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JULY 2018

Hi Olga, I'm a 14 y/o fan from Dublin, Ireland and I'm curious if the Toy Dolls ever plan on playing here, I really love your music and and was just curious. 
Have a lovely day!
Much Appreciated, 

Hi Travis
We would love to get to Dublin, I am really surprised its never happened yet!!
Lets hope our management will make it happen soon!
We would love to see you lot in Ireland.
You have a lovely day too!

Is Dean James back in the group?

Ha, Hi Michelle, no, Dean isn’t back in the band! Whatever gave you that idea!?
Though I do miss him! Great guy.
Take care.

Hello Olga!
I have a special wish or recommendation. Although I am a big fan this request is not for me because I already saw the toy dolls many times. By the way, I live in Germany.
But you would make many people happy, if you go to indonesia one day. They are crazy for punk rock and live this spirit with passion. I have some friends there. Go to asia.

Frank Hello.
Fingers crossed we will get to Indonsesia at some point, we get a lot of mail from there, looks like a great place to visit.

Hi OLGA and all members, drummer and baseman!!!!
I write to you to explain the reason why I was not there  Me who is a Fan of The Toy Dolls for 10 years?  :-( .... No..... 20 years?? :-( ....... No since 25 years??? YES YES YES. ;-)
So why would not I show up? I was waiting for you but here I am suffering from a degenerative disease that is called multiple sclerosis :-( which prevents me from going there :-( Except that it does not prevent me from listening to you 
And also of you wish GOOD LUCK here in Canada, And also of you wish GOOD LUCK here in give me all the size of T-Shirt MMM and all albums!!!! Canada, Québec, Montebello!!!!! Who is near us!!!! Canada ,Québec, Saguenay!!!!!
It was my pleasure to write to you and and also of you wish GOOD LUCK!!!!
Give me the size of the new T-Shirt !!!! And The Toy Dolls - From Funwel to Fukuoka give me the address ?? !!!
Steeve Boivi

Hi Steeve,
Wow, 25 years! Thank you
So sorry to hear about your MS.
We had a great time at Montebello in Canada, thank you!
All the details for shirts and other merchandise is on the shop page of this site, just click ‘SHOP’ at the top of the page.
Take Care

Hi Olga, here my question ,
why the band is called  Toy Dollz instead of Toy Dolls on the Orcastrated album?
Andrea Pisu

Hi Andrea
That was my crazy idea, which didn't work! I thought I would make a radical change! What a plonker I am, never mind, we back as The Toy Dolls! Excuse that daft mistake!

My dream is to go on a toy doll show you guys are my favorite punk band I’m born in Mexico but I live in California I just wondering when you guys play here I have a 2 year baby boy and he loves your guys music and my 3 daughters to and my wife also thanks 

Hello Emmanuel
Thank you!
Great to know the whole family are fans! That's a rare case, good to know!

Hi Olga.
Fan of 36 years here in the US (I am 53 years young).
Last time I saw you was at the Hollywood Palladium in 1992.
I had just found the ticket digging through my old boxes of stuff.
Had an opportunity to work in Malta NY (close to Montreal) in June.
Went and saw you (+ The Exploited) at the Montebello Rockfest.
What a BLAST!
Both you guys really dialed it in.
But you came on too late (11:30 PM) - passed my bedtime  : )
And yes you look great and should keep going!
I dragged my daughter along (20 year old).
She likes slow music, but she really loved you guys.
Like Father – Like Daughter!
I will be in the Netherlands for work between Sep 24  – Dec 16 2018.
Any chance you will have show’s in Europe during this time?
You might be tired from your South America run, but it would be a bucket list item for me to see you across the pond.
Dean Ruzic

Hi Dean
Wow, 1992, seems like yesterday!
Oh, thank you, we really enjoyed Montebello, and the Exploited are better than ever I reckon.
11.30pm is past my bedtime also!
Look great!? From a distance I guess! Cheers however!
Good that yer daughter was impressed too! Worth dragging her along eh!
There may may be a gig or two in Europe around that time, keep checking the tour dates!
I am sure we will be wiped out from the South American run, but we will survive!
Thank you again

Olga, what can I do to get you to come play in California? I can raise money, you can stay with us, I can book you in a great gig in Long Beach ... tell me ... what can I do ... 
Heather Kern

Hi Heather
Thank you, we may be back at some point! Sit tight!

Hi Olga, every training day in our boxing gym we play your songs, favourite is: dig that groove baby! Keep it up!

Hi Carsten
Cheers for that!
Good to know!

JUNE 2018

Back in high school we were a bunch of punk and heavy metal mates who used to fight each other about musical preferences. The Toy Dolls was one of the few points we all had in common, and I'm grateful for that because it made it real fun those days. Been a fan ever since... And I'm 40 now.
Cheers from Spain!

Hi Juan
Thank you for that info! good to know!
Greetings to yer mates in Spain!

Hi Olga,
Just trying to whip up a must come to Oz frenzy.
Load of Sunderland lads in Perth who would love to see the Toy Dolls
Best wishes

Hi Ian
Thank you!
Maybe we will get to Perth at some point!
Lets see what happens!

Hi, Olga!!!
I’ll go to the Toy Dolls concert here in Brazil in August!!!! Can i you assign one of my CDs??? Thanks a lot, i can’t wait for this show!!!!
Silvio Oliveira

Hey Silvio
Of course, signing is no problem!
We can't wait for the shows either, its been a while!

Hi Olga!
Thanks for everything over the years!
I'm kinda curious, whats with the chewing gum?
Best regards

Crille Hi
Thank YOU!
The chewing gum is for nerves actually! Still get stage fright after all these years! It kinda relaxes me, a bit!

I’ve been a fan since the 80’s and live in Seattle.
Will you ever come to the US? It would be a dream come true to see you play live.

Hi Eric
We have done a few US tours.
Not sure about a return visit just yet.
Keep checking the tour dates however!
I hope we will make it to Seattle.
Many thanks

Can you speak about the challenges of playing your songs live? Love your music! I hope you tour the US soon (seeing you live is on my bucket list)!

Hey Zac
I really hope we can back at some point!
There are loads of challenges of playing the songs live, sitting down and recording them in the studio is completely different to standing up and doing all the choreography! Love the challenge though!

Oi! Oi! Hello Olga + the lads! Hope you're all in mid-season form...
I only just noticed something incredible that I want to share with you.
When I listen to Toy Dolls at work, I use Spotify, because I don't have a vinyl deck at the office. But one problem with the streaming services is that they often don't have the same recordings as I'm used to from my old records!
So to check how many versions there were of She Goes To Finos, I punched the song title in Spotify, and as well as a good many versions by your good selves I came across three covers - two of them more of the "tribute" variety, not much different apart from the vocals.
The last one was a sort of latin jazz/ bossa nova version by Eduardo Braga, from his album "Songs I Love"; an album which features also "Smooth Operator", "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" and well, other fairly limp fodder. Finos stands out in this company I can tell you!
So, my questions would be -
1. Have you heard Mr. Braga's version of "Finos", and what do you make of it?
2. More generally - what do you think of other cover versions of your songs?
3. You yourselves did your fair share of covers too, can you say something clever about the pros and cons of cover versions, or what to do or not to do with other peoples songs? (OK it doesn't have to be so very clever! - fookin hell, thanks to the Toy Dolls I just listened to a bossa nova recording!).
Much love from too hot Oslo

Øystein Hi
Greetings to Oslo,
Ah love Norway Me!
I am really outta touch with Spotify, will check it out!
1. Not yet, cant wait to hear it!
2. Most of them are better than our own versions!
3. I think its good to do covers if you make it sound as if you wrote the song yourself, not keen on just copying a song and adding nothing! Like a covers band.

Hi Olga,
Just saw that the unique show in São Paulo- Brazil is sold out 4 month before.
Don’t you think about one or two extra presentations?
This city is big enough to receive you.
Best wishes,
Valmir Stepanczuk

Hi Valmir,
Thank you for your idea.
Yes the city is big enough for more shows, but due to the workload, jetlag and possibility of us losing our voices, we cant risk it, all the shows in South America are important to us, I wouldn't like to push ourselves too much and have no voices left for the shows on the 2nd half of the tour!
Hope you understand!

Hello Olga! My name is Drew and I’m a huge Toy Dolls fan, although I have never had the chance to see you all live, any chance of the Toy Dolls making an appearance in Chicago anytime soon?

Hey Drew
We had a great time last time in Chicago, I hope it will happen again at some point, nothing planned just yet, but lets see what happens!

Hi. I'm López from Argentina. This is my question: ¿What do you think about people who say you're not a true punk? I mean, When they tell you that you are not a rebellious guy like the punks

A: López Hi
Punk is an attitude of mind, Punk is about doing as you wish without compromise.
We have been doing the same thing for almost 40 years, what more can I say?
See ya in August!

APRIL 2018

Hey Olga
I am a Sunderland girl but have moved to Brisbane, Australia. I have only had the opportunity to see you guys live once and that was at the Angel in London. Tonight I went to see SLF in Brisbane and was just thinking it is about time you came to Brisbane. Any plans for a down under tour?
Sunderland at heart
Audrey x

Hey Audrey
Brisbane eh!
Yes it is about time we came to Australia! No immediate plans, but fingers crossed it will happen at some point, it took us about 7 years before we got to play France, and that's the next country to us!
Many thanks

Hi Olga My Punk Rock Brother.
When are you guys coming back to the USA? California?
Would love to see you guys or play another show with you again!
Hope all is well.

Rory Hi
Thank you, I guess we will be back at some point, we had a wicked time in 2014!
Cheers for your support!

Hey Olga, I see you will be at Rockfest in Montebello this June 16, will you be playing anywhere else while your in Canada?? I'm still offering to take u guys to Niagara Falls if you come near Toronto!! If you are looking to book any shows in the Golden Horseshoe (Toronto - Niagara area) you have my email and I can get you in touch with the proper people.
See you in June!!!
Thanks..... Tim

Hi Tim
Unfortunately the deal is just for the one Canadian show, but hopefully we will be back!
Niagra Falls sounds tempting!

Hi ..... I'm a big fan of toy dolls, and now in 2018. I am living in Japan. I wonder if you touch by aki this year to go with my Japanese friends and teach them what is good music. A hug. Kike poison.

Hi Kike
Its been a while since we played Japan.
Fingers crossed it will happen after the next album is released, not sure it will be this year though!

I have multiple sclerosis and sorry I can not go to the Canada show :-( but I would like to know what items you have to sell ???? And the distance Montebello and Saguenay that separates us sorry if mistake of language.

You can check the items on this website if you click on ‘SHOP’.
I hope that helps!

Hey I saw you guys are coming to Canada for rock fest finally coming to Canada and I can't make rock fest... is there anyway you guys could play a quick show in Toronto before or after??? That would be class mate you would sell out no problem!! Cheers!!

A: Hey!
Bah, shame you cant make the festival.
Due to contractual agreements we can't play Toronto, but fingers crossed we will be back for club shows!
Many thanks

Hi Olga, thanks for replying to my son Dan's 'Ask Olga'. Appreciate you must be really busy with the new album. He's over the moon.
Hopefully you'll get back to tour the UK soon. Sunderland would be amazing. Sunniside LIVE (top of Frederick St)?
Me and a mate are coming out to Torre Del Mar for the beach festival to see you. What do you reckon it would be like for the kids (age 10 & 13) as they are dying to see you? Be a damn good reason to skip school i reckon even if they had to listen from the hotel balcony.
Keep up the amazing music and banter

Neil Hi
Yes really busy, moving forward though, albeit slowly!
Not sure about that festival to be honest, it's a huge one, doesn't look like we will get a soundcheck or much of a set to be honest, best off waiting for a club show if I am honest!

A million apologies...
I’m 60 a punk fan since 76 but never seen you. Sorry, you must be insulted.
Are you playing Britain this year?

Ha, no worries Glyn!
No UK plans this year but keep checking the tour dates, anything can happen!
Hope to see ya before your 70th!

besides the rockfest is there ever a chance for the toy dolls to play else where in Canada ? I and a couple other people I know would 100% go if they played Toronto
Joey Sloan

Hi Joey
Unfortunately the deal is for the festival only.
That's not saying we wont be back, fingers crossed for club shows!

I love the old British music hall style, and you have best carried it on and adapted it to modern times!
Charles Clark

Charles hi
Yep, that's us, old and British!
Cheers for your support!

Hi, I have asked before this question but will their ever be a chance you guys will come play in the USA? Particularly NYC?

Always a chance! NYC rocks!
We always have a fantastic time there, fingers crossed it will happen again.

MARCH 2018

Any plans to play England again , saw you guys in Brum a few years ago , amazing set you guys are fucking awesome
Richard Davis

Thank you for that, no UK plans at the moment, maybe after the new album is released.

I'm Goio, the Oskar's brother, the photographer of your concert yesterday in Pamplona. Amazing show that made us very short...
Attached a song of a Basque punk group that adapts very well to your style to cover it. I hope you like it.
Also attached one of my situationist art design creations. If you want an album cover here you have me
Until next time

Hi Goio
Thank you!
I will check out that Basque band, thank you.
Cheers for that!
Hope to see you again in Pamplona.

Hello Olga,
So many people would love to see you at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas.  Any plans of playing at PRB this coming year or in the coming years?

Hi Arnold
It may happen at some point!

Hi Olga,
the world is changing a lot these days.
We are moving towards less democracy, less personal freedom, more social blaming, increasing boarders between colour, race, religion , people and so on.
I am truly scared seeing all the extremist and radical guys on the move driving towaards global conflicts maybe resulting in war.
What's your view on this?
Can you bring back some smile and sing on how people can live together and get a long well?
I feel that we need more punck rock these days to strike back against these fools.
Go for it! I've heard James Bond lives down your street - it appears you're well connected and can do it ;-)
We need a new song for freedom and punk!
Thomas - enjoying your music since 25 years

Hi Thomas
OMG, its meant to be escapism on this website!
How long do you have?
Hope to see ya at a live show!
25 years? Wow, thank you!

Happy Holidays Olga,
I have been a fan for 35+ years and now have 14 year old daughter who loves The Toy Dolls.  It appears you have only played in the States once or twice.  When, if ever, do you think you may make it back to the States and California in particular?

Cheers Kurt
A few weeks late with the Ask Olga answers this time, happy holidays to you too!
We may be back in California at some point, lets see what happens!
Greetings to your daughter too.
Thank you

Hi Olga, my name is Dan and i'm 9 and from Sunderland. I enjoy listening to you and so does my sister Olivia age 13. Attached is a short video of Olivia's friend Abbey singing Spiders in the dressing room down the playstation network. It was funny she likes you to. We play Alexander road in the car when we drive down it and my dad pointed out Frederick street last Sunday when we were walking past.
Will you ever be playing again in Sunderland or near by?
Did you ever get in to Fino's and go out with Kendra?
My dad says Deidre and Dougy Giro was playing in the Borough on Thursday night and would like to ask if Dougy used to drink in the Kings Arms down Deptford?
I Googled Deidre and Glenda to see who you were singing about. Very Funny
Keep up the good work
Sent with help from my dad Neil and his permission

Hi there Dan
Thank you! I am pleased you like our music! And Olivia too!
Ha, thanks for the video also!
We may be back in the north east of UK someday, maybe Sunderland.
I did get in to Finos when we made a video! Never got to go out with Kendra though!
I don't think Dougy had any money to go down the pub unfortunately.

Hi Olga,
Do you play soon to Toulouse (France) ?
It’s a long time, you don’t come to see us….

Hi Laurent
Its been a while since we played Toulouse actually, it may be included on the next French tour, after the album is released.
Fingers crossed

Hello  Dolls, i  cud'nt find the exact Tourplan 2018, is it allready? Best to you all, Flo

Hi Flo
All confirmed dates are on the front page of www.thetoydolls.com
Shows are regularly being added.

Been a fan since the early days when I used to get the fan mags. I know 'barry manilow' only seems to be on the early flipside video and it's an old song but would love to hear a studio version. Any chance of that?
Paul Florence

Actually there was a studio recording made of Barry Manilow, I am trying to get a hold of a copy now.
I will put it up if I get it.

Are you and the band ever planning to tour Canada? If so , make sure you try to make a stop in sunny Kelowna BIrtish Colombia, Bring your swim shorts if you decide to come in July or August! Gets hot here 30 to 36 Celsius. If you need help setting up a venue in Kelona maybe I could help!,,,,  hope to see your band someday soon.  Thanks Jerome

Thank you Jerome
No immediate plans for Canada, twould be nice to eventually get there!

Hi Olga! I'm very happy for your coming to Brazil.
“Punk music save your soul!” Thank you Magno

Thank you Mango
We are really looking foward to it, its been a long time since we visited!

He Olga ! We miss you guyz in good old Germany. Are there any plans to Play here, somewhere ? We need You back here....please ! Big hug Chris

Hi Chris
I reckon there will be German dates after the new album is released.
Keep checking the tour dates.
Germany rocks!

Any plans for the guys to come to North America...specifically Salt Lake City?  
A guy can dream right???

Hi Steve
Yeah, its just a dream at the moment! we may return one day!

Hello Olga, Carlos here, from Spain.
I bought VIP tickets to see offspring live in Malaga and today I saw that you were going to play, awesome! I f****ing love toy dolls. I was wondering if it's possible, (maybe not in person?) to send you a gift, a vinyl of my band. Its '77 punk and it would be a honour to me if you have one. I would pay all the taxes or if it's in person its even better. We even play "Tommy Koweys Car" live!
Thank you and excuse my English

A: Hey Carlos, your English is fine, don’t worry
It's a bit difficult to get stuff to us, but maybe you can bring it to the show in Malaga.

Any plans to do any English dates please ? Alan & Alice

Hi A & A, no immediate plans, but that's not to say it will never happen!

Olga! I first got captivated by your sound aged 16 in 2004 and remain so until now of course. Was learning English from the Toy Dolls songs and even adopted the Geordie pronunciation as my basic.
I've always felt sorry for the Fat Bob's Feet album coz it's perhaps my favourite one. Any plans to do something about the amplitude of sound in FB'sF? Such gems of bygones are worth active revisiting. That'd be great!
Lads if you only could come here with your sizzling fingers you would sure melt much of the cold and stiffness here.
Many many Cheers!
Mikhail from Siberia

Hi Mikhail
Thank you
It would be great to completely re mix Fat Bobs Feet at some point, along with a few more of the albums!
Greetings to Siberia, its not much warmer here in London at the moment!