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Hello You Lot!

Well, the live shows are well underway now! Hope you lot are enjoying them? By the looks of the You Tube videos and reports, you certainly are!

OK, first up, your ASK OLGA answers are here. Keep sending your questions to .
And the latest guitar lesson from the man himself is here.

Keep checking those tour dates, I know a few shows have been added since the last website updates! Some great shows and festivals in there!

Because of the heavy workload with live shows, Olga hasn’t been able to get much more of the new album stuff done! He tells me he is back to work on it now though, news soon!
I'm itchin’ to know the song titles and more details!

Hey, if you are around in Holland and Germany on June 22nd, 23rd and 24th our very own Tommy Goober will be playing bass guitar for Me First & The Gimme Gimmes at a few festival shows!
22-06-17 Brussels Ancienne Club
23-06-17 Germany Southside Festival
24-06-17 Holland Jera on Air Festival
Check here for more details.

OK, we will leave ya with some pics from the past week or so...

Olga & Mensi (Angelic Upstarts) in the Scotland Calling dressing room.

The morning after Scotland Calling, in Edinburgh airport for the flight to Spain.

Olga, Koen (merchandiser), Duncan, and Keith (backline tech) outside in Wroclaw for a 9 am soundcheck (pic by Tommy Goober).

On stage in Poland (pics by Andrzej Olechnowski).

OK, enjoy yerselves at the shows!

More news soon!

Until next time



Just a quickie...
Two new colour ‘Olga Guitar Player’ shirts have just been added to the webshop, along with the fab new black ‘Face’shirts!


Until next time



Hoping you lot are full o’ joys o' Spring?!

Let's get straight down to business... The answers to your ASK OLGA questions are here. Keep sending your questions to .

The latest bass lesson with your host, Tommy Goober, is here.

Olga tells me he has actually finished writing the new Toy Dolls album and is now busily making demos. This could well result in a song or two being scrapped or radically changed along the way but I will keep you posted! Its definitely progressing anyway!

Lots of live shows in for this year, as you can see on the Live Dates section, and there are more coming!!

OK, loads of you have been asking for BLACK t-shirts! We took note of what you wanted, simple, black, with the Face Logo and building bricks, we have added a splash o’ colour too!

So here it is!

These will be available at the next live dates AND will be added to the online web shop very soon too. Very Smart indeed!

OK, more news next time. Keep checking those tour dates!!

Until next time



Hey You Lot.

First off, a huge thank you from the lads for the 3 sold out shows in Germany last month, highly enjoyable from all accounts!

So, Olga has answered yer ASK OLGA questions here, keep sending your questions to

And here is the latest guitar lesson from Olga.

Few pics for ya! Tommy & The Test Tube Babies a few weeks back in Germany.

And here's an extra special one, Olga, after the show in Essen, with Michael (centre, the lads German promoter) and to the left, Dave, The Toy Dolls manager for over 30 years! Wow!

As you can see, the gigs are coming in thick & fast! Please keep checking the tour dates down the right hand side of this page.

The Dutch tour starts on February 15th! The Arnhem show has already sold out and the others are catching up really quick, so don’t miss out on those tickets!

Hey, thanks loads to guitar builder Mario Albert for presenting Olga with this fabulous Telecaster in Nurnberg last month. Olga didn’t get a chance to try it through the amp yet, but he will do in Holland at some point, he tells me it feels great to play, we will keep ya posted about the sound!
Here are a couple pics of Olga, Mario & the Telecaster!

See more pics of Olga’s Telecaster at Mario’s link here.

Ok, more news next time!

Enjoy those Holland dates!

Until next time



Happy New Year!

2017!!! Bet you never thought we would still be around eh?!

Straight down to business, check out Tommy Goober’s latest bass lesson here, and yer Ask Olga questions are here, keep sending your questions to .

So, as you can see, 2017 is shaping up nicely on the live gigs front and there are many more shows to come! So keep checking those tour dates!

Things are well on schedule for The Toy Dolls new studio album later in the year. As soon as we get some recording news from Olga we will let you know. Sit tight, I know I am getting impatient myself!

Just short updates this time around, more news to come soon!

Here's a rare pic of the band and crew all together from a few weeks back.

From left to right:

Simon - Sound Engineer
Tommy Goober - Bass
Patrick - Lights & Props
Olga - Guitar
Keith - Backline
The Amazing Mr Duncan - Drums
Koen - Merchandise

OK, until next time


For promoters wishing to book The Toy Dolls for live shows please click here.


12th Germany
Nürnberg Hirsch - SOLD OUT

13th Germany
Hannover Faust - SOLD OUT

14th Germany
Essen Turock - SOLD OUT


15th Netherlands

16th Netherlands
Breda Mezz

17th Netherlands
Leiden Gebr de Nobel

18th Netherlands
Arnhem Luxor Live - SOLD OUT

19th Netherlands
Zwolle Hedon

25th Czech Republic
Havlíčkův Brod XI Punk Fest


21st Portugal
Santiago Do Cacem Pavilhao Municipal

22nd Portugal
Corroios Lisbon Cine Teatro

23rd Portugal
Porto Hard Club - SOLD OUT

29th Scotland
Glasgow Scotland Calling

30th Spain
Villarrobledo Vinarock Fest


3rd Poland
Wroclaw Majowka Festival

6th Germany
Schramberg Szene 64


3rd England
Manchester North West Calling

9th Spain
Juneda (Lledia) Kalikeño Rock Fest

10th Spain
Girona Insomni Fest

16th Romania
Timisoara Rocks Festival


15th Spain
Mallorca 'n' Roll Festival

22nd Germany
Freiburg Zelt Musik Festival


10th Slovenia
Tolmin Punk Rock Holiday - SOLD OUT


9th France
Ouessant Festival L’ilophone


14th Belgium
Vorselaar Zaal Den Dreef

21st France
Selestat Rock Your Brain Festival


17th France
St-Brieuc Street Music & Tattoo Festival









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