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Hi Olga by when coming to Barcelona or nearby?
Following you since early 80's you're a different great band!
thank you

Hi Josep
Barcelona rocks!
No immediate plans to return just yet! I guess we will be back though!

Hi Olga!!!
Have you already got tour dates for 2018.
Please please come to Germany.
Best regards from Hamburg with punk in the heart.

Hi Torre
Our agency are just working on shows now, not sure about Hamburg or Germany in 2018, but I am sure we will be back at some point, after the new album release I think.
Cheers for your support!

Hiya dudes, it is fantastic to see the toy dolls are still on the go. Im an old ish punk from the 80s and still enjoy your music. Keep up the good work and stay strong ya all.
Matty fae Scotland

Thank you Matty!
Hope to see ya again in Scotland!

Hello mates First of all just to let you know I looove  The Toy Dolls. When are you coming back to Sao Paulo - Brazil? We would love to have you here again and again and again-Its never too much!
Lots of love Teresa Walters

Hi Tereaa
I really hope we can get back to Brazil next year, in fact all of South America if possible, its been a while!
Fingers crossed, our agency are working on shows now, lets see what they come up with!
Many thanks

Hi Olga,
My dad, sister and I really like your music!
Did you know I’m learning the violin and the kazoo?
Our street has a loud echo in it, and much to my mother’s dismay, my kazoo rendition of the Final Countdown sounds just brilliant. I’ll keep at it.
And one more thing, I’ll let you in on a little secret, I am a vegan.
My big question is, I would love you guys to do a Christmas Carols album, (Toy Dolls style)!
Thanks Olga
Posted with Dad’s permission
Samuel (7 years old)
Daddy (Jim - 49 years old)

Hi Samual
Thank you for your mail.
Good luck with the learning! Violin is easy enough, but the kazoo can be tricky!!!
I will think about the Christmas Carols album, that is a good idea!


Hi Olga,
My name is Alec (just a coincidence) and I am a 17 year old from New York City. I have been listening to you guys for as long as I can remember and this is all because of my father. Unfortunately since I live in New York i have never been able to experience you guys live. My dad did when you guys came to CBGB's (very envious) so at least I have his video to watch of that. Anyways, I know you get asked this often but still, whenever you can please come to New York. It will definitely be worth while and I will be first at the door haha. Cheers Olga. See you in NY soon (I hope).

Hi Alec,
Thank you.
I hope we can get back to NYC at some point, its been a while.
Cheers to your father too!
CBGBs was a blast, nice dressing rooms also!
Take care

Hey Olga!
First off, I want to say, you guys are seriously underrated! You're perhaps the fastest and funniest punk band I've ever listened to. Anyway, my question is, would you guys ever play the Vans Warped Tour?
Much love from Ohio,

Hi Anthony
Ha, thanks for that!
Yeah, we may do the Vans Warped tour at some point.
Greetings to Ohio!

Can I meet you to sign my t-shirt this year, October 21 in SELESTAT, during the festival Disorder Day? For the sixth time???
this festival, my son will be there, but also my wife, my brother-in-law and his wife, my cousin and several other friends.....
Can you tell me where to meet after the concert?
Thank you to answer me and soon, on October 21st.

Hi Sam
I hope we got to see you on the 21st October!?
I also hope your family & friends enjoyed the show!
I did pop out afterwards.
Sorry if this reply reaches you too late!
The Ask Olga questions are answered each month.
Cheers for coming!

Are the Toy Dolls made with USA?
it’s been awhile since you tour here. :-(
I really need my fix’n.
Your fan since 1980

Thank you
No immediate plans, but we may be back at some point!
Cheers for your loyalty!


Much respect and admiration from the Sonoran Desert in Northern Mexico. I heard the Toy Dolls many years ago after I read an interview with a great band from Madrid named Mama Ladilla (check them out) who listed you guys as one of their biggest influence. I'm not gonna ask you the usual "when you playing my city" question because I know a great team of people are doing their best to bring you guys there...wherever that might be... so instead I'll ask you a handful of random questions...
1. You and all the Toy Dolls present, past and future are definitely accomplished musicians. Did bands back in the day or even today ever gave you any kind of hassle for not having the "true sloppy punk sound" the "correct fashion" or the " right angry attitude and lyrics" ?
2. Is there gonna be a new all original new Toy Dolls album? Maybe a last after the two last ones?
3. Is Marty's Mam based on a real story? Loved that song since all of us knows a "Marty's Mam" somewhere that we all miss very much.
4. Oh what the heck... When are you guys playing Mexico?
Gilberto from Agua Prieta,

Hi Gilberto !
Greetings to Mexico.
Hopefully we will get there asap
I will check out Mama Ladilla.
Re: your 4 questions:
1. Well thank you! Yes we did get hassle, and still do occasionally, unfortunately!
2. There is yes, I am working on it now! Hopefully for release in 2018.
3. Cheers, Yes Marty’s Mam is about our ex drummers mother, all true.
4. Ha, lets hope e can find a good promoter there soon.
Cheers, Olga

Hey Olga,
I was wondering if there's such a thing as Toy Dolls stickers? I have a motorbike and want to adorn it with some Toy Dolls !!!
Hope alls well with you and the rest of the lads
Alan Mills ( Al )

Hi Alan
We did have stickers in the past, we may get some new ones next year too. Keep checking the Webshop!
Enjoy the bike!

Hi Olga!
You´re awesome... I´m waiting for some show, here in Brazil, again! I´m sure that will be a big party !!
What do you think? Please come to BR !!!

Hi Rafa
Thank you!
We love Brazil, I really hope we can get back as soon as possible!

Hey Olga,
I, like many other fans online, have been really curious about the song “I can see you” which you performed in Japan 1992. Nobody can seem to find a studio version of this, does one exist? If not, why was it never taken to the studio? It’s a great track. It does sound a little different to the “Toy Dolls” sound if you will, but that’s part of the charm for me. I’m sorry if you’ve had this question before and thanks in advance for your time. I guess a gig in Cardiff, South Wales is out of the question(!) so I’ll try to get a ticket for one of your shows in England next year, best wishes Olga, Richie.

Hi Richie
We didn’t make a studio version of I Can See You, it was written by our first singer, Pete, who was around only for a few weeks in 1979.
Seems crazy that we have never been to Cardiff or anywhere in Wales.
Maybe some day!

Hi Olga!!
Thank You sooo much for helping my friend, making the best 40th birthday ever.
I know she mailed you 'bout coming to northern Sweden to play for me, but she didn't raise enough funds. 
She ordered your beer, for me. They are soooo delicious. 
Congrat's that Sunderland manage to stay in PL, I follow them as much as I can, but I'm a hotspur, so You see where my bigest interest are. 
Oh well... I hope to see You, Toydolls, again sometime, take good care of You, and please. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!  
Best regards,  Alexander, Umea

Hi Alexander
Good to know you like the beer!
We miss Sweden, and always have a great time there, fingers crossed for a return.
Thank you!

Hi Olga,
My name is Ricardo and I'm a huge Toy Dolls' fan from Brazil since ever. Actually, you guys are one of my favourite band!!
Although I probably know the answer (oh Ricardo, I can't), I have to ask....do you have any plan to come to Brazil? Think about that!!!
Warmest regards from Brazil

Ricardo Hi
Thank you!
We are ready to return to Brazil, as soon as we find a promoter!
Lets hope is happens soon.
We miss you lot!

My son has just started to listen to your records.  He loves 'Everynight she goes to Finos'.  It's great because every weekend I was clubbing in Finos.  I just read that your first gig was in the Millview Social club in Fulwell which is near where I live.  Fab times
Angie from Fulwell, Sunderland.

Hi Angie
Thank you
Greetings to your son! And Fulwell!
Not sure fab times, but special ones anyway!

Hi Olga!
Hope you do a UK tour for the next album. Hopefully you play Fibbers here in York. ;)
My question is: How did the band's name come about?

Lets see what happens after the album release!
York is a great city.
I actually thought of the building bricks logo first, then The Toy Kings, but was later changed to Dolls!

Hello Olga,
I was in Tolmin listening to the Toy Dolls, and they were really, really good (of course I liked Nelly ;)
When they were playing the "Toccata" from Bach, that moment was amazing, having a band playing a great classical track on electric guitars. Love it.
At the moment I heard that song from the Toy Dolls featuring Bach, in my mind was, this could be the band providing one of my favourite Mozart compositions "Sinfonia No. 20".
Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvR_Jia7gw0
Even I'm not in France, Belgium or Spain the next month, it would be wonderful to hear that Mozart done artwork arranged for the Toy Dolls.
So, would You ask the band to have Mozart's 20th Sinfonia being played by them? This would be remarkable great, and they could win a lot of hearts more on stage ^^
Who else could be able to do that? :)
Thank You
Thimo Werner

Hi Thimo
I will check out the link, thank you for that. Looking forward to hearing it.
I am glad you enjoyed Tolmin,we had a blast! Bit hot though!

My ask Olga question is when are you coming to play in the U.S.? I would also like to know if you enjoy butter tarts. THANK YOU and have a lovely day.
Your faithful fan,
P.S. Please come to the Marquee theatre in Arizona. I said please, right?

No immediate plans Becky, maybe at some point though.
Not sure what butter tarts are! I do like scones and clotted cream though! Maybe that’s the UK version?

Hey, Olga!
Thanks for keeping my ear holes filled with your awesome music for many years!
I sure wish y'all could tour the U.S. more, particularly the Midwest. I'm gonna have to try to time a trip to England one say to correspond with one your shows!
Are you by chance familiar with groups such as the Melvins? I know they aren't punk, but I'd love to see both of your bands cover one another's tunes. If not the Melvins, how about covering some Queen? On one track called 'Drooling Banjos', you hit a note (around 3:17)  that sounded JUST like how Brian May plays. :D
Thanks for all the rockin' tunes! I hope to catch y'all before too long!
David "Dutch" K.

Hi there David
Hey, thank YOU!
I know of the Melvins, not checked em out yet though, heard great reports.
Brian May rocks!
Cheers Olga

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology such as You tube and the internet, my 3 year old son is slightly obsessed with your version of Nellie the elephant. He even tries his hardest to sing along with you! 
Wondering if you have any UK dates planned in 2018 preferably northern England at a festival etc ? Would love to bring him  (with his ear defenders of course- responsible parenting!)
Sarah and Ben (age 3)

Hi Sarah
Ha! Good to know Ben is obsessed!
No UK shows planned just yet, but please keep checking the tour dates on the front page of this site!
Hope to see you both at a gig!

JUNE 2017

Hello Olga
This ist Anton from Southern Germany, who in rode seven hours with a 80ccm Scooter in winter through the Black Forest to see you in Karlsruhe Substage.
It was all worthy!
Next week i start a tour with my 125ccm CUB t Durham, where my son is doing his studies in physics. He likes this small city very much and I have to visit him and of course some special Toydolls-Locations. for exc: the Penshaw Monument because of "Dig That Groove Baby"
I have a small Problem with the Durham Ramside hall from "Olga I Cannot"
Is it this one? http://www.ramsidehallhotel.co.uk/
May be?
The guardian studios in pity me seem to not exist any more ... os this right.
lokking forward to hers from you
best regards

Hello Anton!
Wow, thank you for traveling so far! We had a great time at the Substage.
Yes, that’s the correct Ramside Hall.
Unfortuntaely Guardian Studios closed many years ago, it was on Front Street, Pity Me.
Anyway, you may be reading this a bit late now! Hope you had a great time!

Oi Olga!

Long time fan here in the states.
Do you plan a US tour anytime soon? In particular, the West Coast. And if you don't, do you see yourself playing around the U.K. in early 2018? Planning a trip across the great pond next year. I'd love to plan it around one of your gigs..
Thank you.
-Orlando the goon!

Oi Orlando!
We had a really great time on the West coast in 2014, no returns planned just yet.
Early 2018 UK shows look unlikely too! But ya never know!

Hello Olga,
I saw you at the Randalemeeting last week and I have to tell you that it was great!!!!
Thank you for playing such a small gig and I hope that you will return one day, even if you three are used to a much larger crowd.
Keep on playing for lots of years!!!

Cheers Stefan
We enjoyed the Randale Meeting a lot! Nice to play in a little club, but hot mind ya!
Thank you

Hi Olga, I've been a fan for many a year. Thanks for every song you've ever played.
My local pub since the 1980s was the Elephant and Castle in Dumbarton High street,the lounge was called Nellie's,every Friday and Saturday night the DJ ended the night with a certain song by the Toy Dolls can you guess the song I'm on about?
Anyway the local council have just flattened it (the pub that is), but as long as you carry on I'll still have happy memory's of those days.
Thanks again Hoopy

Hoppy Hi!
Thank you!
Oh no, sorry to hear about the Elephant & Castle, at least you still have the memories!

Hi Olga, I lost a friend yesterday. He suffered a stroke after exiting the plane from Houston to Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling a few days ago and didn't make it. He was the biggest Toy Dolls fan, and like you, a phenomenal guitar player. I like to think you had something to do with that. He played in the punk band 30footFALL for 25 years. He had a Toy Dolls tattoo you told him he'd regret that, and somehow, I knew you were wrong. Only because Chris didn't waste time or regret anything, plus y'all are a great band. I'm happy he got to see The Toy Dolls live in LA, he talked about it for weeks, and forever, after. A lot of people in the Houston, TX punk rock and national punk scene are hurting right now because a great friend, musician, son, brother, and father are gone. But he would not want us to be sad, in fact, he would want us to be goofy, crack jokes, and listen to The Toy Dolls. I take solace in the fact that he got to masquerade as The Toy Dolls on a punk tribute night where he played those songs perfectly. He will enjoy your sets from up above from now on.
Your fan,
Lj Sanford

Hi Lj
Thank you.
Yes, I heard about your tragic loss, so sorry to hear this.
From the clips I saw of Chris he was an outstanding guitar player.

Hi Olga,
My Dad introduced me to your music when I was young and I have loved it ever since.
I was just wondering, why is it the Toy Dolls have never visited Ireland? Is there any plans for one in the future? I would love to see you in Belfast! 
Thank you,

Hi Sean
Thank you and cheers to your Dad!
Ireland is just one of the countries we have never played!! Seems crazy as its right next to us!
I really hope our management can come up with a show at some point!

Hello Olga, 
I just discovered your music and I am now a huge fan! Can't believe it took this long for me to find you! We'll you be doing any shows in Los Angeles in the near future?
Thanks, Dan

Thank you Dan!
We had a wicked time just 3 years ago at the Fonda Theatre in L.A, not sure about any return visits just yet.
Take care

Hello, Olga.
Toy Dolls have been my very favorite band for the last 25 years.
I was listening to the album "idle gossip" and, just like you, I can not stand the production of it. The songs are great, but all that reverb and delay effects destroy the experience of listening to the album. Are those tapes lost forever? Have you ever thought about remixing this record?
greetings from brazil!

Godinho Hi
I totally agree, we used a different producer for that album, I can’t listen to it!
The tapes are owned by a different record company, though I am not sure the remixing would help much, as the way the songs were recorded wasn’t great either!

MAY 2017

Hello Olga,
I've just rediscovered you guys over the last year. Brilliant stuff. Love your music as much as i did back in the 80's. But now there's even more fantastic tunes... Enough said..
Be great to see and hear you guys in Australia is that's at all possible? I live in Hobart but will travel...
Can only dream.
Jim Hooper

Hello Jim
Thank you!
Cheers for the rediscovery!
Australia will happen at some point! It took us 7 years to get France, and that’s the next country to us!

Thanx for answering my question olga,youre a top dude.... thought i might share this with you, this is pucker gen... whilst moving green day back to their 'hotel' (promoters house) in Belfast, Friday, Dec13th 1991, they'd just played Richardsons.. (£2:50 a squiz then). I was blasting out The Toy Dolls and BJ, Mike and Tre all thought that The Toy Dolls were the mutz nutz, BJ stated that Olga is a "s**t hot guitarist,one of the best"... (your downstroke came in for particular praise). Anyway, BJA nicked my Toy dolls compilation tape and  blasted it out all night till the wee small hrs. I say BJA has great taste.. Keep rockin Olga. Robert and Rabbyjohn. (the too Bobs) ps..im 52,,,, u did ask.. and the toy dolls are the reason i learned guitar...
Robert Holloway

Thank you Robert,
Cheers for that interesting info! Nice to know!
Many thanks

Howdy...I am in hartlepool...my mate is a fan.. I am 80's hardcore punk rock leftover (black flag/minor threatetc)but he is real punk rock 77 etc.. he says you might be from this way? I thought I could check out some memorabilia stuff for him.. if this is true do you have any haunts here I could go check out for him?.. gracias...
Pablo Gonzales

Pablo Hi
Aye, I am originally from South Shields, not far from Hartlepool at all!
Cant remember much about the place though, left when I was 4!

Dear Olga,
On 19th of february I visited a concert of Toy Dolls and catched a balloon that fell down at the end of the concert. Now, way more than a month later, the balloon is still the exact same size!! What kind of amazing balloon is this?! I would like to know the brand.

Hi Nina
Ha! We have a big guy called Borys blowing the balloons up, if you saw him you would realize why the balloon is still alive n’ kickin!
Take care

My wife, daughter and I have booked a vacation to Scotland solely around seeing The Toy Dolls play the Scotland Calling show. I've been a fan since the mid 80's and my daughter has become a huge fan of yours. This is going to be my daughters first show and all of our first time out of country. Do you think it would be possible to get a photo with you and the boys after the show? This would make our trip complete!
John Sumner

Hey John
Sorry I didn’t get to see ya after the Scotland show, I really hope you enjoyed it however!
Cheers for coming!

Hi Guys,
Do you have any smaller nonfestival gigs in 2017 anywhere in europe ?
UK based but will travel anywhere to see a smaller set,
Amazing to see you still doing what you do best & Olga your guitar tutorials are second to none.
Kindest regards
Kevin Roberts

Hi Kevin
I believe there is a club show in Belgium later in the year, its on the tour dates, Vice Squad & Funeral Dress are special guests!
Without checking I think it’s the 14th October!

Hi Olga I'm coming to Manchester on the 3rd, my question is I'm in a wheelchair so I can't get back stage. Is there any chance you and the lads can 
Find the disabled area and sign my tee shirt. As you can imagine it's difficult for me to meet the band as a able-bodied fan could. All the best and if not it will still be a great gjg

John Hi
Thanks so much for coming!
Will take a look after the show!
Hopefully will find ya!
Cheers again

MARCH 2017

Hi Olga,Been listening to the toy dolls since 1980,yep i'm an old dude, punk rock is my life.Right question...what age did you start learning guitar,and why tele?PS.The Toy Dolls sound is timeless and beautiful,keep on putting it out there,youre the best guitarist in the business Olga....Green Day?pppffftttt!!!
Robert Holloway

Hi Robert
1980. wow, how old are you!?
I started playing guitar when I was 14, The Tele was because of Status Quo and Wilko Johnson!
Thank you for the nice comments!

My young son is enamored with the Toy Dolls DVD cover. There is this character, and he asked me who he is but I have no clue. Would you know who this is? It would allow me to sleep at night. Thanks in advance

Mike hi
Oh, I would have to check on that! I am not sure myself!

How could we miss you in Moscow? You made a bad move failing to tell us. Did you see the Xmas lights? Bad planning by your team. You need to go to a ballet at the Kremlin Palace Theatre. Outstanding!
I long to JIve on their dance floor upstairs.   Is that 2 q’s for the price of one or is that making three? Thanks for the pleasure and would you be so kind as to do a Mott the Hoople song, because I am a Ross lad and they deserve it and my mates are dying round me. We lost Pete Watts a short while back.

Hi Rollo
Not sure how you missed it! We had a great time, didn’t see any Christmas lights however! Bah!
Ah Love Mott the Hoople Me! But I cant sing like Ian Hunter!

Great show ,still going strong ,hope you will come back ,Gr Hendrik  Leiden NL

Well thank you Gr Hendrik!
We always enjoy Holland!

Hi Olga,
How is all going?
Im a 18 year old boy from Burgos(Spain) who had loved toy dolls for nearly 4 years and i just asking myself what is/are the song/s that you prefer to play live.
Diego Moral

Deigo Hi!
Thank you!
Live maybe Dougy Giro & Alecs Gone.
Hope to see you in Burgos next time!

Hi Olga,ive been listening to and enjoying The Toy Dolls since 1981/82,and I would just like to say a BIG THANKYOU for your music.The Toy Dolls got young lads like me and many others through the hardest of times in our home city of Belfast during a time when the conflict was raging.Through your music and bands like SLF we had punk rock to fill our lives ,make us smile and keep us away from trouble..Will you ever consider playing Belfast in the future?I know The Toy Dolls would be well received,any chance of it happening Olga?    Your neighbours across the irish sea need you...Rabbyjohn.

Rabbyjohn hello!
1981/2 is a long time! Thank YOU!
SLF rock, good taste!
We would love to get to Belfast, I am really surprised Ireland has never happened yet!
Fingers crossed we will get there!

Hey Olga!
Do you have any gigs coming up in Buenos Aires?
PLEASE come to Argentina again, we really miss you guys.
Naranja Cítrico

Naranja Hi
We really miss Buenos Aires too, as soon as we find a South American promoter we will be back!


Hello Olga,
I'm going to attend the concert at Luxorlive in Arnhem with a lot of friends. My best friend is also comming and he is a Toy Dolls follower for more then 30 years. He has seen you guys play more then 35 times. (Meself about 20). He is turning 50 in march and I would like to ask if there's any possibility to get a backstage pass for him so he can meet you guys and have a picture taken with the band?
If there are any costs to it I don't mind. I just hope it's possible??
If you get many requests i understand you can't answer them all but i hope to hear from you.
Kind regards
Hein Kwint

Hi Kwint
More than 30 years, wow!
I will be out after the show, I will try to arrange a pic with the lads, no worries!

Hello Olga!
My name is Marta.
I'm a big fan of yours for many years and I would like to know if there is any concert scheduled for Madrid in 2017
Thank you very much

Hi Marta
Thank you
There is a festival near Madrid, not sure which one it is, but if you check the tour dates on the front page of this website, you can see!

Hey olga.
Just want to say keep doing what your doing. Am quite new to the toy dolls but iv instantly fell in love with you guys and I would be gutted if you called it day before I get the chance to see you live. 
Do you think social media has played a part in you guys growing popularity? 

Thank you John!
Social Media has helped for sure!
Hope to see ya at Scotland Calling in April!

Hi Olga!
I'm excited for your gig in Nurnberg tomorrow (well when you answer the question the gig will already be over!) we will drive for more than 400km to see you lot - i'm so excited i'm almost peeing my pants!
To the question: is keith (from your crew) a thief?
It's a pity that all concerts in Germany have been sold out soon.
Is there any oppotunity to see you live in Germany once more in further times ?
And - please - in some bigger locations so that all of your fans get a chance to see you live on stage.
Stay happy
Cheers, Simon

Hello! I hope you enjoyed Nurnberg!
Ha, our Keith is not the Keith who's a thief fortunately!
Hope to see you again in Germany

Hi Olga,
Are any gigs in or around London planned in 2017?
Best, Dirk

Dirk Hi
No London or UK gigs planned for 2017, but there is North West Calling and Scotland Calling!

Hi Olga,
I want to say "Thank You" for your fantastic concert in Nürnberg 12.01.17.
I am a fan since 1989 and visit your concerts 3 times.
The music give me so much energy.
Your transfer fun with your songs and I sad times, I come back with positve thougts.
My wish for the future, please come back again to Germany!
One of your great fans

Hi Markus
Thank you for coming! We had a great time as usual.
I am sure we will be back in Germany at some point!
Many thanks

Queen Elizabeth permitting and Mr Trump allowing, any chance "THE TOY DOLLS" will get to San Francisco, California some day sooner than later?
Keep young guys!
Jose Costa Pinto

Hey Jose!
I hope we can return at some point, we had great time there a coupla years back.

Hi Olga,
I've been an uber-fan for well over 30 years. You guys make me move and you make me smile! Love ya. Period.
A random thought I had today: You are to The Toy Dolls what Robert Fripp is to King Crimson. The leader, the heart, the soul and institutional memory of your great band!
Reading thru the Q and A's on your site I was surprised to see so many fellow Americans are also long-time fans of the band. Since you've never been played on the radio (to my knowledge) we all found you pre-internet mostly by chance, I suppose. If you make it to NY, LA or Chicago someday, I'll travel from Minnesota to see you guys!
I wasn't surprised to read that you love classical and jazz music. Creative minds find inspiration from many and diverse sources.
OK, that's my fan letter :)
Here's my question: The band started playing in '79 but didn't put out an album until 1983. And just a few singles prior to that. Are there any tapes (bootleg or otherwise) of Toy Dolls material from the very early days which has never been heard (released) before? And, if so, could you release a CD (even if poor audio quality) thru the website for your die-hard fans?
All for now,
Tony Thompson

Thank you very much Tony!
No material knocking around that I know of! But I will check!
I would like to hear for meself!


Hiya Olga,
I asked you a question years ago and you answered it so I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to answer our questions. It's really great you do this because most legendary bands don't. Anyway my question to you is, do you listen to any rocksteady or dancehall music? If so what is your favorite song of these genres? 
Stay happy and healthy,
Tyler Gminder

Hiya Tyler!
No worries, it’s a pleasure to answer questions!
I mostly listen to classical or Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald/ Chet Baker stuff to be honest. Though I don’t mind Rocksteady/Dancehall stuff now and then.
Only thing I cant listen to is disco/techno.

Hi Olga chap! Big love for the toy dolls! Been a fan since I stumbled across you lot around 2012. Wondering if you'd be happy to answer a few questions for a little zine I'm making and where I can send you questions other than here? No worries if not, I understand your probably fed up with interviews from over the years aha. Much love from a young punk here in the UK!

Yes of course, just send your answers to the ASK OLGA section, I will answer and send you them back privately.

Hello there,
Can you tell me please where can I find Fat Bob's feet album on cd?
Cheers and regards from Serbia

Hello to Serbia!
Yes, you can get FAT BOBS FEET CD from the link in our WEBSHOP, here.

Please, please, please, put together a performance in the United States.  A live performance by the The Toy Dolls is at the top of my bucket list.   I'm sure if you performed in New York City, you would have a great turnout.
Also, do you have an email list for any news about the band, or is it just your website?
Long-time fan,
Zac from Virginia, USA

Hi Zac
We always have a great time in New York, lovely people.
If we save up enough for work visas we will be back!
You can check news on the website or FACEBOOK.
Both are updated regularly.
Thank you

Hey Olga,I'd just like to say your awesome!I am a 12 year old boy from San Diego ca and got into your music from the dickies as I like them and have seen them and have seen them playing with you in a video.I go from concert to concert and so far I have seen the Misfits,DI,The Dickies,Screeching Weasel,The Queers,Weird Al,and Descendents.I wanna see you and am wondering if you'll play in San Diego CA.Get back to me with an answer and keep on rocking the with the shades on Olga!

Thank you!
We would love to get beck to San Diego at some point!
Sounds like you have seen some great bands!

Hey olga, first of all Toy dolls it's genius! Do you think come to brazil in 2017? I love toy dolls and I became a Tele guy because I saw you with your blonde telecaster in the old videos, i think that was 25 years ago...
Big hugs to you and the Lads...
Enviado do meu

Hi Enviado
I really hope we can get back to Brazil, its been a while! We miss you lot!

Hi Olga,
I have an easy question:
Why we never had the chance to see you????
And this, since the birth of the group?
Sometimes in the USA, but never crossed the Canada side ???
Why??? Why??? Why??
Is the faultIt is the fault of my little knowledge in English
And foul to the translator !!

We would love to get to Canada at some point! I hope it will happen soon! Fingers crossed!

Hey Olga I once heard that song dougie giro was about the tramp that was around Sunderland in the 1980s. I remember him when I used to go to the town I wonder what happened to him. Also when the DAMNED tour next year it would be great if you're band support them on a equal basis that would be without a doubt the best tour ever. Hope you answer my questions thanx and keep playing.

Yes, that’s correct, that’s Dougy! I guess he must be around 100 now!
The Damned rock, we have played festivals together but never club shows, maybe some day!