing the guitar.

Hi Scott, Hi to Ruby too, I mean Rudy! Thank you.
Unfortunately that's the smallest size sand colour one we do. There are other designs, where you can buy a small girlies, this should be fine for a seven year old.
Let me know how you get on.
Many thanks

hey Olga! I am 32 years old and I listen your band since I am 3 (thanks to my bro'). You are like my soundtrack of my life! I am from France, from Orleans, I hope you'll come during your french tour! (maybe I can help to book a date?) A friend asked me for going with him at the hellfest festival in june, I said yes, I do not really like metal but I like festivals, party... What was my surprised when I saw you on the line up!!! It will be the first time i'll see your band! I will be so glad to drink some beers or anything else with you guys!

Sylvian Hi
The soundtrack of your life, wow! Good to hear!
The French tour is planned for Spring of 2014, can’t wait!
Yeah, Hellfest are starting to introduce Punk now also!
Now sure what everyone will make of the Punk stage bands!
Hope to see ya there.

Hi Olga, I hope this is the proper place to request this, as it didn't designate on the website which email to send to for guitar suggestions.  However, if this is it, I humbly request H.O.! and Alfie from the Bronx. Two favorites there. Cheers.

Hi Pryce
I will get around to H.O and Alfie on the guitar lessons at some point!

Hello Olga, Do you get nervous when your up on tommys shoulders? I heard that you did have a good fall before, is that true?

Yeah, I did take a fall many years ago! Not really nervous about that in particular though, I am nervous of the whole show!

Hi, Olga! Any chances of a complete acoustic album? I loved the acoustic tracks on the last album... I mean... The Album After The Last One, not Our last album... I mean... Your Last Album... Oh, OK... I think you understood... LOU!

Hi Rileore
Thank you.
Yes, I am in the process of producing a complete acoustic album, will keep ya posted!

Hi Toy Dolls, I'm sending you a photo of me and Tommy Gobber. I was glad to meet Tommy in Selestat in a cafe, as we ate this morning. In the evening at the "Lez Artz Festival" you were great. I look forward to many more shows with you.
Would be glad to see my photo in your gallery.
Thank you and see you soon
Roger Honegger :-)

Hi Roger,
I am sure Tommy Gobber will like your pic!
I will ask Ciaron to add it to the gallery.
We really enjoyed Lez Artz festival, looking forward to being back in France very soon.
Take care

Hey Olga, i,m Asier from Navarre, spain. Your music is awesome and when I,m listen toy dolls I always think in all of riffs with guitar or bass, lyrics and rithyms. I like so much LP,s of 90,s but orcastrated is the special, is perfect. In this LP we can hear you with a Floyd rose guitar or tremolo. Also in other LP,s. What is these guitar?.
I hope that toy dols became spain before “viña rock”. I have seen you 2 times. In Vitoria and Orduña. And I want see you a lot of times more.
Thanks for your attention!

Hi Asier
Thank you for that!
All the albums have a Les Paul and a Telecaster, the tremelo effect was just done by detuning with the machine head!
See you again in Spain soon!
Many thanks

Hi Olga. Ive done 2.000 km to see you last year and the question is this one:
What do you prefer, octopus or squid?
A fan

Well worth travelling 2000km to ask this question!
I guess squid!

Hello Olga, Please come back to Brazil next year (2014) and enjoy England playing in FIFA World Cup. Here are some head cities that loves you, like Curitiba, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and maybe Rio. If possible gig in all these cities, but at least Curitiba! :D
C ya!
Lucas Eduardo

Hi Lucas
Brazil totally rocks, we miss You Lot.
Hopefully we will be back soon!
Cheers for your support

Dear Olga, I am a long time fan of The Toy Dolls and I would love to take this time to ask two questions.
On Absurd-Ditties (my absolute favorite album) I've always noticed that the mix/recording on "Melancholy Margaret" sounds very different than the rest of the tracks.  Is there a reason/story behind this?  I've wondered about this for years and found no answer via internet searches.
Also, will there be any tours in the States in the future?  You have a big fan base on this side of the pond that would die to see you guys!
Keep rocking out - the new album is great!
Ray Solowij

Hi Ray
Thank you! Absurd Ditties is my favourite album also!
You are the only person to mention that about Melancholy Margaret! I didn’t even notice myself, sounds the same as the rest of the album to me! It was recorded and mixed at the same time! I am wondering what differences you are hearing! Cheers for pointing it out though! Will take another listen.
We will get back to the States at some point!

Hi! Is there any chance to see your fabulous band in France in a small venue instead of festivals in a near future ?
It would be so awesome !

Hi Jean Merci!
Yes, the French club tour is planned to happen in the Spring of 2014.
Hope to see you there!

Happy Monday Olga. I am looking forward to your visit to Manchester in November. Not seen the band since Germany in the 80's. A few of the old boys from back then are getting together fo a reunion. Is Dueling Banjos on the Gig and if not Why not. I loved your version of this. See you Mad Heads soon.

Yo Vinny!
Not sure about Duelling banjos being in the set, but there will be plenty old stuff in there.
Really looking forward to Manchester!
See ya in November!

Hi Olga! I have any questions to ask but I MUST send you a mail after the gig in Festival Zikenstock. First of all, I'm a 22 years old french hardcore fan of The Toy Dolls. Everything in the band is perfect. If only my english and my writting skills were better, I would send you a thousand pages that showed how much The Toy Dolls rocks. 
The show in Festival Zikenstock was awesome. Sorry about the guy who throw his gas (?!?!), that was fucked up haha. You guys keep playing, always smiling. Thank you thank you for that.

Thank you!
I am not too sure about everything being perfect, but thank you anyway!!
We really enjoyed Zikenstock, very memorable!
Cant wait to get back to France for some club shows in early 2014!
Thank you for coming!

Hi Olga, we are finally getting to see you live at Nottingham rock city in November. I am Kath still traveling with Nick delivering horses round Europe and the UK. We want to make sure you are doing the cloughy song with him having a strong Nottingham connection. You have so many songs, how do you get to decide which to play at your shows?, we can't wait to see you. All the best, Kath and Nick.

Kath and Nick hi. It is difficult to decode what to play, but I am guessing Cloughy will be in the UK set, as it wasn't in last UK tour.
Cheers to both of ya for coming!
See ya in Nottingham!

Hi Olga, I'm Alan from Argentina , the latest record it's amazing, nice work!
I really hope a next south american tour, I enjoy very much yours concerts, I have a few questions extra-musical
Do you speak any other language apart from english?
What are your favorites TV series?

Hi there Alan, Thank you!
I am sure we will be back at some point!
I can speak English, Geordie, and bit o’ Japanese!
Mmm, probably Coronation Street (UK drama).

Hi Olga, Last year I’ve mailed you if and when you would be coming over to play a gig in Belgium and this was set but didn’t go through since you only did the Netherlands. Any news yet when you are hitting Belgium again?! Has been way too(ooooooo) long ago….

Hi Koen
We would love to get back to Belgium! Fingers crossed something will happen soon!

Hello, I’m a french guy, I just see you on Zikenstock, that was great exept the bad joke ….. I know the Toy Dolls many years, from  A far out Disc if I remember…….
Well, I’m going to see Die Toten Hosen in Bochum on May 31 and June 1er, (it’s a long way but I like too much this band)
In France, no one knows DTH (exept me) L I try to speak with Loic (zikenstock) and a other one (rock en stock) for ask to them about DTH for coming and play in France and it’s not easy. In Bochum, I will TRY to speak with Campino or von Ritchy after the gig for ask them if they will be interest for play in France. Do you know where I can write if I miss it ?
I hope you inderstand this bad English
Thanks and play again for many years

Cheers! We had a great time at Zikenstock!
Enjoy DTH! Not sure where you can write to them, good luck, they are nice guys.
Take Care

MARCH 2013

Olga you rip those guitars to pieces. Can you help me sort out how to play Melancholy Margaret. If you can just tell me the chords for the verse. Love that tune. And one last tour in the states? Maybe a one off show in los Angeles on the way to Japan? Thx Bob

Cheers Bob,
I will bear Melancholy Margaret in mind for the future lessons.
Cant remember the chords of the top of me head!
Many thanks

Hi Olga!
I just bought my ticket for the Toy Dolls gig in Frankfurt and wondered if you have yet announced the support act for your shows in Germany...maybe I missed it :)! Anyway, I reeeeeally can`t wait to see you guys in march! My favourite band for sure :)

Dennis Hi
Yes, the band is Radio Dead Ones, though you will probably know that by the time you read this!
In the van now, actually on the way to Frankfurt!

Dear Olga,
your fans from Brazil claim for a show of Toy Dolls here in Rio de Janeiro. Fans from other cities (São Paulo, Belo Horiznte and Porto Alegre) cry out to hear yous sound LIVE!!! We hope that you answer our asks!!! Have a nice 2013!!!
Guilherme Eugênio Morsch

Hi Guilherme,
We will get to Rio at some point! Hopefully on the next South American tour.

Hey whats up man, I'm looking to buy 3 of your records (CD or LP) and obviously I can order them off amazon or something... But I was wondering is there a better way to get them, maybe like directly through the band/label where u guys make more of the money?? By the way congrats on making it in a successful unique cutting edge band.  You guys have such a unique sound.  Let me know man thanx again
Where did u get those black and white sunglasses, i love them! Xx Jenni

Jenni Hi
Me mate Neal, gave me the glasses 33 years ago!
Its very difficult to obtain our vinyl, but CDs are easy enough to get, Captain Oi are your best bet,

OLGA!!!! Hi hi hi, this is Matt from the states. Now I gotta Question, I a big big fan and I know that The Toy Dolls have a very devoted following, many many fans all around this earth. My question to you is why do YOU feel that The Toy Dolls never became a mega-band, known by everyone? Oh and one more, what is your favorite song to play live? Thank you much……………..COME TO AMERICA!!!!!

Ha! Not too sure about being a Mega-band with this voice!
Thank you anyways!
We will be back!

Dear Olga Is there a chance that you come to play in Switzerland in 2013? Maybe in Basel?
Kind regards,

Marc Hi
There is a small chance yeah! When we do the French tour, if not I guess it will be 2014.
We miss you lot!

Hi Olga, I'm writing you from a hospital in Hamburg. Few hours ago I woke up, after my shoulder was rearanged. Now I'm looking forward to see you here in the Markthalle. Last time I saw you was on Sziget. Unfortunately, I won't be able to dance, due to my shoulder. But it would be great to take a photo together.

Oh no Markus, sorry to hear you are in hospital, I guess by the time you read this you would have done in your other shoulder at Hamburg!
Get well soon.

Hello Olga, I am french. I listen to the toy dolls since 17 years... I am a real fan ! You are a very good guitarist, and all your songs are a moments of pleasure. Since 1 month, i take guitar lessons. It would be possible to do one video " play with Olga " with the " wakey wakey intro or outro " ? please. I love this melody. If it's not possible, could you send me the tablature ? thank you for all, your music and you !!!

Hi Julien, 17 years wow! Thank you
I will bear the guitar lesson in mind!
I don’t have the tablature here, but it may be on the internet somewhere!

Hi Olga, my name is Grazielle , do you intend come to Brazil this year? I would like  see you here in Porto Alegre city again, maybe next time instead of stay looking at you with my  face of silly (like I did last time), I create courage and talk to you hehehehe!!! kisses i love you!!

Hi Grazielle,
Brazil maybe this year or next year, its not decided just yet, but we will be back!

Hi Olga, During these times of austerity do you feel that the government should be reducing the pay and numbers of public workers as well as reducing the investment into our country. in essence waiting for other countries to bring us out of a recession? Alternatively should we be investing in our country and attempting to kick start our own economy? In addition can you tell me when and where your next gigs will be. Thanks for the great music.

Craig Hi
Yes, and maybe and Frankfurt .

Hi Olga,
We've been Toy Doll's fans for years, and now we've got two teenage kids who love your music as much as we do, although they will never trust any one called Tracey and snigger if they hear the name Deidre - your lyrics have been a real education.
Can you tell us if you have any plans to visit Australia soon?

Cheers Chris,
Australia would be nice, no immediate plans but I hope it will happen at some point!

Hi Olga! Last year I've been to four of your shows. Had great times like always when you play. Thank you again and thanks to Tommy and Duncan aswell. The shows in Groningen and Hengelo last Oktober gave me an idea. When I saw the kids watching your show there I thought that my four children would love to see you too. They listen to you anyway most days at home at least once. So we bought 11 tickets for the show in March in Bochum Germany (My wife and me, the kids, a few mates and even Granny and Grandpa are coming all the way from England to see you).  If I remember rightly the show is on the 7th. My question is, if you would have anything against us bringing the kids along? They'd certainly get equiped with all the ear gear, we'd stay at the "quiet" end and if it gets too much for one of them, one of us grownups could go outside with them.
P.S. Can't wait to see you three again.

Thank you Daniel
By the time you read this we have probably played Bochum, hope ya enjoyed it!
Hope we met up there too!

Hello Olga, Since you guys are extremely good at making cover versions. Why not making an double disk cover album? I think the fan's would love it. Energetic and funny... Sounds great to me!!
Senna du Pau

Cheers Senna
That's an idea!

Hello Olga! I’m Thiago from brazil. First I’ld like to congratulate you for this open communication channel. I’m amused by this. This shows how humble you are, and that’s why you are, without a doubt, the greatest legend of punk rock and an inspiration for all the guitarists around the world. I listen to Toy Dolls since I was five, of course your Nellie the Elephant version back then. I would like to know if you plan to play in brazil in 2013 or 2014 (PLEASE DO). I missed your show the last time you came and I regret it EVERY DAMN TIME I listen any of your albums (not my fault thou, I was sick) I listen at least one album of yours EVERY DAY so please, never quit your work. Your music brings me joy and that’s where I gather the straight to beat my pretty lame routine. Be sure that YOUR WORK TRULLY MATTERS to people.
If you do plan coming to São Paulo again, the doors of my house are wide open to you, Duncan and Tom. I have a empty room here and we would gladly cook a awesome meal for you guys.
Sorry for my shitty English.
Take care mate!
Best regards,
Thiago Bosetti

Thiago from Brazil hello!
Thank you so much for your kind words.
We will be back in Sao Paulo, be great to see you there.
Thank you very much again.

Hi Olga, First of all I like to say I am a big fan of the toy dolls since 1990 and I am from 82 so I guess that's quite a while. To bad I only could see one show when I was still very young (12) in I think march 1993 Amsterdam Paradiso. First concert ever and the best! Really enjoy watching your shows on youtube and off course listening to the records! Please keep on going until you can't stand up any more! OK now to the questions,
1. Are there going to be more playing with Olga?
2. Can you putt tabs/chords on the site so I can learn more songs and check if I forget some chords.
3. Are you also planning a tour in 2014? maybe holland again?
Greetz Martin Brink

Martin hi
I remember the Paradiso well, I was about 12 last time there too!
1. yes!
2. Maybe at some point!
3. This tour will be continuing into 2014, as for Holland we just recently toured there! So it will be a while before we get back, but there may be a festival from time to time, I hope.

Hi Olga hows you and the lads, I dug out me records "Dig that grove baby Lp" Me 10 year old daughter said who`s that I said " The Toy dolls" "there class" she said "I said there from Sunderland" "even better" she said hahaha. Would be nice to see you back in Sunderland any chance of that ever happening...Stay Mellow.

Hi! Me and the lads are fine thank you!
Cheers to your daughter!
And hope to see ya back in Sunderland in November!
Many thanks

Hey olga! Ive recently got tickets to come see ya in brighton and am really excited! Its my first time coming to see you guys, and i wondered if you would be willing to share the show setlist so i can make a playlist of them tunes for those coming to the show with me so they know the songs fully ready. Also will you meet and greet after or before the show? Itd be amazing to meet you! If you cant answer those questions thats cool, i will understand. Very excited for the show, cheers!

Yo Daniel
Cheers for getting the tickets for Brighton!
The complete setlist isn’t decided on just yet! And I wouldn't tell ya anyways! nice try!
Will be out after the show, of course, be great to see ya!

Olga, can't tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing you guys playing next saturday in Munich... Last time I saw you was in 1997 (Stuttgart Röhre) after 1991, 1993 and 1995 (most Stuttgart Longhorn). In fact - I am thrilled!!! ... and although my wife thinks I am crazy I think about driving to Karlsruhe as well next friday....
Mate, you brought so much fun and happiness in my life during the last 25 years, how can I ever thank you for that? Any plans for the sunday morning after the Munich show? May I dare to invite you guys and your roadies for a big bavarian breakfast in a Munich restaurant? This is an honest question of a fan who wants to say thank you in a special way to give back a one-tenth of a per cent of joy I got from you during so many years. Let me know if this is something you want to take into consideration asap to get things organized. This is an honest request. In case of any doubts about my seriousness: a friend of mine played some gigs with his band "KGB" together with the Toy Dolls in the early 90's, his name is Ralf Wettemann (drummer), I know he will always confirm my seriousness. If not and anyway, thank you for still playing and bringing joy to people - and please play a lot of the old songs next week as well.
Greetings from Augsburg, Germany
Jochen Kläger

Jochan Hi
I hope you enjoyed the show!?
We are actually in the van now, just leaving Munich! We had a brilliant time.
Sorry we missed yer breaky invite, but thank you!
KGB were an excellent band.

Hello Sir OLGA concert to be in Poland, Gdynia Ear Music Club on March 16 very ask you to consider one more concert in the south of the Polish Katowice environment.
Very many music clubs and concert parties want to talk about it, you may fall off to organize another show in March or April of this year. I ask you on its own behalf and on behalf of all the fans of the Toy Dolls Polish region. Start the conversation with us, we have the money. We really want to show. VERY please reply. WE ARE A long-time fans of Toy Dolls " PLEASE CONCERT Please reply
Thank you, Regards Marcin Cancer

Hi Marcin,
More shows in Poland would be great!
You need to contact our booking agent:

Hy Olga! The concert in Karlsruhe was very great! I and all who attended had a great time with you! Wish you have a nice trip!

Heiko Hi
Thank you, we enjoyed Karlsruhe a lot! Cheers!

Hi Olga, My daughter aged 9 received her first Toy Dolls album for her birthday in January. She and her mates thoroughly enjoy Dig That Groove Baby. We have to go a very boring village hall do on Saturday where the children have to come on stage in turn and play their recorder or piano. My daughter and I have hatched a plan that her and her mates will do a brief rendition of Stay Mellow. As it happens, my daughter is pretty handy on the ivories to play along while the others ‘sing’ if she had the music.... I can’t ask my wife to work the song out as she would stop the whole jape and I wouldn’t know the right note even if it hit me. So the question is... do you know where I can buy the sheet music?? I hope 4 kids on a village hall stage does not constitute a violation of copywrite?? Looking forward to bringing Leti and her mates to a gig soon... I last saw you at the 100 club in 1983.
Cheers, Duncan

Hi Duncan
I am glad yer daughter enjoyed her present!
Unfortunately there’s no sheet music available yet, hopefully in the future, a few people have asked, and I know a guy who could write all the songs up, so, fingers crossed it will happen.
Fine to do a rendition in the village hall! Wish I could be there!
100 club 1983, wow!

hi just wanting to know will u be going to see pete of petes practice rooms when u come to sunderland he now has a house in fullwell next door to his mam old house

Ha! Its been a while since we visited Peter Practices place! Would love to visit but we don’t really have time on tour, we will be arriving from Manchester then straight off up to Glasgow.
Say hi to Peter if you see him, we miss him big time.

Nice/Dear The Toy Dolls!
I Papatyi Dániel, I am a 13 year old Hungarian. I am a very big fan, so I made you a game. Please write back to what was then. The translation made ​​with google translator.
A levél óriásfájlt tartalmaz.
Fájlnév: The Toy Dolls.exe (8.8 MB)
Letöltés: http://freemail.hu/mail/oriaslevel.fm?id=437eec7d78906863e1d1fb033cfbce84

Hi Papatyi Dániel
I will check out the game, thank you so much!! Lookin’ forward to it!
Take care


hi olga good afternoon here in Brazil.My name is Valter de São Paulo and would like to know how much will be launched new shirt with new prints since I have all previous ones. Parabens the show, I have watching the band's official website. I'm waiting show here in Brazil. Thanks and see you soon.

Hi Valter
Greetings to Sao Paulo!
There will be new shirts within the next 2 months, please keep checking the online shop!
We will back in Brazil before too long!

Hello Olga 
how are you mate ,I'm doing great i went to the tour concert in Groningen in Holland even bought me a limited edition t-shirt ,thank you for the great music.
I've got a few questions about booking for small groups here in Holland:
1. is it possible ?
2. if it is at what cost ?
and are you planning to go to Sneek (Holland)again sometime?
Greetz to you and Tommy and Duncan
Greetz your pal Jelte

Jelte Hi
I am fine! Cheers for asking.
Thank you for coming to the Groningen show, we had a wicked time, as usual!
Promoting bands, its not an easy task! I done it myself for a few months about 25 years ago! Hard work! But in answer to your question, yes it is possible! The cost will depend on the band you choose and what advertising/promotion you do!
Good Luck!
I hope we can get back to Sneeke at some point!

apart from being fantastic in playing and handsome, i would like to ask you why you don't play in italy anymore ... 
think about it... i always have to go abroad to see you.
anyways i see you in munich even if i will have to come by bike.
arrivederci  (sciao belo)

Hello to you in Italy!
And thank you!
We played in Italy a couple of years back and had a great time! Italy Rocks!
Anyways, we now have one gig in Milan April 13th 2013, we will be special guests to our mates Ska P.
I hope you can make it to the show, Munich too!
See ya there

Hi Olga, 
how's your expectative for the Christmass crunch this year? I hope it's ok!
I got an impossible to decline offer to you, became the guitar player on my band!!
We'll not give you a penny, and you got to travel 2 times a month to Brazil. 
But we are pretty cool lads, and will release our second album. 
Ah.... and you'll got to help us to pay the recordind studio...
But relax, we give you a beer or two when you arive  in the airport.
I bet you cant wait to start, right?
Well the offer is done, I'm waiting for your agrement.

Christmas was fine thank you!
Oh, cheers for the offer! I will bear it mind! A beer sounds good!
Best of luck with the band! Hope to see you at a show!

I have been a big fan of the group since the 80's.  I absolutely love the music.  As a matter of fact, I used to sing your songs to my kids when they were little as bed time songs.  They loved it then, and that was 15 years ago and they still sing them now.
Do you have any plans for an American Tour?  If so, Im in!

Hi Brent, and thank you! Cheers to the kids too
We will be back in USA at some point! Can’t wait to get back!
Thanks again

What happend to Kendra?

Ha, you tell me!

How do Olga,
Please play the UK, and selfishly, Glasgow - last gig was fab!
Why no appearances at the UK punk fest, currently Rebellion, when those fine chappies The Damned, Rancid, Dickies, Cock Sparrer etc all play?
And......would you not fancy a tour with me ole faves The Damned....now that would be splendid.....and to cap it off with Peter and the Test Tube Babies on the bill with me mate Del?
Very best

How do Tommy!
We loved playing Glasgow! Had a wicked time there, apart from someone decided to pour a pint into the sound engineers mixing desk! That's a live gig for ya! I remember having to play the last song without the sound system! Great night though!
We do prefer to play club shows to be honest, keep checking the tour dates…should have some UK news soon!
Del is the one o’ best guitar players ever!

Im Pete Zulu's step son and i've just downloaded dig that groove baby, any news on touring the UK?

Pete Zulus stepson Hi!
There should be news of UK touring soon! Please keep checking in!

I was wondering of how many albums Toy Dolls have sold? 
I know you pushes out a few in the eighties, but do how many copies have -say- the latest 4-5 albums sold approximately?
Have a flawless day!
Hamlot, Norway.

Hi Hamlot
I have no idea to be honest! Will try to check!
Greetings to Norway!

Can you guys ship t-shirts to the US?  And if so approximately he long will that take? 

Hi Kerri,
No problem at all, all the merchandise can be shipped worldwide, should only take a few days.

Hi Olga!
Since I first heard the Toy Dolls I'm a fan of yours. I'm pretty excited about the show in Karlsruhe! For the first time I can see you live!!
See you!

Wow, welcome newcomer Heiko!
Look forward to seeing you in Karlsruhe!
Hope you enjoy it!

Hi Olga, Wé wish you all beutiful and relaxing Christmasdays or just great Christmasparties:-) I marked 8th March and will see if it lucks again to join your concert!
Greetings Sabine & Kids

Same to you Sabine,
See you on March 8th in Germany, Hamburg!

First i want to say you're the best guitarist ever, i'm a big fan from sweden and my question is, any gig plans in sweden? I really want to see you guys and i hope to be so lucky to meet you too..You still that adorable Olga! Xx lots of love ! J
I’ve done a Top 40 tribute to the Toy Dolls.
Top 40 http://youtu.be/62lwDMP-eEY
Top 30 http://youtu.be/5wcK3ypZaSk
Top 20 http://youtu.be/2vk3Fxy0fMQ
Top 10 http://youtu.be/xkNSMywBQq0
My question is what is Olga’s Top 10.

Thank you! I will check the vids out! And I will have to have a think about my top 10 exact order.
I really hope we can get back to Sweden asap!
Top 10 in no particular order:
1. Alecs Gone
2. I’ve had enough o’ Magaluf
3. Her with a Hoover
4. Ernie had a Hernia
5. She’ll be back with Keith someday
6. Barry the Roofer
7. Credit Crunch Christmas
8. Glenda & the Test Tube baby
9. Idle Gossip
10. Dougy Giro

Hello Toy Dolls.
My namne is Peter and i lives in Sweden.
Im à big fan all back since the middle 80:s (  A Far Out Disc ) but im nerver seen you live Is it any chanse to se you in Sweden this year (2013)?
Your last album, THE ALBUM AFTER THE LAST ONE (great name) is really great and with few Gold tracks, (top ten).
Hope to se you guys in Sweden soon.

Peter Hi
I really hope we can get back to Sweden, its been a while.
I hope our management are working on it!
Glad you like The Album after The Last One!
Hope to see ya soon

Hi again Toy Dolls
I must say i dont sleep very well lately, its something bubblig in my head ...
la la la la la la la to Finos, i just cant stop playing our songs and when i dont play it its in my head.... hate you boys ... no just joking you are great ... Love you.
By the way are you going to make a new dvd on the: The Album After The Last One Tour.
Peter from Sweden

Hi again Peter!
Sorry about your lack of sleep!
Hopefully we will make another DVD at some point, not sure when though!