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Vocals and Guitar - Olga
Bass - Flip
Drums - Happy Bob
Produced by The Toy Dolls and Terry Gavaghan
Recorded at Guardian Studios, County Durham, UK

Olga: "Recorded and mixed in 3 days.
Happy Bob recorded the drum tracks in his lunch break from work at a local hospital!
This was the most special album to me, because it’s our first.
I still think it sounds fresh to this day, I think its in our top 3 albums and it gained us 1000s of new fans world wide.
Flip took some time off work to do it also, so he had a limited time to get his bass bits right, there’s loadsa mistakes! I still love it though!"


Friday night is bath night this is what they say
We are gonna dig the groove, we've waited all day
We wear trendy trousers with belts a mile too long
We are gonna catch the bus into the town
We are boogie on down...

Dig that groove ba-a-by (repeat)
Dig dig dig dig digga that groove baby.

There they are again covered in old spice
They think they will get the girls cause
They smell nice,
They all call me riff raff
'coz i wear a crombie
I couldn't stand it being just like them
They all look like puffs not men


See that trendy there she used to be a punk
Now she's off to the disco to listen to junk
Her boyfriend was a skinhead
He used to shout oi! Oi!
Play that funky music that's what they say now
Come with me and i'll show you how...



You can guess what life for dougy
Is like, he wakes up in the street,
No home, no bed, he says he's lucky,
That he can smile and be happy...

Dougy, dougy, giro,
Dougy, dougy, giro.

People say that he's not worthy
Of clothes, that shows that they don't care,
But he does not let this get him down,
That is how dougy stays alive...


Dougy's inside a bus shelter,
It's raining and a sight to see,
Dougy smiles he's seen a rainbow,
Every.. Where's bright, and so is he...



I was getting dressed late one night
Along came a spider and i got a fright
Oh i could not squash it flat
No matter how i tried,
And when it looked me in the eye
I ran away to hide...

I put on me doctor martin shoes
A battle with the spider that i wasn't gonna loose
A kick from the left a kick from the right
I was on the floor but i was alright
It was gonna be a long long night

Spiders in the dressing room
Spiders everywhere
Spider in the dressing room beware
(repeat twice)

Things were getting hot and i had to take a chance
The spider got impatient
Started crawling up me pants
I shook it off me leg thump it hit the ground
Everything was silent so i didn't make a sound
I crossed the room as happy as can be
I had killed the spider now it couldn't bother me
But with me arm on the light
He was there ready for a fight
It was gonna be a long long night.


It was getting late and the spider wasn't dead
An audience had gathered round
And i was going red
I put a jam jar on the floor
The spider crawled inside it
I screwed the lid back on the top
And threw the jar outside
At a party late that night
Everything was bright and gay
We played all our pop records and danced the night away,
Early in the morning came a knocking at the door
I opened it slowly guess what i saw
It was gonna be a long long night...



Victory if glenda she, had a baby, oooeee,

Things were looking gloomy and glenda she was sad,
Kevin had been out with carol sands,
But glenda she though surely,
It can't be that bad, if i had a baby,


Glenda went round to the doctors the next day,
You can't have a baby, that's what he said,
Glenda did not give up she's got this book to read,
Of how to have a test tube baby....


Glenda's dad had just died and she was unhappy,
If only she could have a baby,
So to the disapproval of kevin and his mam,
She signed up for a baby...



All our mates that we once knew said they were happy,
Always shouting in the street, just like you and me,
Always finding laughter, fun and games to play,
They of course have to agree,
Suddenly they were swept off their feet and gone,
They don't know what hit them,
Just like the rest, the girlfriends got the best,
And so the story just goes on...

They all get washed for them, even have a bath,
But they are now being led, up the garden path...

I was sitting in the sun reading the days press,
A boy that i once knew was in, i've never seen such a mess
Smiling with a moustache, a suit, a shirt and tie,
He had just been wed today,
I could not help but laugh, what's got into him?
He looks about forty,
He's been such a nit, now he's in for it,
And soon you'll hear him say...


I was lying on the beach licking cool ice cream,
A man, a wife and a pram went by, it was like a dream,
He was climbing apple trees just a moon ago,
The kind of bloke you think, won't grow,
His face is like a fiddle now, long and sad and blue,
He still says he's happy,
He must have gone mad, cos he's not the lad,
That i once used to know...



To bombay a travelling circus came, they brought an
Intelligent elephant and nellie was her name
One dark night she slipped her iron chain
And off she ran to hindustan
And was never seen again.. Oooooo

Nellie the elephant pack her trunk and said goodbye to the circus
Off she went with a trumpety trump trump trump trump.
New nellie the elephant packed her trunk and trundled off to the jungle
Off she went with a trumpety trump trump trump trump.

..THE Head of the herd was calling far far away
They met one night in the silver light on the road to mandalay...
Night by night she danced to the circus band
When nellie was leading the big parade she looked so proud and grand
No more tricks for nellie to perform
They taught her how to take a bow and she took the crowd by storm..


There was davey, there was davey,
There was davey, happy davey
His girlfriend's gone, his girlfriend's gone away, ay ay ay ay...
All he wants is a room with the stars looking down across davey,
The sun and the moon and the sky high are just fine for poor davey,
There's nothing left, there's nothing left,
There's nothing left to see for poor davey...
He wants to be, he wants to be,
He wants to be alone...
Why did she love him so? Why did she have to go?
Poor davey doesn't know, now davey's all alone...
She did upset, she did upset,
She did upset davey, davey, davey,
He won't forget, he won't forget, not davey...


Things do go wrong, it's not long since i've been blue,
But i know the remedy, i can see just what to do...

Don't be a coward, don't be yellow,
It always pays to be mellow,
Stay cool, stay free and then you will see,
It's best to stay mellow...

I was upset and in debt with no money,
But i did not stay sad, it's not that bad, so remember...

Oh if you are down in the town with no bus fare,
Start walking and smile, in a while you'll be back home...


She was at a party i was stuck at home
I was not invited so she went on her own
I will not be long now this is what she said
I'm stood waiting for her i must be off my head

Queen alexandra road is where she said she'd be
But was she there to meet me? No chance.
I was going to land her a thump when i see her you see
She's forgotten about me.

It was well past midnight she still dug the groove
I just stood there freezing i couldn't even move
She will soon get sick now want to go back home
There was no sign of her i should have known


Oh rigamortis set in, i was a block of ice
I'd even missed the late film starring vincent price
Two o'clock she turned up, have you been waiting long?
She looked into my eyes sweetly, i said not that long...


It's not the first time somebody has had the flu,
Remember when you had toothache...
A hot lemsip will help the sneezing so,
You will have to stay happy...

Worse things happen at sea,
Keep dreaming of better days...
Keep dreaming of better days...

I know its crap when there's something in your eye,
Think yourself lucky you've not got a bad back,
It's pretty sore when you have a mouth ulcer,
But you have got to stay happy...


I know it's sad when your face is acne,
But don't be put off by some yellow spots,
So you got a toenail that his growing in,
You have got to stay happy...


Well it's one for the money, two for the show,
Three to get ready now go cat go,
But don't you step on my blue suede shoes,
You can do anything but keep off my blue suede shoes.


Oh! I woke up with a backache
Backache! Backache!
I thought i ought to go to the first aid tin
Where i found something for my backache
Backache! Backache!
I rubbed in some cream and started to scream! Oh no!!!

Firey jack firey jack- it's red hot on your back
Firey jack firey jack- believe me it does knack
Firey jack firey jack- it's red hot on your back
Firey jack

Now i had a back ache on me backache
Backache backache!
I jumped into the bath full of cold water
The firey jack had made me backache
Backache backache!
I'm worse than before i can't take anymore
Oh no!!!


Oh! If you do get a backache
Backache backache!
And you feel you have to reach for the first aid tin
Think! Life is not that bad with a backache
If you see a tin with firey jack in
Stay awayyyyy...



It’s red hot... on your back... on your back