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Vocals and Guitar - Olga
Bass and Vocals - K'Cee
Drums and Vocals - Marti
Produced by Michael (Olga) Algar
Recorded by John Spence
Recorded at Fairview Studios, Hull, UK

Olga: "We never thought at the time that this would turn out to be one of the best Toy Dolls albums. We knew it was OK, but the production turned out very, very nice, and some songs I thought were very average turned out to be stage favourites! Alec’s Gone is really nice. I listen to this album quite often. Apart from a couple o' dodgy moments I am really proud of this album. That Absurd World tour was wonderful also. In fact I would say its The Toy Dolls' best album. Ashbrooke is there again, on Sod The Neighbours. Sadly he died when I was on the world tour."


I don't need a doctor, i don't need a drugstore
I don't need an injection, i need to put the telly on.

Got me in a cold sweat, i don't need no cigarette
Sh sh sh shakin' like a jellyfish, i need a satellite dish

There's no doubt that i miss nowt, a tv i can't do without
Anything you get on yer television set i'll watch it...

I'm a telly, i'm a telly, telly i'm addicted
Telly i'm a telly, i can tell i am addicted
I'm a telly, i'm a telly, telly i'm addicted
Telly i'm a telly, i can tell i am addicted

I like to keep a step ahead, a tv in the garden shed
& with a telly in the bog, i never miss the epilogue

Dynasty or daktari, a broadcast by the tory party
Celebrity squares, blind date, who cares, i'll watch it...

I'm a telly...(Guitar Bit)
It's no surprise i've got square eyes, anyone could predict
I'm tv mad, i'm a telly addict!

I'm a man in great pain, the box is on the blink again
I don't need no morphine, i need a television screen

Documentaries, there's no degrees, i'll even watch a film
If it's
In chinese
A speech from the queen, though i'm not very keen. I'll
Watch it...

I'm a telly...
Coz i'm addicted


Terry is a recluse, he's a misfit
Terry never goes out, he's a hermit

A lonely lonely dude
Terry won't answer the phone or the door
& we don't see terry no more

No-one can contact terry anymore
A life of solitude

Hello.... This is terry talking
Terry talking, talking all alone
Hello... This is terry talking
On the answer phone... Terry's not at home

Terry is a plonker, terry is a nut
Locked in the house with the curtains shut

No-one can contact terry...

Hello... (guitar bit)



Too much nosh & too much booze
He spent all night in the bog with the blues
An aching head, intoxicated
He didn't even know he was constipated

He forced & he frowned, he pushed & he stained
But on the toilet seat he remained
He let out a shout as he passed out
& his gut was rearranged

No walks in the park, no drinks, no grub
He can't embark on a trip to the pub
He sits in the dark, and says don't trouble me

Counterpiont chorus:
No one sees he's a ruptured man
He can't sneeze like you normally can
They're all mean, they're all riff raff
He turns green when they make him laugh
Ernie had a. Ernie had a...
Hernia, a hernie
Ernie had a. Ernie had a...
Hernia, a hernie...
He had a hernia

He can't stand up, her can't lie flat
The torment in his tummy preventing that
He can't sit down, can't go anywhere
The devil in his belly proving too much to bear

He can't go out & he can't stay in
Oh what's it all about? He just can't win
No chance of a bath or to see the lavatory for him

Ernie had a...(Guitar Bit)

Ernie never smiles & he dare not grin
An aggravating abdomen wearing him thin
Ernie had a hernia but he did not give in

Ernie had a...

He had a hernia


I couldn't wait for my blind date, i did not sleep that night
Could i catch the perfect match, would she be mrs. Right!?
A quiet lass so middle class, dignified, meek & mild?
I faced the wrath of a psychopath & a woman that went wild

Before too long it all went wrong, she weren’t the one for me
But i was trapped when i got slapped by a raving loony
She got mean, she caused a scene, i said "you're not my type"
But i gave in, how could i win? As she threw another swipe...Ferociously

My wife's a psychopath. Throws a fit then she hides in the bathroom
My wife's a psychopath aooeee
My wife's a psychopath. Always on the warpath
After me, mentally deranged!

I'm black & blue, i said "we're through" i'm cuts n' scrapes n' scars
She clenched her fist, i ducked, she missed, so i kicked her up the arse!
She yelled & squealed as i revealed i had learnt some self defense
I smashed her face in, just incase, coz i hate violence...It's Not for me

My wife's an psychopath...(Guitar Bit)

Psycho...Psycho...She's A bleedin' psycho...



Rant n' rave, don't give a toss, show the snobs next door who's boss
Turn the volume to size ten, they 'll never speak to you again
Sod the sod the sod the
Sod the sod the sod the

Sod the neighbours, we're not proud,
Turn it up loud, turn it up loud
Sod the neighbours, don't pack it in,
Drive "em mad with the bleedin' din

Party all night, don't care less,
Show them that you mean business
Scream, cause turmoil & get yer neighbours blood to boil!

Sod the neighbours...(Guitar Bit)

Sod the neighbours...


Nobby was a soldier, a life in the army
Margaret’s back home alone waiting suspiciously
She can't hide the misery, the upset & despair
When she found out nobby had been having it off elsewhere
There's eric & there's robby & there's derrick & there's bobby
They gave her the elbow
There's harry & there's willy & there's barry & there's billy also

Who’s that then?

Woe is me, i'm melancholy margaret, i fret coz they leave me
God help me i'm melancholy. Duhhh

Tommy was a driver he worked on the buses
"i've got some overtime to do" this is what he says
But margaret wasn't having it, she searched high & low
But tommy's gone he's neckin' on in the back of the bus depot

There's ronnie & there's kenny & there's donny & there's denny
They gave her the elbow.
There's ronnie & there's timmy & there's micky & there's jimmy also

Who’s that then?

Woe is me...(Guitar Bit)
Woe is me...


Out in the courtyard, cold & it's so hard
Now betty's crying, she wants to die
Coz it's over, die, but she...

Knows that her grieving, it's not achieving
What bet's believing, he will return

Alec's gone, alec's gone, alec's gone
Alec's gone, alec's gone, alec's gone

Away oo oo oo gone away oo oo ooo

Down in the rovers, bet can't get over
What he said to her, he will return

Alec's gone...
He's gone, done a bunk (guitar bit)

Betty's still dreaming, inside she's screaming
Out for the day that he will return

Alec's gone...


Jimmy lives his life for charity
Jimmy's got no wife just an o.b.e.
Everybody depends on jimmy
Jimmy's getting a little cheesed off
Jimmy reckons they've all enough
If they want jim it's tough

Coz when you're jimmy saville
Everybody thinks yer brill
Think yer brill
But jim'll fix it's to be done
Then that bleedin' great north run
The great north run
No it's never too much fun for james

Jimmy does get up at 4:30
But jimmy does not get time for brekky
He's not complaining, jimmy's training
Somebody's sponsoring jim again
So jimmy bites his tongue & counts to ten
"oh stuff this" jimmy snarls

Coz when you're jimmy saville...

For james there's no time off, jimmy's in deep
For james there ain't no sleep

(guitar bit)

When you're...

Jimmy, jimmy saville oo oo jimmy saville
Jimmy saville

Howza 'bout that then guys & gals


I was feeling blue, she made me feel guilty
When i took that trip to deutschland, germany
She said i am a man, keep out of the reeperbahn, mind you

Nick off is what i said, i'll please myself instead
& you can drop down dead, to hamburg i am headed
I don't want no debates, now i'm off with me mates.
Toodle oo
I said stuff you!

Reeperbahn, the reeperbahn, caught red handed...
Reeperbahn, the reeperbahn, she said "don't go there man"
Reeperbahn, the reeperbahn, oh caught up the reeperbahn

I told her to trust me, i agree in honesty
Believe me she did not, she knew i was a sex pot
I did not feel at ease when i left the strip-tease,
I screamed as she seized me!

Reeperbahn...(Guitar Bit)

It was just a laugh, i said don't be so strict
I did not tell her what went on up the red light district
You're all the same you men, you better say auf wiedersehen
Coz you won't be comin' here again!


Caught up the ree...


Brighten up you home, it said in the advert
All your decorating done by an expert
How the hell was i to know he's such a dirty sod
I wanted subtle shades, maybe something duller
There's paint on the chairs & the dogs a different colour
I'm the only bloke i know that does have a day-glo scullery...

Dez the demon...Never Coming back, he's never coming back ooeee
Dez the demon...Never Get a cheque, he'll never get a cheque from me
Dez the demon decorator

He split a tin o' gloss coz he's a clumsy swine
"i'll paint the carpet pink, i've got no turpentine"
Pink footprints everywhere reminding me
The neighbours came for tea & they began to frown
The wallpaper was cock-eyed, flowers upside down
What the flippin 'ecks that decorating clown done now...

Dez the demon...(Guitar Bit)

Dez the demons deed is done, my house is an eye-sore
Bumps & lumps in the wallpaper, paint splashed on the floor
I won't be calling dez the demon, won't be calling dez the demon
I won't be calling dez the demon decorator anymore...

Dez the demon...
Dez the demon decorator, tor